Top 10 Anath Ashrams in Madhya Pradesh: Shelters of Hope and Compassion

Madhya Pradesh, located in the center of India, has a rich cultural legacy and historical sites. Besides its well-known attractions, the state is home to several humanitarian institutions, including Anath Ashram orphanages. These havens provide not only shelter but also education and nurturing care to children who do not have family support.
Life in Madhya Pradesh can be difficult for many families. Poverty, neglect, and other problems frequently prevent parents from providing for their children. In situations like these, Anath Ashrams shine like beacons of hope, brightening the lives of the poor with their constant compassion and assistance.

In this blog, we will explore the top ten Anath Ashrams in Madhya Pradesh. Each of these organizations welcomes the needy, providing them with a home and a helping hand as they face life’s problems.

 List of Top 10 Anath Ashrams in Madhya Pradesh

1.      Daanpatra

DaanPatra, one of the best Anath ashrams in MP, has supported numerous persons since its establishment in 2018.

They’ve supported families, guided kids away from drugs, and welcomed beggars into their shelters. They also help teenagers quit addiction and lead better lives.

DaanPatra is like a home for the homeless. They take care of elderly folks, beggars, and others who have no place to go. They not only give them a roof but also look after their well-being, making sure they’re happy and healthy.

They’ve even started a program called “DaanPatra Agarbatti” to help their residents earn money and live with dignity. It’s all about giving people the chance to work and have a purpose in life.

  • Founded: 2018
  • Address: 121, Annapurna Rd, Model Town Colony, Usha Nagar, Revenue Nagar, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 452016
  • Contact US: +91 – 62633 62660
  • Email:

2.     Sewa Bharti

Sewa Bharti, founded in 1989, works to improve economically weaker communities, particularly in remote tribal areas and metropolitan slums. Their work covers education, health, skill development, rural development, and communal harmony. With about 1.75 lakh centers and 3000 volunteers, Sewa Bharti operates widely in Madhya Pradesh’s Malwa area, which covers 15 districts.

This is one top Anath ashrams in MP as it aims to empower marginalized tribal children by offering education, vocational training, and technical tools. Furthermore, their Orphan Children Homes in Indore ensures that abandoned infants receive excellent care and medical treatment, as well as aids in their adoption, with 247 children already placed in loving homes. Their initiatives address social and economic challenges, bringing positive change to marginalized communities.

  • Founded: 1989
  • Address 34,Tilak Path, (Behind Nagpur Nagarik Sahakari Bank Limited)
  • Rambagh, Indore -452007
  •  Email:
  • Contact Us:  9893764540

3.     Gold Coin Seva Trust 

Gold Coin Seva Trust, founded in 2019 and based in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, is a registered charity dedicated to selfless service. They’re registered under various government bodies like the Madhya Pradesh Public Trusts Act, NITI Aayog, and ISO 9001:2015. Their goal is to make a positive impact on society.

Their mission includes serving the nation, helping people lead healthy lives, caring for senior citizens, preserving the environment, and aiding animals and birds. They achieve these goals through grassroots projects and partnerships with volunteers, professionals, communities, and governments.

Their vision is to become a leading NGO promoting selfless service towards the nation, humanity, environment, animals, and birds. Their values include non-discrimination, secularism, non-political stance, serving society, impartiality, compassion, and respect.

  •  Founded: 2019
  • Address Dashrath Sevashram, 54-55, Chanakyapuri, Opposite to garden, Annapurna Road, Indore – 452009, Madhya Pradesh
  • Email:
  • Contact Us:  +91-6262962626

4.       NITYA SEVA

NITYA SEVA is a nonprofit organization founded in 1998 in Germany that works to improve the lives of poor Indian children. Its Indian counterpart, NITYA SEVA SOCIETY, was established in Bhopal in 1999.

NITYA SEVA has now become one of the top and most reputable ashrams in MP, providing shelter, education, vocational training, and medical care to numerous children. Moreover, they provide nutritional meals, hygienic amenities, and educational support. They aim to develop virtues in youngsters and prepare them for a brighter future by emphasizing self-esteem and responsibility. 

  •  Founded: 1999
  •  Address:  Claus D. and Asha von der Fink 54, Shamla Road Bhopal 462002, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Email:
  •  Contact Us:   0091-7415002655

5.      Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram 

Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram is among the best Anath ashrams in MP. They provide outstanding care for its patients by employing a dedicated staff of skilled caregivers. The house provides a happy environment for approximately 40 men and 48 women, with beautifully arranged rooms equipped with utilities such as fans and coolers. Residents can enjoy indoor games like carom while receiving round-the-clock medical care from a qualified team of physicians and nurses. Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram stresses transparency and accessibility, with a staff of 17 individuals. Their specialties include spacious rooms, comfy beds, a well-stocked library, access to newspapers, a peaceful garden, high-quality mattresses and carpets, clean linens and blankets, nutritional meals, regular medical check-ups, and entertaining indoor activities. 

