Top 10 Old Age Home In Tamil Nadu: Finding Comfort Close to Home

In Tamil Nadu, people are looking for the best care and kindness for their elderly loved ones. That’s why there are some really great old age homes here. These homes give seniors a safe and loving place where they can feel comfortable and supported. They offer things like friendship, special attention, and a feeling of belonging. These 10 best old age homes in Tamil Nadu are known for their caring and compassionate approach. They make sure seniors are happy and respected, creating a warm and welcoming place for families looking for the best for their elders.

Top 10 Old Age Home In Tamil Nadu

As people age, their needs for care and support often increase, and for some, living independently becomes challenging. In Tamil Nadu, several old age homes offer a supportive environment where seniors can live with dignity and receive the care they deserve. Here are the 10 best old age homes in Tamil Nadu, each dedicated to providing comfort, security, and compassionate care for elderly individuals:

1. Sree Vidya Trust

Sree Vidya Trust is all about helping older people. It’s a special group that helps seniors find the right place to live. They have different options like independent living, where seniors can do things on their own, assisted living, where they get some help, and nursing homes for those who need more care.

This Vridh Ashram in Tamil Nadu really cares about making sure seniors feel safe and respected. They make personalized plans for each person and are always there to help, day or night. And the best part is, they try to keep the costs low so that everyone can afford good care.

They do all this with lots of kindness and honesty, making sure seniors feel happy and valued. They don’t just give them a place to stay; they create a warm community where everyone is treated with love and respect.

Approximate Cost: INR 500 – 800 per month

2. Natural Wisdom Trust

Natural Wisdom Trust was started by a group of caring volunteers. It’s like a warm, safe place for older people. But it’s more than just a place to live they provide lots of important services to help seniors live better lives. Whether it’s getting the right medical care, enjoying tasty and healthy meals, or anything else they need, the trust makes sure to take care of everything, tailored to each person’s needs. Due to their work and dedication, we place them in 2nd position on our list of old age home in Tamil Nadu. 

And it’s not just about staying inside; they also organize fun activities for residents to enjoy together. This helps create a friendly atmosphere where seniors can make friends and have a good time. At Natural Wisdom Trust, older folks don’t just find a place to live; they find a caring community where their happiness and well-being matter most.

Approximate Cost: INR 2,500 per month

3. Aaradhana Old Age Home

At Aaradhana Old Age Home, we extend a helping hand to older individuals who may find themselves alone or in need of extra care. Their facility serves as a sanctuary, offering not only shelter but also a nurturing environment where every resident is treated with kindness and dignity. Recognizing the unique needs of the elderly, they prioritize their well-being by providing comprehensive care made just to their requirements.

This Vridh Ashram in Tamil Nadu makes sure that residents receive the medical attention they deserve and enjoy nutritious meals daily, promoting their health and vitality. Understanding the importance of staying active and engaged, Aaradhana Old Age Home organize a variety of enjoyable activities to prevent feelings of isolation and encourage social interaction. At Aaradhana Old Age Home, they are more than just a place to stay; they’re a close-knit community where seniors can find happiness and support as they navigate their later years.

Approximate Cost: INR 10,000 per month

4. Believable Senior Citizen Villa

At Believable Senior Citizen Villa, the primary objective is to ensure that older adults have a safe and comfortable living environment. The staff is dedicated to fostering a sense of security and happiness among residents. The villa is equipped with modern amenities such as well-appointed rooms and excellent facilities to meet the needs of its elderly residents.

In addition to prioritizing the residents’ health, the staff also ensures that they receive appropriate medical assistance when required. Every day, the staff prepares nutritious meals tailored to the residents’ preferences, ensuring their well-being. The villa organizes a variety of engaging activities, including games and outings, to keep residents entertained and content. The ultimate goal is to ensure that residents feel positive and enjoy their time at Believable Senior Citizen Villa as they age gracefully.

Approximate Cost: INR 20,000 – INR 40,000 per month

5. My Care Old Age Home

My Care Old Age Home is renowned for providing a nurturing environment where older individuals can reside comfortably while receiving the assistance they require. The dedicated staff members are available round-the-clock to ensure the well-being and safety of residents, prioritizing their health and happiness.

In addition, this Vridh Ashram in Tamil Nadu offers attentive care, the home organizes various enjoyable activities to keep residents engaged and content. Regular health check-ups are conducted to promptly identify any issues and provide necessary support. The overarching goal of My Care Old Age Home is to create a homely atmosphere where residents feel valued and supported, surrounded by compassion and care.

