Top 10 NGO in Jaipur: Highlighting the Contributions of Jaipur’s Top NGOs

Jaipur, renowned for its rich culture and heritage, is also home to a vibrant community of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) dedicated to driving positive change and uplifting the lives of its residents. In this article, you will get to read about some of the best NGO in Jaipur, each has its own initiatives in education, healthcare, social welfare, and community development. 

From empowering marginalized communities to advocating for social justice, these NGOs exemplify the spirit of compassion and commitment, contributing significantly to the city’s social fabric and fostering a brighter future for its inhabitants. Let’s explore the remarkable contributions of these top 10 NGO in Jaipur that are shaping the landscape of social welfare in Jaipur.

List of Top NGOs in Jaipur 

Explore a curated list of Jaipur’s leading NGOs, dedicated to driving social impact and fostering positive change in the local community. From education to healthcare, these organizations are making a difference.

1. Foundation for Education and Development

The Foundation for Education and Development (FED) serves as an inspiration of hope for Jaipur’s impoverished populations. FED, founded in 2000, is dedicated to reducing illiteracy and poverty via high-quality education and development programs. Their School Support Program, vocational training initiatives, and relentless commitment to education and women’s empowerment position them as a driving force for change in the community and make them one of the top NGO in Jaipur. 

  • Mission and Initiatives: FED believes in the transformative power of education and implements various programs to ensure access to learning for all, irrespective of socio-economic status.
  • Impact: Their efforts have significantly enhanced the quality of education in government schools and uplifted countless families through vocational training.

Contact Information: Reach out to them at C-113, Shivagi Marg, Tilak Nagar, Jaipur, or visit their website at for more information. Phone Number: 0141-2624820 / 0141-4002250 / 0141-2620127. Website: Email:

2. Consumer Unity And Trust Society

CUTS International champions consumer rights and socio-economic development through research and advocacy. Since its inception in 1990, CUTS has been instrumental in empowering consumers and shaping policy agendas both locally and globally. They come in the list of famous NGOs in Jaipur.

  • Empowering Consumers: CUTS conducts research and advocacy to enhance consumer knowledge and promote policies that safeguard consumer interests.
  • Global Impact: With a presence in several countries, CUTS collaborates with diverse stakeholders to advocate for consumer welfare and economic development.
  • Research and Advocacy: CUTS’ research initiatives cover a wide array of topics including competition policy, trade, and investment, influencing policy decisions for the benefit of consumers.

Contact Information: Connect with them at D–217, Bhaskar Marg, Bani Park Jaipur, or visit to explore their contributions to consumer welfare.

3. Genus Foundation

The Genus Foundation, established in 1987, is dedicated to uplifting the underprivileged through education, healthcare, and community development initiatives. Their multifaceted approach addresses diverse issues, ensuring holistic growth in the communities they serve.

  • Educational Efforts: The foundation provides scholarships and supports educational infrastructure, aiming to break the cycle of poverty through access to quality education.
  • Healthcare Outreach: Genus Foundation’s healthcare programs focus on preventive care and mental well-being, catering to the specific needs of marginalized communities.
  • Diverse Impact Areas: From water management to women empowerment, the foundation’s initiatives encompass a broad spectrum of issues critical to community development.

Contact Information: Reach out to them at V & P- Beelpur, Via- Chandwaji, Tehsil- Amer, District- Jaipur, or visit to learn more about their impactful work.

4. Disha Foundation

Disha Foundation, established in 1995, has been a ray of hope for children with physical and intellectual challenges in Jaipur. They are a big NGO in Jaipur with a humble beginning and unwavering support from the Khaitan family and the community, Disha has blossomed into a haven for over 100 students. Their commitment to specialized education, vocational training, and rehabilitation programs has been fortified by collaborations with esteemed universities and initiatives like the Special Olympics Bharat program.

  • Mission and Growth: From its inception, Disha has aimed to provide holistic care and education for individuals with special needs, ensuring their integration into mainstream society.
  • Resource Center: Disha’s state-of-the-art, barrier-free building and Resource Center exemplify their dedication to creating inclusive spaces for learning and growth.
  • Continued Impact: Through love, understanding, and support, the Disha Foundation continues to uplift individuals with special needs, enriching their lives and the community at large.

Contact Information:  Education, Vocational Training, Community-based Rehabilitation, Awareness and Advocacy. Website: Email:

5. Gram Chetna Kendra

Gram Chetna Kendra (GCK), founded in 1986, is a grassroots organization committed to holistic development in the Shambar Lake region of Rajasthan. Due to this, they have got No. 5 in our list of top NGOs in Jaipur. Recognizing the challenges posed by corruption and inequality, GCK empowers marginalized communities through capacity building, advocacy, and sustainable development initiatives.

  • Community Empowerment: GCK fosters equal opportunities and essential resources through Village Development Committees, Self Help Groups, and Women’s Forums.
  • Capacity Building: By offering training, advocacy, and research, GCK equips rural populations with the knowledge and tools for sustainable development.
  • Sustainable Development: GCK’s holistic approach addresses education, women empowerment, skill development, and governance, aiming for lasting positive change in rural Rajasthan.

