Top 10 NGO in World: NGOs That Are Making a Difference Worldwide

In the world of helping others and making the planet better, some special groups called Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) really stand out. These NGOs work really hard and care a lot about making things better for everyone. We’re going to talk about the “Top 10 NGO in World.” These are organizations that don’t just talk about making a difference they actually do it! They tackle big problems like poverty, healthcare, education, and protecting the environment. 

They also make sure that everyone’s rights are respected, especially those who are often left out or treated unfairly. We have prepared a list of top NGOs in World, these NGOs show us what it means to care, keep going even when things are tough, and make the world a better place for everyone. Let’s take a closer look at these famous NGOs in World that are truly changing the world for the better.

Top 10 Biggest NGO in the World 2024

People everywhere are working hard to make the world a better place, and NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) are a big part of that. These are the top NGO in World who are like heroes on the front lines, fighting to bring positive changes to the world. 

They help solve big problems, support communities that need it most, and work to make sure the world keeps getting better in a way that lasts. Let’s take a look at four of these amazing organizations and the important work they do to make the world fairer, healthier, and happier for everyone.

1. Save the Children (Established: 1919, Global Presence: 120 Countries):

This London-based international NGO champions the well-being of children worldwide and is one of the best NGO in World. They work in areas like healthcare, education, emergency aid, and economic development. With a global network of member organizations, Save the Children tackles issues like hunger, health, education, and policy advocacy. They also address contemporary challenges like climate change and the war in Ukraine.  In 2021 alone, they reached nearly 43 million children and responded to over 100 emergencies, with a combined revenue of over $2.2 billion.

2. Oxfam International (Established: 1942, Global Presence: 90+ Countries):

Oxfam is a big part of the fight against poverty. They help in lots of ways, like making sure people have clean water and toilets, standing up for fairness between men and women, and giving important aid during tough times like wars and disasters. Since 2015, Oxfam has helped over 3 million people in Yemen by giving them clean water, toilets, tips on staying clean, and food when they need it most. Even in places like Syria, where there’s a lot of fighting, Oxfam is there to help. They give clean water, hygiene kits, and support to farmers who are trying to get back on their feet. Due to their good work and efforts, we have placed them in our top NGO in World list. 

Oxfam also has shops in the UK where they sell things people donate or things that are made fairly. This helps them raise money to keep doing their good work. In the financial report for 2020-2021, Oxfam showed they’re making a big impact. They made $912 million, which is a lot of money. They’ve helped over 14 million people with their COVID-19 response alone, making sure they have what they need during the pandemic. And they’ve supported 1.7 million people who are working to make sure everyone is treated fairly, no matter if they’re a man or a woman. Oxfam’s hard work and caring show us how important it is to help others and stand up for what’s right.

3. World Vision (Established: 1950, Global Presence: 100+ Countries):

World Vision, a Christian humanitarian organization, tackles critical issues like poverty, education, child protection, disaster relief, and access to clean water.  Children are at the centre of their mission. In 2022, they supported millions through child sponsorship programs, assisted refugees and disaster survivors, and provided clean water access to communities in need.

World Vision prioritizes responsible financial management, allocating 90% of its revenue directly to programs, 6% for fundraising, and 4% for administrative costs.  While their moral guidelines for employees have sparked controversy, their dedication to serving the world’s most vulnerable remains undeniable.

4. International Rescue Committee (Established: 1933, Global Presence: 40+ Countries):

Founded to aid refugees fleeing Nazi persecution, the International Rescue Committee (IRC) continues to be a lifeline for refugees facing disasters and conflicts.  Their focus areas include safety, health, economic empowerment, and education.  Recognizing women and girls as especially vulnerable populations, the IRC prioritizes addressing their specific needs.  The organization operates across Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, and even within the United States.

In 2021 alone, the IRC reached millions, resettled refugees in the US, and provided critical malnutrition prevention services.  With strong financials, they continue their vital humanitarian work. They have reserved a position in our top ten NGO list.

5. Catholic Relief Services (Established: 1943, Global Presence: 100+ Countries):

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is an international humanitarian agency affiliated with Caritas International, a vast network of Catholic aid organizations.  Originally established to assist European refugees after World War II, CRS has expanded its work to encompass emergency relief, long-term development, and human rights advocacy.

