Daanpatra Ashram Donation


Support our campaign, Daanpatra Ashram, by donating online to build more shelters and provide aid to the homeless


Welcome to Daan Patra, where every donation has the power to build bridges of hope and transform lives. With just a single contribution from your wallet, you can make a significant impact on the lives of those in need. Join us in supporting our mission to provide assistance to the elderly and homeless individuals in our community.

Why Are We Asking for Donations?

At Daan Patra, we are committed to improving the lives of old people in our community. Currently, our old age home is located in a rented apartment. With your support, we want to build a permanent home for the old people of Daan Patra who are left/thrown out by their families. We want to provide them with a safe and comfortable living environment where they can receive the care and support they deserve. Your donations will help us realize this goal and ensure that our elderly residents have a place to call home.

How long Do We Have?

With one year left to reach our target, every donation brings us closer to making a meaningful impact on the lives of homeless individuals and elderly residents in our community. Your support is vital in helping us achieve our mission, and we are grateful for your contribution.

Our Initiatives

  • Employment Opportunities

We offer a warm welcome to everyone entering our ashram, regardless of age. Our intention is to help each person to achieve independence and independence. In order to help with this goal, we have introduced a line of handcrafted goods under the brand Donation, giving individuals in need a means of support as well as work prospects.

  • Restoring Dignity Through Employment

Many people lose their sense of purpose and direction when faced with challenges like difficulties, betrayal, financial difficulties, or addiction. At Daan Patra Ashram, we think that providing meaningful work is a way to provide a lifeline. We help people recover their dignity, self-worth, and confidence by offering jobs and skill training.

  • Investing in the Future: Donation School

Our children hold the key to the future of our society. On the other hand, abandonment, addiction, and poverty damage a lot of young minds. By giving underprivileged children access to high-quality education and supportive environments, our Donation School project seeks to break this cycle. Our goal is to allow the upcoming generation to create better futures for themselves and their communities by providing them with social education and support.

How You Can Help

Your support can make a world of difference to those in need. By donating to Daan Patra Ashram, you can directly contribute to our efforts in providing shelter, food, education, and employment opportunities to those who need it most followed by our other initiative in our Daan Patra Ashram. Together, we can create a ripple effect of positive change and transform lives for the better.

Donate Now

Join us in our mission to create a more compassionate and inclusive society. Your generosity can help us continue our vital work and reach even more individuals in need. Together, we can make a difference, one life at a time. Donate now and be a part of the journey towards hope, healing, and transformation.