List of Top 10 Anath Ashram in India for Homeless People

Anath Ashrams, also called orphanages, offer refuge, care, and hope to orphaned, abandoned, and underprivileged children across India. These institutions serve as safe havens where children receive education, healthcare, and emotional support. 

Here, we delve into the top ten Anath Ashrams in India, highlighting their remarkable efforts to transform the lives of vulnerable children:

List of Top 10 Anath Ashram in India

1.    Daan Parta Ashram

Daan Parta Ashram is one the best Anath Ashrams in India that stands out for its inclusive approach to care, focusing on empowering homeless individuals and senior citizens to regain control of their lives.

Established in 2018, it has emerged as a well-known NGO in India, extending its services to over 1.5 million families across 50+ cities in 12 states.  They prioritize addiction recovery, empowering beggars, and promoting education.

With a dedicated team of over 5000 volunteers, we supply critical supplies such as clothing and food, especially during times of crisis. Their objective is to encourage positive change and create a better India by providing support to those in need.  They hope to uplift communities and individuals by implementing activities that interrupt the cycle of addiction, provide guidance to marginalized populations, and ensure access to education. DaanPatra’s commitment to service reflects conviction in the transforming power of collective action and compassion. 

  • Founded: 2018
  • Activities: Focuses on aiding homeless people and senior citizens by providing shelter and helping them regain control of their lives. They also engage in advocacy and awareness programs to address the root causes of homelessness and isolation faced by the elderly.
  • Successful Campaigns: Recognized for supporting a significant number of needy families in a single day, earning honors from the India Book of Records.
  • Contact US: +91 – 62633 62660
  • Email:

2.     SOS Children’s Villages India

SOS Children’s Villages India, a non-profit organization, began its journey in 1964, following its establishment in Austria in 1949. Over the past 60 years, they’ve assisted more than 83,000 people, including 65,000 children, through our 31 SOS Children’s Villages and 27 community projects across India.

Their aim isn’t just to provide basic care but also to strengthen families and communities, preventing children from being abandoned or neglected.

They offer various programs like Family Like Care, Special Needs Childcare, and Foster Care to ensure the overall development of children. We focus on education and skills training to help them become self-sufficient members of society.

As a leading NGO, they also work on empowering vulnerable families so they can support themselves and provide a safe environment for their children. 

  • Founded: Began operations in India in 1964
  • Activities: Provides a range of quality care services for children without parental care or at risk of losing it, ensuring comprehensive child development
  • Successful Campaigns: Has reached over 65,000 children through various villages and community projects, impacting over 83,000 lives
  • Contact US:  011 4323 9200
  • Email: org

3.     Kokan

Kokan NGO started its journey of aiding children and needy individuals in Maharashtra in 2010. They received official recognition in 2012 and obtained certificates in 2014. Over the past 11 years, they’ve assisted more than 45,393 people. Presently, they operate in multiple states like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Goa, and Kerala, positively impacting over 112,000 lives.

Their programs primarily focus on education, village development, job creation, support for orphanages, and disaster relief efforts. Additionally, they collaborate with the government and companies to address significant issues like education and healthcare. Their overarching goal is to aid over 760,000 people by 2030, amplifying the voices of those in greatest need. 

  • Founded: Kokan NGO began its journey in 2008
  • Activities: The NGO operates in multiple Indian states, offering programs in education, village development, job creation, orphanage support, and disaster relief. They collaborate with government and corporate partners to address challenges in education and healthcare.
  • Successful Campaigns: Kokan NGO focuses on education, disaster relief, and medical support. They provide scholarships, school kits, and career counseling to marginalized children. During disasters like the Kerala and Maharashtra floods, they offer aid. Their medical support program offers affordable healthcare to low-income children.
  • Contact US: +91- 022 4973 7396 
  • Email:   admin@kokanngo. org


Sweet Home Anathalaya is a unique NGO situated in New Delhi, India, dedicated to providing comprehensive care and support to underprivileged girls and women in need. It was founded to provide free boarding, education, and comprehensive care to orphaned or homeless girls aged 18 and up. It has become a beacon of hope for people experiencing tragedy.

Through various projects such as “Maika” for women experiencing domestic violence, “Self Sustain Home” for orphaned boys, and “Help Young Girls” for orphaned girls, the organization offers a wide range of services including accommodation, food, education, vocational training, and counseling.

Additionally, initiatives like child adoption campaigns, ration services, and free medical tests further demonstrate Sweet Home Anathalaya’s commitment to serving the marginalized and vulnerable members of society.

