Top Best 10 Old Age Homes in Bangalore, Vridh Ashram

Top 10 Old Age Homes in Bangalore (Anath Ashram)

There has been recorded a steady increase in the number of old people living in old age homes in recent years. There are several reasons for this, like changing family structures, young people moving out for better jobs, and a lack of quality facilities for senior citizens. Therefore, old age homes are becoming important for old people who are unable to live alone or can’t take care of themselves on their own.

Seniors living in old age homes get all the care they seek. Seniors also get help with daily activities like bathing, daily medication, and daily meals. 

However the concept of old age homes is not new, it has been around for years in different forms. In the past, families used to live together and care for their elders. However, in recent years, these traditional systems have changed significantly as a result of changing living patterns and economic pressures.

Top 10 Old Age Homes in Bangalore

Bangalore is a city home with a huge senior population. Due to the growing demand for senior care, there has been a rush in old-age homes across the city. However, the old age home in Bangalore provides a secure and pleasant place for older individuals who get help with daily tasks. In this blog, let’s discuss the top 10 old-age homes in Bangalore.

1. Sumukha Old Age Home

Sumukha Luxury Old Age Home is one of the premier old age homes in Bangalore. At Sumukha, the team knows that aging is both a physical and emotional hurdle. To address this problem team of expert caregivers and medical experts are continuously delivering personalized care to all old people. The ultimate aim of the old age home is to provide an atmosphere that promotes safety, comfort, and respect for seniors.

The facilities of the Old age home are top-notch notch with all the amenities tailored to the needs of old people. The rooms are designed in such a way that it provides proper space and ventilation. All the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV, and Wi-Fi connectivity. The common areas are used for socialization and engaging activities like yoga classes and book clubs.

The mission of Sumukha Luxury Old Age Home is to provide seniors with the best care and support making it the top old age home in Bangalore. 

2. Abhayashrama Old Age Home Bangalore

Abhayashrama Old Age Home is a reputed organization that helps senior citizens by providing quality care years this old age home was founded by the Sri Sringeri Sharada Peetham Trust. In order to give old people a feeling of dignity and respect Abhayashrama’s old age home creates a warm, homey environment for them. 

The Abhayashrama Old Age Home Bangalore offers well-equipped facilities that provide comfortable bedrooms, and medical care and provide seniors with a safe and welcoming environment.

All residents live under 24/7 CCTV surveillance, ensuring the safety and security of all old people. The staff is also well-trained, compassionate, and dedicated to providing high-quality care to the elderly.

To maintain an active lifestyle during older years, Abhayashrama promotes physical wellness but also encourages seniors to take part in new social activities.

3. Gandhi Old Age Home

A charitable trust located in Bangalore was founded in 1994 by Sri Basavaraj Urs. The old age home stands is a safe place for old people. It provides a loving care environment for old people. The organization is named after the iconic Mahatma Gandhi, who believed in caring for and respecting the elderly.

The primary goal of Age Home is to ensure that seniors receive proper care and support. They also provide safe shelter, clean food, medical care, and emotional support. These facilities provide comfort and a supportive environment to old people whose families have left them or neglected them. 

The major portion of the fund comes from donations and contributions of other organizations. Because of this Old Age Home can provide its residents with high-quality services without financial burden.

4.Bangalore Care Takers

Bangalore Care Takers provide a safe and comfortable environment to senior citizens who leave their homes behind and are experiencing emotional hardships. Caretakers in Bangalore understand this and offer them emotional support through counseling or simply by being there. As a result, seniors feel like a part of a family. 

Bangalore Care Takers also offers seniors a holistic living experience. They make sure that the old people enjoy their golden period with dignity.  

Old people often need frequent medical care due to health problems. Hence the Bangalore Care Takers provides qualified nurses and caregivers who remain available 24/7 for their medical needs. In addition, they have also built partnerships with hospitals to address any urgent situations. 

Moreover, residents also participate in various activities like yoga, art sessions, movie screenings, book discussions, etc. These activities promote physical wellness as well as mental motivation. 

5. Shubhodaya Old Age Home

Shubhodaya Old Age Home is highly known for its quality facilities. Its principle offers a secure and comfortable environment for elderly individuals. The home takes care of all physical, emotional, and social needs of people. Various accommodation options are available, including single rooms, shared rooms, and dormitories, all with beds, cupboards, attached bathrooms, and emergency call buttons.