Approximate Cost: INR 5,000 – INR 35,000 per month

6. Anandam Old Age Home

Anandam Old Age Home, founded by Dr. N.R. Krishnamurthy, embodies a heartfelt vision to establish a nurturing sanctuary for elderly individuals. The home offers more than just accommodation; it fosters a supportive environment where seniors can flourish. The dedicated team at Anandam Old Age Home is committed to providing exemplary care, encompassing medical supervision, engaging in social activities, and spiritual guidance.

The home’s guiding principle is to support residents’ entire well-being by meeting their emotional and physical requirements. At Anandam Old Age Home, the team strives to give each resident a meaningful and fulfilling day through their sympathetic attitude.

Approximate Cost: INR 15,000 per month

7. Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home

Established in 1982, Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home holds the distinction of being the first non-profit home for the elderly in Tamil Nadu. The primary objective of the home is to cultivate a nurturing and supportive environment where seniors are cherished and attended to with care. Ensuring the residents’ comfort is paramount, and the home provides all necessary amenities for a cosy life, including comfortable accommodations and nutritious meals.

To promote social engagement and vitality, Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home organizes a variety of enjoyable activities, fostering connections among residents. Regular health check-ups are conducted to monitor the well-being of all individuals, ensuring their ongoing welfare. Above all, the overarching goal of Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home is to establish a warm and inviting atmosphere where seniors can embrace their later years with dignity and receive the care they deserve.

Approximate Cost: INR 3,000 per month

8. Vetri Old Age Home

Vetri Old Age Home is committed to offering seniors a safe and secure living environment where they can feel at ease and well-protected. The facility boasts modern amenities tailored to meet the residents’ requirements, ensuring their comfort and convenience. To keep seniors active and entertained, a diverse range of recreational activities is provided, promoting engagement and enjoyment.

The staff of Vetri Old Age Home is made up of committed professionals and volunteers who have a strong desire to provide the residents with excellent care and assistance. Their constant commitment and knowledge help to create a warm and caring environment where elders can enjoy their golden years in peace and confidence.

Approximate Cost: INR 10,000 – INR 25,000 per month

9. Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust

Sri Poorna Maha Meru Trust operates a 24/7 old age home, ensuring seniors receive uninterrupted care and assistance. The trust offers a comprehensive array of services, encompassing thorough medical care to address health needs, wholesome meals for sustained well-being, and enjoyable recreational activities to promote vitality and contentment. Moreover, vocational training opportunities are provided to seniors, enabling them to cultivate new skills and explore fresh interests. The trust is dedicated to creating a lively and connected community where older persons are able to flourish and enjoy each other’s company by planning a variety of social events and activities.

Approximate Cost: INR 4,000 – INR 8,000 per month

10. Brindavanam Old Age Home

At Brindavanam Old Age Home, there’s a steadfast commitment to providing compassionate care for older individuals. The home offers spacious and cozy rooms, ensuring residents feel comfortable and at ease. Recognizing the significance of seniors staying engaged, the home organizes a plethora of enjoyable activities to keep them occupied and content. Additionally, special services such as therapy are provided to enhance their health and overall well-being. To make sure each resident at Brindavanam Old Age Home feels valued and well-cared for as they age gracefully is the main goal. The home works to create a loving, supportive environment where seniors can live with dignity and peace of mind as top priority.

Approximate Cost: INR 18,000 per month


The 10 best old age homes in Tamil Nadu offer seniors a comforting haven where they can find solace, support, and companionship in their golden years. With a focus on providing compassionate care, modern amenities, and engaging activities, these homes strive to create a warm and nurturing environment for elderly individuals. Whether it’s ensuring their physical well-being through medical attention or fostering their emotional health through social interactions, each of these facilities is dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors and helping them find comfort close to home. Through their unwavering commitment to elderly care, these top-rated best old age homes in Tamil Nadu stand as beacons of compassion and support for the ageing population.

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  • Which state has highest number of old age homes?

Kerala has the highest number of old age homes in India.

  • Which is the largest old age home in India?

The largest old age home in India is “HelpAge India.” It is a non-profit organization that focuses on providing care and support to the elderly population across the country. HelpAge India operates numerous old age homes and elder care facilities, making it one of the largest and most prominent organizations dedicated to the well-being of senior citizens in India.

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