  •  Founded: 2019
  • Address:  Atmaram Choudhary Marg, ITI Square, Samaj Kalyan Parisar, Electronic Complex, Sukhlia, Indore, MP 452010
  • Email:  N/A
  • Contact Us:  83198 05561

6.      Shree Ram Nirashreet Ashram

Shree Ram Nirashreet Ashram is a refuge for elderly adults in Indore that provides peace and comfort to those who have been abandoned by their relatives. It prides out on its sympathetic approach, which generates a familial environment in which residents feel loved and valued. The caregivers are highly qualified and provide comprehensive services to ensure the well-being of all residents. The distinctive traits are companionship, security, comfort, and respect. Specialties include free home-cooked meals, housing, a family-like atmosphere, monthly health exams, facilities such as solar water heaters and separate mattresses, carrom, and television access. 

  •  Address:  PQRM+49R, Unnamed Road, Gandhi Nagar, Indore, MP 452005
  •  Email:  N/A
  •  Contact Us:  96173 53135

7.      Krishnashray Senior Living

Krishnashray Senior Living, operated by the Shri Gopallalji Maharaj Trust, provides dependable care to elders in Jabalpur. It is located in a historic haveli on the banks of the Hanumantal River and challenges traditional concepts of elder living by emphasizing freedom and a full life. The trust’s programs go beyond senior care, including community welfare projects and spiritual events. Quality workmanship, a courteous and professional crew, and 24-hour care are among the company’s distinguishing attributes. Accommodation, daily support, meals, housekeeping, rehabilitation services, and celebratory events are among specialties.

  •  Address:  Ramnagra NH-34, Near, Tilwara Bridge, Jabalpur, MP 482003
  • Email:  info@krishnashray. in
  •  Contact Us:  95841 55333

8.      Narayan Vridhashram

Narayan Vridhashram, located in the Gwalior region, is a premier old age home known for its wonderful atmosphere and meticulously maintained rooms. The facility prioritizes hygiene, providing clean rooms and hygienic food facilities for residents. It has been instrumental in supporting individuals by fulfilling their basic needs. The home offers spacious accommodations and regular visits from qualified doctors to address the health concerns of residents. With a compassionate team of caretakers, Narayan Vridhashram ensures that seniors receive exceptional care tailored to their individual needs, promoting their overall well-being and comfort. 

  • Address:  Laxmi Gunj Road, Jagrati Nagar, Gwalior, MP 474001
  • Email:  N/A
  • Contact Us:   94251 12820

9.      Ankitgram Sewadham Ashram

Ankitgram Sewadham Ashram is a well-known place that helps all kinds of people who don’t have anywhere else to go. They take care of homeless, sick, and needy people from all over the country. The ashram gives love, care, and support to everyone, no matter where they come from or what their situation is. They welcome married and unmarried mothers, even those who are mentally ill and pregnant. Many of the people who stay there are very sick.

The ashram runs on donations from regular people, not big organizations. Since it started in 1989, it’s been like a home for people who have been left behind by their families or communities. They’re always there to give shelter, care, and support to those who need it most, making a big difference in people’s lives. 

  • Founded: 1989
  • Address:  Ankitgram”  Sewadham Ashram, Village Ambodiya, Ujjain 456006, MP, INDIA
  • Email:  contact@ankitgramsewadhamashram. org
  • Contact Us:   +91 735-499-2048, +91 942-509-2505

10.  Eklavya 

Mangal Dham in Gwalior is a haven for elderly, needy, and impoverished individuals. This home offers comprehensive care for senior citizens at affordable rates, ensuring peace of mind and convenience for residents. What sets it apart is its deeply passionate team dedicated to personalized care and fostering connections. With a focus on enhancing quality of life and self-reliance, Mangal Dham provides expert nursing services and ensures residents’ individual needs are met with care and dedication. Its specialties include shelter, security, medical support, nutritious food, safety, and hygienic facilities.

  • Address:  A-73, Nehru Colony, Mayur Nagar, Thatipur, Gwalior, MP 474011
  •  Email:  N/A
  • Contact Us:    88230 92850


The Anath Ashrams in Madhya Pradesh are lights of kindness and support. These shelters offer homeless people accommodation, education, and support, allowing them to achieve a brighter future.

Thinking over the top 10 Anath Ashrams reminds us of the enormous impact of even modest acts of kindness. These shelters are more than just safe havens; they are sources of hope, inspiring resilience in those they serve.

These Anath Ashrams are like loving threads that connect Madhya Pradesh’s communities and tell stories of progress. They remind us that even small acts can have a significant impact on someone’s life.

The Anath Ashrams in Madhya Pradesh provide essential support to individuals in need; now it’s your turn. Your contribution, no matter how small, can make a significant difference in someone’s life. Consider contributing or volunteering your time to help these organizations. Let us continue to spread kindness and improve the lives of those suffering difficulty.


  • How are children adopted from an orphanage?

Adoption agencies or authorities help with the legal process of adopting children from orphanages. However, prospective parents need to satisfy certain criteria and go through screening and evaluation processes before they can adopt a child.

  •  Who can live in an orphanage?

Orphanages often house mostly children who have lost parental care or are in need of safety and assistance. However, the particular residency requirements may differ according to the orphanage’s laws and governing authority restrictions. Nowadays, most orphanages are open for senior citizens also where they provide total care to seniors. 

  •  What do you think about orphanages?

Orphanages play an important role in providing care, shelter, and assistance for vulnerable children who have lost parental care or are in danger. They act as safety nets for children in need, providing them with critical services such as education, healthcare, and emotional support.

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