Besides providing essential needs like nutritious meals and housekeeping services, old age homes also provide on-site medical professionals. It includes regular health check-ups for all residents. Shubhodaya also focuses on a strong sense of community among its residents. 

The devoted team offers assistance to every resident and prioritizes their physical and emotional health. With that, the team also provides all necessary services to enhance the lives of the residents and promote an active, fulfilling lifestyle.

6. Lavalavike Old Age Home and Rehabilitation Centre

Lavalavike Old Age Home serves as a caring and loving home for those who are alone and have lost their families or been left. The home is run by a team of devoted and skilled volunteers. This unique combination of caring and deviated team creates an environment that promotes a loving and comfortable environment for the residents.

The most important thing that keeps Lavalavike apart from other old age homes is its quality care and support. The volunteers hold years of experience which helps them to create an atmosphere where the elders can find support in their older years. The volunteers also engage old people in meaningful conversations organize activities, and assist them in daily tasks such as bathing and cleaning.

The Old Age Home is an example of how affordable caring and loving place for old people. Lavalavike is committed to providing a caring and loving haven to the elderly with its dedicated volunteers and also promotes the well-being of its residents.

7. AnK Senior Citizen & Healthcare Home

Our needs and preferences undergo as we grow older due to some, health issues. It becomes difficult to live alone at home. Thus old age homes offer a secure and comfortable place to elders so that they survive their lives properly. AnK Senior Citizen & Healthcare Home is the best choice for seniors to get personalized care. 

AnK Senior Citizen & Healthcare Home team is dedicated to providing customized care to each resident. The well-trained staff, including doctors, nurses, and caregivers, organize regular checkups and develop customized care plans as per the needs of the residents. The facility includes spacious and air-conditioned rooms with emergency call systems. Moreover, the old age home also provides medical support around the clock to attend to any medical emergencies or issues.

8. little sisters of the poor

The Little Sisters of the Poor Old Age Home in Bangalore is one of the top old age homes in Bangalore city. It provides excellent care and support to senior citizens. This home was founded by a group of Catholic nuns who decided to serve the old homeless people. Over time, this old age home has become a shelter for many needy elderly individuals.  

The Little Sisters’ old age home in Banglore holds a strong belief in treating their people like family. They make sure to fulfill all the unique needs of every person and make sure they receive customized care based on their specific medical care.

In addition to physiotherapy and occupational therapy, trained nurses offer palliative care, spiritual counseling, music therapy, yoga, and other leisure activities. In addition to improving physical health, these services also promote mental health.

From providing top-notch healthcare services to fostering a sense of community the Old Age Home has created a secure shelter for old people. The team also organizes cultural activities like 

outdoor outings, and games to build a strong bond within the community. Every member of the family is respected with grace.

9. Athulya Assisted Living

Athulya Assisted Living is a premium home for seniors as it provides both amenities and nurturing support to elders. This retirement home offers a protected shelter for seniors to reside. 

The word, “Athulya,” means unmatched or unparalleled. Its top-notch services serve all the needs of old people who are unable to perform their day-to-day tasks. 

Athulya provides 24-hour medical services and also provides regular check-ups. 

In addition to the Athulya Assisted also offers other basic services like housekeeping, laundry, and transportation. Hence seniors who are seeking a luxurious and comfortable home during their old age, then Athulya Assisted is the perfect option. 

10. Samprapti Foundation

Samprapti Foundation is a retirement home that offers a secure and caring place for helpless people including children, orphaned kids, and people with physical or mental disabilities. It provides services without age limitations. The old age home maintains excessive cleanliness and hygiene.

The retirement home provides wifi connection so that they can stay connected with their loved ones. Additional services are also available like reading or writing letters and access to television. Moreover, the Samprapti Foundation also encourages physical and mental well-being through meditation sessions and encouraging physical activities. 

The Samprapti Foundation provides exceptional care services, top-notch amenities, and a warm and inclusive environment for its residents that sets it apart from other retirement homes. Its efforts not only improve residents’ overall wellness but also foster a sense of community within the home. Bengaluru’s top old age homes are this one.


These above-mentioned homes provide for the diverse needs of senior citizens. These old-age homes are ideal for seniors who are looking for a comfortable life.  

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