With a focus on instilling moral values and empowering its beneficiaries to break free from the cycle of poverty, Sweet Home Anathalaya strives to create a nurturing environment where individuals can thrive and achieve their fullest potential. 

  • Founded: Has been operating for more than two decades under the guidelines of JJ Act 2000.
  • Activities: Provides care and support to underprivileged girls, helping them rise above societal myths and succeed.
  • Successful Campaigns: Has initiated programs like “Maika” for women and has been involved in various activities to support the girls residing in the ashram.
  • Contact US:  +91-9599638632
  • Email:


Our Lady’s Home, located in Mumbai, has been a safe haven for orphaned and destitute boys for almost 60 years. From its humble beginnings in 1960, the Home has grown into a sturdy building where boys from all walks of life find love and care.

Thanks to the support of Bishop John Rodrigues and the Governing Body, Our Lady’s Home continues its mission of nurturing young lives. With God’s guidance, the Home provides a nurturing environment where boys receive love and opportunities to succeed.

Over the years, many boys have graduated from Our Lady’s Home and become successful young men, thanks to the support of the community. This success is a result of the dedication of everyone who has supported the Home, ensuring that every child receives the love and care they deserve. 

  • Founded: Established in 1960
  • Activities: Cares for orphaned, poor, and destitute boys, providing shelter and nurturing them into responsible individuals
  • Successful Campaigns: Has ‘fathered’ and ‘grandfathered’ numerous individuals, with many holding good positions in society today.
  • Contact US:  + School: +91 8452917462, Home: +91 8451948077
  • Email:

6.     Sai Baba Gurukulam Ashram, Chennai

Sai Baba Gurukulam, based in Kanichepuram, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, has been helping the underprivileged since 1990. Officially registered as a trust in 2016, it focuses on supporting the poorest communities through community-based actions.

Inspired by the hardships faced in rural areas, the organization aims to lift people out of poverty and improve their lives. They especially focus on women, children, and marginalized groups, empowering them to lead better lives.

Sai Baba Gurukulam also runs an orphanage home for about 100 children from difficult backgrounds. They provide a caring environment where each child’s dreams are encouraged and supported.

Their vision is to meet the growing social needs and empower the disadvantaged through education and support. By focusing on individual children, they aim to make a lasting impact on their lives and communities. 

  • Founded: Social service activities started in 1990, legally registered as a trust in 2016.
  • Activities: Works in the District of Kancheepuram, focusing on the needs of children, the elderly, and the disabled.
  • Successful Campaigns: Has initiated and supported community groups to solve their problems through community-supported actions
  • Contact US:  +91 9840060698 / 8939747213
  • Email:

7.     Muni Seva Ashram

Muni Seva Ashram’s journey is like a story of overcoming challenges to find beauty. Founded in 1978 by Anuben Thakkar, guided by divine inspiration, the Ashram started small but with big dreams to help local tribal communities in Goraj with healthcare and education.

Anuben’s dedication won over the locals, and soon the Ashram became a place of care and comfort for everyone. Dr. Vikram Patel, a young medical student, joined Anuben’s mission and expanded the medical facilities, adding programs for women and children.

Today, Muni Seva Ashram is a self-sufficient community, driven by the spirit of service. Dr. Vikram Patel continues Anuben’s work, introducing new ideas to help those in need. Inspired by Gandhiji’s words, the Ashram strives to make positive changes and share its blessings with others.

  • Founded: In 1978 by Anuben Thakkar.
  • Activities: Provides health and education facilities to local tribal communities, medical care, vocational training for women, and education for girls up to the 10th grade.
  • Successful Campaigns: The ashram has grown into a self-sufficient entity, producing 90% of its requirements on campus, and has expanded to include a world-class medical center and a home for mentally disabled women.
  • Email:
  • Contact Us:  +91-2668-265300

8.     New Mighty Grace Charitable Trust

New Mighty Grace Charitable Trust is focused on “Investing in Lives,” this trust empowers underprivileged children, youth, women, and the disabled through education and healthcare initiatives

It is a government-approved organization led by Mrs. & Mr. Mohan Kumar and their team. They are dedicated to helping vulnerable communities, especially women and children, access resources and support services.

Their vision is to empower individuals facing challenges like disabilities, destitution, and old age. They offer services like mobility aids, counseling, vocational education, and job placement. They also organize medical camps in slum areas and provide free education and housing facilities.

