Daanpatra Agarbatti


You can get packets that cost Rs 10 and Rs 20 at our physical store.

  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Handcrafted
  • Long-lasting fragrance
  • customer support no. – 6263362660, 7828383066
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Empower with Daanpatra Agarbattis

We have started the production of Agarbatti to empower beggars and homeless peoples, helping them become self-employed.
We aim to provide a meaningful life to these peoples by helping them manufacture Daanpatra Agarbatti.

Daanpatra Agarbattis are more than just something you burn for a nice smell. These are special because they are made by people who want to work instead of begging on the streets. When you use these Agarbattis, you not only fill your home with a nice fragrance but also support those who are going through tough times.

By choosing Daanpatra Agarbattis, you’re not just buying a product; you’re making a positive impact. You’re helping people in
need by giving them jobs and a chance for a better life.

Purchase our products offline

Store address : 10/1 mahavar nagar annapurna road, indore

Helpline No. : 6263362660,7828383066

Key Features of Daanpatra's products
  • High Quality: These products are made from pure and premium materials, ensuring purity and a divine experience during worship.
  • Produced by the Unemployed/Beggars: Daanpatra teaches unemployed individuals the skills needed to manufacture these products, helping them become self-reliant.
  • Impact of Every Purchase: Every purchase you make directly provides economic support to the unemployed, helping them stand on their own feet.
Why Choose Daan Patra Agarbatti?
  • Help those who need it: Every time you buy Daan Patra Agarbatti, you're giving jobs and steady pay to people who don't have much, helping them stand on their own feet and feel proud.
  • Bring blessings into your home: Light up these handmade agarbattis and let their sweet smell fill your space, knowing that your purchase means a lot to many grateful people.
  • Make a difference: Your help keeps Daan Patra going strong, so they can keep doing important work to lift up communities and make a real impact.
How You Can Help In This Revolution?
  • Purchase Daanpatra's Special Worship Materials : Support the cause by purchasing Daanpatra's special worship materials and encourage your loved ones to do the same. Every purchase directly contributes to the economic support of giving employment to beggars.
  • Share on Social Media : Spread awareness about this initiative by sharing it on social media platforms. Inspire your friends and family to join in and support the unemployed through Daanpatra's efforts.
  • Make a Donation : Consider making a direct donation to the Daanpatra organization. Your contribution will help fund their programs aimed at empowering the unemployed and building a self-reliant community.
  • Join Hands with Daanpatra : By collaborating with Daanpatra, you become part of a collective effort to tackle unemployment and contribute to the growth of a self-reliant and prosperous India.
Connect with Daanpatra

1. Visit their Website : Explore Daanpatra's website or their social media pages to learn more about their special worship materials and the impact of their initiatives.

2. Contact Daanpatra : Get in touch with the Daanpatra organization for further inquiries or to offer your support. You can reach them through their helpline numbers 6263362660, 7828383066, or email at

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    • Bandhan Bank
    • Account Number: 50230016571971
    • IFSC Code: BDBL0002278