Contact Information: Education, Women’s Empowerment, Skill Development, Training, Sustainable Rural Development, Awareness, Corruption and Governance. Phone Number: 09829017134. Website: Email:

6. Tushita Foundation India

Tushita Foundation India is on a mission to create a brighter future for children, women, and marginalized communities in Jaipur. Through their holistic approach encompassing education, healthcare, and awareness campaigns, they strive to break barriers and foster inclusive growth.

  • Educational Empowerment: Tushita Foundation India provides comprehensive educational programs, including preschool and vocational training, to level the playing field for all children.
  • Healthcare Initiatives: Their healthcare programs ensure access to basic services and promote good health practices, particularly among women and children in remote areas.
  • Building Awareness: Tushita Foundation India conducts impactful campaigns on social issues like gender equality and child rights to foster a more tolerant society.

Contact Information: Connect with them at Ward No. 9/53, Rajawaton ka Chowk, Near St. Play Academy, Amber, Jaipur, or visit to learn more.

7. Centre For Development Communications

The Centre for Development Communications (CDC) pioneers social change through effective communication strategies. With a focus on amplifying the voices of marginalized communities, CDC utilizes various mediums to empower individuals and advocate for their rights.

  • Communication for Change: CDC’s community radio programs and training workshops equip stakeholders with the tools to address pressing issues like health, education, and development.
  • Empowering Marginalized Voices: Through print, electronic media, and grassroots initiatives, CDC facilitates dialogue and promotes the interests of marginalized communities.
  • Training and Capacity Building: Experienced trainers at CDC empower journalists and community workers to utilize communication as a catalyst for social transformation.

Contact Information: Visit them at 16, Shri Gopal Nagar, Gopalpura Bypass, Behind Mahesh Nagar Police Station, Jaipur, or explore for insights into their work.

8. RK Sansthan

RK Sansthan, established in 1982, is dedicated to fostering economic empowerment, education, and community welfare in Jaipur. RK Sansthan is a foundation of social development, offering a wide range of activities such as training programs, infrastructure development, and women’s and child welfare projects making them one of the top ten NGOs. 

  • Empowering Entrepreneurs: RK Sansthan provides training, counselling, and infrastructure support for establishing self-employment enterprises and promoting economic independence.
  • Comprehensive Approach: From education to environment conservation, RK Sansthan addresses various facets of social development, ensuring holistic growth in the community.
  • Commitment to Welfare: With a focus on women and child welfare, health, and sustainable agriculture, RK Sansthan’s initiatives touch lives and contribute to the betterment of society.

Contact Information: Entrepreneurship, Water & Sanitation, Cluster Development, Women and Child Development, Health & Hygiene. Phone Number: 07462-235341, 9414018114. Website: Email:

9. Bhoruka Charitable Trust

Bhoruka Charitable Trust, established in 1962, has been a cornerstone of social service in Jaipur. With a wide-ranging focus on education, health, livelihood, and rural development, the Trust has empowered countless individuals and communities across Rajasthan.

  • Comprehensive Approach: Bhoruka Charitable Trust’s multifaceted initiatives span education, health, livelihood, and rural development, catering to diverse needs in the community.
  • Decentralized Decision-making: By encouraging community involvement and decentralized decision-making, the Trust ensures programs are tailored to local needs and aspirations.
  • Sustainable Models: With a focus on replicable and sustainable models, Bhoruka Charitable Trust pioneers effective solutions for rural development, contributing to the socio-economic fabric of Rajasthan.

Contact Information: 1, Prabhu Dayal Marg, Near Sanganer Airport, Jaipur-302029, Rajasthan, India.  Phone Number: +91-141-3924700. Website: Email:

10. Pushp

Pushp, founded in 2008, has been a driving force behind education, health, and women empowerment initiatives in rural Rajasthan. Through innovative programs like “MERI SCHOOL” and eco-care clubs, Pushp strives to mainstream marginalized communities and foster holistic development.

  • Holistic Development: Pushp’s initiatives encompass education, health, environment, and women empowerment, addressing key challenges faced by rural communities.
  • Innovative Programs: Through digital education initiatives and health awareness campaigns, Pushp empowers individuals with knowledge and skills for self-improvement.
  • Vision for the Future: Pushp’s vision of justice, truth, and mutual help guides its mission to empower marginalized individuals, breaking barriers to development in rural Rajasthan.

Contact Information: 265/05, Sector – 26, Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, Jaipur – 302033.  Phone Number: 8003001100. Email:


The top 10 NGO in Jaipur are like strong pillars of kindness, empowerment, and progress. They have made a big difference in the city by helping many people and making positive changes. These organizations have worked hard and come up with new ideas to improve lives, support communities, and stand up for important issues like education, healthcare, and women’s rights. 

Their good work doesn’t just stay on the list of top NGOs in Jaipur it spreads across Rajasthan and even further. So, let’s keep supporting these NGOs and spreading the word about the amazing things they do. They play a crucial role in making our society fairer, kinder, and better for everyone.


Which is India’s big NGO?

The five biggest NGOs in India are HelpAge India, LEPRA India, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, Pratham Education Fund, and Nanhi Kali.

Who is the biggest charity donor?

In 2023, Warren Buffett, the chairman and chief executive of Berkshire Hathaway, secured the top spot on the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s annual list of the largest charitable donations. He gave the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation a donation of $541.5 million.

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