From providing free rice to below-poverty people to arranging free marriages for the poor, the trust works tirelessly to uplift marginalized communities. They focus on rehabilitation, technical training, and empowerment programs for women, the blind, destitute, and the disabled, contributing to social welfare and inclusive development in an easy, compassionate tone.

  • Founded: Established in 1986, officially registered in 2009
  • Activities: Invests in the lives of underprivileged children, youth, women, and the disabled through education, healthcare, and livelihood programs
  • Successful Campaigns: Has impacted the lives of over 100,000 individuals, providing support services and resources to those with disabilities
  • Contact Us:  91 9902379599  / 9663776590

9. Delhi Council for Child Welfare

Established in 1952, the Delhi Council for Child Welfare (DCCW) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged children. Their programs provide essential services like medical care, nutrition, education, and vocational training to around 2500 children daily.

Their goal is to ensure every child has the chance to reach their full potential, and they work towards this by giving children a happy childhood. Programs like Bal Chetna support mentally challenged children, while PALNA WeeKids prepares young ones for school.

Through initiatives like the Educational Sponsorship Programme and vocational training, DCCW supports academically bright students and helps adolescents gain valuable skills. They also offer assistance with homework and provide a loving home for abandoned children at PALNA.

With the support of partners, DCCW has positively impacted the lives of over 300,000 underprivileged children, making a significant difference in their communities. 

  • Founded: In 1952 to care for children displaced, lost, or abandoned due to the Partition of India
  • Activities: Provides a home for lost/abandoned children, medical care, nutrition, rehabilitation of special needs children, vocational training, and facilitates education.
  • Successful Campaigns: Over the last seventy years, DCCW has touched the lives of over 300,000 underprivileged children in and around Delhi.
  • Contact Us:  +91-11-23968907 / 23944655,

10. Bal Sahyog

Bal Sahyog, founded in 1954 by Late Smt. Indira Gandhi, is a nurturing haven for children who lack familial support. Led by a noble vision, they strive to offer every child a joyous childhood and equip them to become confident contributors to society. With over 100 children residing in their sheltered home, Bal Sahyog provides essential amenities like food, clothing, and education, fostering an environment where children can thrive. Additionally, they extend their support to around 25 children through an open shelter, offering day care services and meeting their basic needs. Through initiatives like the Bal Sahyog Middle School and vocational training programs, they ensure educational and skill development opportunities for children of all ages. Furthermore, their outreach efforts in Delhi’s slum areas aim to uplift marginalized communities by providing educational assistance and vocational training to youth and women. Bal Sahyog’s holistic approach not only addresses the immediate needs of children but also empowers them to envision and pursue a brighter future filled with opportunities and hope. 

  • Founded: In 1954 by late Prime Minister Smt. Indira Gandhi.
  • Activities: Cares for orphan, helpless, abandoned, and neglected children, providing nutrition, health care, education, and protection.
  • Successful Campaigns: Has served thousands of children in its Home and Contact Centres in the slums of Delhi and supported thousands of youth and women through various services.
  •  Email: in
  • Contact Us:  011-2341 1273, 2341 1995C


These Anath Ashrams shine as beacons of hope, expressing the spirit of compassion and service to society’s most vulnerable citizens. Through their diligent efforts, they not only offer shelter and care but also plant the seeds of empowerment and resilience in the lives of countless Indian children. 

If you are motivated to support their great cause or want to learn more about how you can assist, try contacting these organizations directly, donating your time, or making a donation to help them continue their essential work. Together, let us continue to raise and empower India’s future generations. 


  1.     What is the hidden ashram in India?

The “hidden” ashram I mentioned could vary, as there are numerous lesser-known ashrams scattered across India. These places might not be widely advertised but can provide deep spiritual experiences for those who seek them. Discovering such an ashram often involves delving deeper, perhaps through word of mouth or connections in spiritual communities. One example is Daan Para, an ashram known for its remarkable work, despite not being as famous as others. 

  1.     How do I find the right ashram in India?

To find the right ashram in India, consider the following steps:

1)      Research: Look online for ashrams that match your interests. Check their teachings, location, and facilities.

2)      Read Reviews: See what others say about their experiences at different ashrams.

3)      Consider Your Interests: Pick an ashram that aligns with what you’re looking for, whether it’s yoga, meditation, or spiritual teachings. 

By following these steps, you can find an ashram in India that fits your needs and gives you a fulfilling experience.

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