Cost of Living in Old Age Homes in India

Cost of Living in Old Age Home in India

Old age homes are a refuge for people who live away from their homes due to additional supervision they demand or as their child has abandoned them. Old-age homes are equipped with all the elemental amenities like food, medical facilities, washrooms, beds, etc. Most of the old age homes endeavor to make these senior citizens as comfortable as feasible. But all pleasurable things come at a cost. Old-age homes charge a minimal amount for the facility they are delivering. This cost of living in an old age home ranges according to the facilities that you desire to endure. Essential amenities like food, water, medical care, etc. are covered beneath nominal charges but for any additional service like recreational activities, organizing religious pilgrimages, additional medical assistance, etc. they typically charge something. The cost of living in an old age home also differs according to location and build-up area as well.  

Factors affecting the cost of living in old age homes in India are

  1. Location – Big metro cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, etc. generally have considerably elevated costs of living in comparison to other cities in India. Hence, the cost of an old age home is highly affected by the location in which it is situated.  
  2. Facilities – The type of facilities an old age home provides also becomes a contributing factor in affecting the cost of living in an old age home. Some of them provide customized meal plans, AC or non-AC rooms, private washrooms, etc which require a lot of maintenance and eventually increase the cost.
  3. Built-up area It generally suggests the total space colonized by a building. Hence, the higher the total built-up area taken by old age homes, the higher the cost of making the same, which in turn will increase the cost of living in an old age home. 

Hence, while choosing a living space for your parents these factors should be considered quite remarkably as it is a matter of them spending most of their juncture in an old age home

According to data available, there are nearly 7465 old age homes in India including both private and government.

List of old age homes in India

Tau Devilal Old Age Home, Gurgaon

Address: Old age home, Red Cross, Urban Estate, Sector 4, Gurugram, Haryana 122001

Cost of living – Rs. 10000 per month

Tau Devilal Old Age Home was built in 1995 which is a nonprofit organisation. It delivers all the essential amenities like timely meals, routine medical check-ups, time-to-time cleaning of the property, etc. This old age home is supervised by several professionals who cater to the prerequisites of people living in it. 

They also organize many recreational activities which guarantee that old citizens are living happily.

Daan Patra Old Age Home

Location – House No. Bunglow no. 271 Paiki, South Portion, Address Silicon City, Tehsil & Jila Indore (M.P.)

Cost of Living – Free of Cost

Daan Patra (Old Age Home in Indore) is also one of the emerging old age homes in India which is entirely free of cost. They do not charge a single penny for the services which are provided. Along with assisting and providing shelter to senior citizens they also provide work opportunities for those people who want to do something.  From time to time they organise different recreational activities and health camps to make sure that elderly people are living happily. 

Kriti Elder Care, Gurgaon

Location – Nursing Home 2, Anant Raj Estate, Sector-63A, 

Gurugram, Haryana 122102

Cost of Living – Rs 45000 per month

Kirti Elder Care is a tremendously captivating property situated in the heart of Gurgaon. This home is one of the best old age homes in India which provides top-class facilities. It was founded in the year 2016 by which team of experts who are dedicated to providing a healthy and peaceful living to elderly persons. This home has a dedicated physiotherapy center, dementia treatment care center, respite care center, etc which is advantageous for the people living there. Hence, they are equipped with all the most delinquent technology and amenities. The cost of living in this old age home is a bit on the more elevated side but is completely worth it. They also have a bunch of masterful doctors who provide timely checkups to elderly people. Their primary motive is they are determined to provide a homely environment to the senior citizens. 

Adharwad Old Age Home, Mumbai

Location – Sector 1, Plot No. 20, Near Terna International School & Sai Baba Temple, Kopar Khairane, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400709

Cost of Living – Rs. 10000 per month

Adharwad Old Age Home is a philanthropist trust that was established in 2005 by Mrs. Sangeeta Rajendra Bhagwat, a social hireling. The Main ambition of this old age home is to provide quality living to homeless elderly persons. They are also engrossed in welfare programs for poor, health-stricken people who have been finding shelter to live away from their families as they have rejected them. Their primary focus is to provide aid to Alzheimer’s disease or paralysis. 

Kasturi Care for Seniors, Mumbai

Location – Gaondevi Mandir Rd, behind Navarang Hotel, Bhayandar, Bhayandar West, Mira Bhayandar, Maharashtra 401101

Cost of Living – 15000 per month

Kasturi Care for Senior Old Age Home was started in the year 2014 with a bunch of experienced doctors and practitioners. They cater to the needs of elderly or bedridden people with their well-equipped machine and trained staff. They provide a safe, secure, and homely environment to the people residing here. They provide food, shelter, and medical assistance along with a 24×7 telephone facility to speak with their loved ones. Weekly yoga and spiritual sessions are also organized for elderly people so that stay fit and healthy. 

Athulya’s Assisted Living, Chennai

Athulya’s Assisted Living is one of the luxury old age homes in India which has branches in Chennai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Coimbatore. Dedicated professional geriatric assisted living, senior-friendly infrastructure, and care by trained professionals are many of the few facilities that make it distinguishable from other old age homes in India. Apart from these facilities, they also have a transition care center, physio care, etc. You can choose from any of four locations according to your needs. All the properties are designed by world-class engineers which never forgets to astonish an individual. The cost of living in Athulya’s Assisted Living depends on the location which one will choose but it generally starts from Rs 50000 per month. Their main aim is that none of the senior citizens have a sensation of loneliness when they are living away from home. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 

 Q. Can one opt for an old age home in their hometown only?

Ans .  No, it is not the case that you can only stay in your hometown’s old age home.  You can choose the property according to your own choices and preference.

Q. Is it necessary to pay some amount to take advantage of old age homes?

Ans. Yes, you have to pay a minimal charge to take this service. But however there are many old age homes in our country which are not charging anything for any services they are providing.

Q. How to register yourself for living in an old age home?

Ans. You can easily register yourself through the available online website of the particular old age home or by physically going to the registered office of that old age home. 

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