Necessity of Donation for an Old Age Homes in India

Necessity of Donation for an Old Age Homes in India

Everyone knows, old age homes are the shelter given to senior people who have nowhere else to live. These days old age homes are fully equipped with all the facilities that are required to live life peacefully. Many old age homes come with appropriate medical and health assistance so that senior citizen’s well-being is maintained. However, to provide these facilities these old age requires funds and other material things. 

As we all know, without the availability of appropriate funds it will become problematic for them to operate smoothly. Many of the government old age homes don’t have to go through this issue, it is private old age homes that are majorly facing this problem. But, due to limited funds, government old age homes fail to provide all the facilities, and most importantly there are very limited government old age homes available in our country.

What Else We Can Donate?

Donations can not always be in the form of money, rather they can be in the shape of materialistic things like rations, food, blankets, clothes, medicines, etc. These things also help old age homes to perform adequately. Thankfully, due to the expanded use of social media these days, it has become quite easy for these old age homes to reach a more extensive audience.

From Where Old Age Homes Get Donations?

There can be several sources from where old age homes can receive donations. Some of them are as follows:-

  1. Grants from Government – Every year, the government passes grants for these organisations so that they can raise funds easily. There are several ways in which old age homes can apply for grants from the government. Also, several criteria need to be followed by old age homes to apply for grants.
  2. Through Individuals – Old age homes can ask for donations from different individuals. This can be obtained by going door to door to the homes of these individuals, publishing advertisements in newspapers, distributing pamphlets, etc. This is also one of the best sources of donations and generally old age homes are successful enough to obtain good funds from here. 
  3. Through Social Media – As we all know, most of our Indian citizens have become tech-savvy. Even our parents use only smartphones which are equipped with all the facilities. That is why, social media platforms like YouTube, Google, Instagram, and Facebook have become a reasonable source of raising funds. Old age homes have their online website these days which they promote through these platforms to raise donations.
  4. Organising workshops – Old age homes can organise various kinds of workshops to spread awareness of the working of these organisations to the general public. They can visit different colleges or societies to teach people about the need for funds so that a good living standard can be provided for these old citizens. This also becomes a suitable source of raising funds for old-age homes.
  5. Sponsorship – Donations can also be raised through corporate sponsorship where old age home supervisors can visit different influential people in seek of funds and can in turn promote their product or service. This kind of donation becomes profitable for both parties. For Example – Old age homes can ask for sponsorship from pharma companies by asking them to supply medicines and other medical necessities which in turn will promote their products to the masses. 
  6. Volunteers – Old age homes can also invite volunteers to carry out day-to-day activities for elderly people. Individuals who aim to help towards a good cause don’t charge anything for the services they are providing. This in return helps old age homes to minimise the cost of maintenance. 

However, it is not as easy as it sounds. It is a highly rigorous task to obtain donations for these old-age homes. They generally have to face several difficulties during the process and work hard for the same. Sometimes, people to whom they ask for donations usually don’t trust the severity of the condition and deny providing any kind of help. Even though almost everyone uses one or other kind of social media platform, due to increasing cyber crimes in the market people generally think twice before donating any money through the online modes. Also, several organisations in the market portray themselves as old age homes to obtain funds from people which again results in a lack of trust among people. 

Frequently Asked Questions – 

Q1. How to check the authenticity of an Old Age Home?

Ans. All old-age homes in India are registered with the Registrar of Societies. You can check the same by visiting their office in your hometown. 

Q2. Is it necessary to donate in the form of cash only?

Ans. No, one can donate to any of the old age homes through various means. You can issue a demand draft in the name of that particular old age home. Also, apart from cash, you can donate in the form of medicines, food, books, etc. 

Q3. Why are donations necessary for old age homes?

Ans. As we all know, old age homes are non-profit organisations and they do not operate in any sort of business. It is a non-profit entity. That is why they have to hugely rely on donations for the operation of an old age home. Even though old age homes charge a minimal fee for registering an elderly person this amount is not sufficient enough to meet even the fundamental requirements of old age homes. 

Q4. How much does an old age home charge?

Ans. Charges to live in an old age home depend on the type of facility you are looking for or the city in which you are residing. Every old age home charges differently according to the facilities provided by them. However, the basic charge set by the government as well for all the old age homes is approximately Rs. 10000/- monthly. Some organisations don’t charge anything for keeping the old citizens. 

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