Story That Can Bring Tears To Your Eyes

On the 11th day of our 100-day help challenge, our Daanpatra team went on a crucial mission to Dhamnod. Our goal was to rescue an older woman facing tough times. The journey exposed them to the complex realities of a family in desperate need of help, highlighting the challenges people face and Daanpatra’s commitment to making a positive difference.


His name is Devilal, and he drives an auto for rent and doesn’t have a home to live. He was living with his mother in challenging circumstances. He battled numerous health issues, including high blood pressure, thyroid problems, diabetes, heart conditions, and debilitating swelling throughout his body. These health challenges added layers of difficulty to his already demanding role as a caregiver to his ailing mother.


The situation took a drastic turn the previous Sunday when Devilal’s mother encountered an accident, resulting in a fractured leg. Lacking financial resources, Devilal made the difficult decision to leave his mother with relatives in a village. Unfortunately, his relatives proved unwilling to care for her, leaving the older woman vulnerable.


Our team determined to assist those in need, went with Devilal to rescue his mother. When we arrived, we found a troubling situation her mother and another woman lived in a forest. Their tight finances meant they didn’t have the basics, and her mother struggled to walk and eat and had to resort to distressing actions like peeing in her clothes. It was a brutal scene, highlighting some challenges, but Daanpatra was there to lend a helping hand and make a positive change in their lives.


Recognizing the situation’s urgency, our team swiftly arranged for the older woman to be taken to the hospital in Dhamnod for much-needed medical attention. However, the severity of her leg injury required specialized treatment, So our team decided to shift her to MY Hospital in Indore, where she could receive the care she needed.


Understanding that her mother’s condition required ongoing support, Daanpatra planned to transfer her to their ashram after her initial hospital stay. Her inability to perform basic tasks independently initially made the hospital safer.


Witnessing her mother’s difficult situation deeply affected the Daanpatra team, making them think about how she endured these conditions for 15 days. Devilal, dealing with the harsh reality of living with his distressed mother, felt helpless, unable to do much but witness her suffering.


In a heartfelt plea, Daanpatra urged the public to reach out if any of you come across people in pain. Our team emphasized our dedication to providing help and encouraged reporting instances of individuals living on the streets to their Daanpatra NGO. The team stressed the collective impact everyone can make in improving lives.


Devilal and his mother’s story highlighted the crucial role organizations like Daanpatra play in offering timely and compassionate assistance to those facing severe challenges. Through their 100-day help challenge, Daanpatra showcases the strength of community involvement in making positive changes for the most vulnerable members of society.

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