Their 2021 statistics highlight their extensive reach, providing aid to millions and tackling issues like food security, HIV treatment, and land restoration.  Remarkably, CRS spends a high percentage (93.5%) of its revenue on programs, demonstrating its commitment to efficient resource allocation. Catholic Relief Services is one of the big NGO in World.

6. Danish Refugee Council (Established: 1956, Global Presence: 40+ Countries):

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) started because of a problem when Hungary was invaded by the Soviet Union. Now, it’s the biggest NGO in Denmark. The DRC helps people who have had to leave their homes for different reasons. They’re there for them all the way, giving them what they need to live and making sure they’re safe. The DRC also talks to refugees to make sure they’re treated fairly. But the DRC doesn’t only work in Denmark. They have groups in over 40 countries worldwide, doing important things wherever they are.

7. Doctors Without Borders (Established: 1971, Global Presence: 70+ Countries):

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF), also called Doctors Without Borders, is a special group of doctors and nurses from France. They help people in really tough places where others can’t go, like war zones, after big disasters, or where diseases are common. MSF’s team works hard to fix all kinds of health problems, like stopping dangerous infections, helping moms have safe babies, treating HIV/AIDS, making sure kids have enough to eat, and supporting people with their feelings. They’re careful with the money they get, using most of it 85% to help people directly, some to get more money and just a little for running things smoothly.

In 2021, MSF did a lot of good. They checked over 12.5 million people to make sure they were healthy, gave out 1.6 million vaccines to keep them safe from diseases, and took care of over 1 million sick people in their hospitals and clinics. They can do all of this because regular people and groups give money to help others. MSF’s determination to help those who need it most comes from these kinds of donations, showing us the amazing things that can happen when people work together to help each other.

8. BRAC (Established: 1972, Global Presence: 11 Countries):

Headquartered in Bangladesh, BRAC is the world’s largest NGO in terms of employee base.  They operate across Bangladesh and in several other countries, including Kenya, Liberia, Afghanistan, and Myanmar. BRAC focuses on social development through microfinance, disaster preparedness, education, gender equality, and water and sanitation initiatives. They also run innovative social enterprises, self-sustaining businesses that generate revenue to support their mission.  

According to their 2021 report, nearly half of Bangladesh’s population has benefitted from BRAC’s programs.  They provided financial services and awareness to 11.5 million people, disbursed $4.5 billion in loans, and ensured education access for 190,000 children. With a strong financial base exceeding 4 billion Taka in total assets, BRAC continues to be a driving force for positive change.

9. CARE International (Established: 1945, Global Presence: 100+ Countries):

CARE International fights poverty by focusing on gender equality, health access, climate justice, and food and water security.  Empowering women and girls is a core principle.  They align their work with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, ensuring measurable progress.

CARE’s impact is vast, reaching millions directly and creating lasting improvements in education, poverty reduction, and humanitarian response.  Their financial transparency highlights their commitment to responsible resource management.

10. Amnesty International (Established: 1961, Global Presence: 150+ Countries):

Amnesty International, a UK-based advocacy NGO, boasts over ten million supporters.  Their mission is to promote and protect human rights through public awareness campaigns and mobilization.  They tackle critical issues like torture, police brutality, and climate justice.

Amnesty International’s influence is undeniable, contributing to the release of unjustly detained individuals and shifting public opinion on human rights issues.  Their strong fundraising allows them to dedicate a significant portion of their resources to human rights research, advocacy, and education.


The “Top 10 NGO in World” make a really big difference together. They work hard, come up with new ideas, and always help others. Because of them, many lives and communities have changed for the better all around the world. When we think about how great their work is, we see that they do more than just fix problems they give people hope, help them feel strong, and show them how to keep going even when things are tough. 

These top NGO in World show us how powerful kindness, working together, and never giving up can be. As we think about the future, let’s keep supporting these amazing organizations so they can keep making the world a better place for everyone, now and for a long time to come.


1. Can a 12th pass work in a NGO?

Yes, you can! There’s a group called Shashi Dream Foundation (SDF) that helps kids who don’t have as much as others. They focus on teaching them, helping them get better, making them stronger, and giving them more opportunities.

2. Do NGOs give salary?

People who work for NGOs do get paid, but there are also volunteers who work for free. However, the salaries at NGOs are usually lower compared to what you might get in a regular job. One reason for this is that NGOs depend on donations to keep running.

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