Top 10 Old Age Homes in Bhubaneswar: A Guide to Senior Living Facilities

With India’s elderly population projected to double by 2050, accounting for 20% of the total population, demand for senior care facilities is likely to increase eight to tenfold during the next decade. Bhubaneswar, Odisha’s dynamic capital, shows this demographic shift, with a growing elderly population. This transformation has resulted in an increased demand for old-age homes that offer more than just shelter but also care and comfort. In this article, we’ll look at the top ten old age homes in Bhubaneswar, analyzing the facilities, services, and community spirit.

Top 10 Best Old Age Homes in Bhubaneswar

1.   Healer Old Age Care Services

Healer Old Age Care Services is among the best old age homes in Bhubaneswar. It is committed to delivering superior care to senior individuals who require assistance for a variety of reasons, such as medical issues or the absence of family members. Healer Old Age Care Service aims to become India’s premier provider of home care services that meet international standards, stressing compassion, dependability, and the use of cutting-edge technology. They provide 24-hour medical attention, healthy meals, and other amenities to ensure the comfort and well-being of their inhabitants.

Unique Features:

  • Excellent services.
  • Round-the-clock medical care.
  • Efficient team.
  • Specialized care for seniors who may struggle with daily tasks.

Thoughtfully curated meals aligned with individual comfort levels and health considerations. 

  • Location: Plot No. K9 A MIG-269, Kalinga Nagar, Patrapada, near DN Regalia mall, Tamando, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751019.
  • Contact Us: +91 78735 14419
  • Email –

2.   Dearlife Empower India Private Limited

Dearlife Empower India Private Limited was founded in 2018 by Mr. Pramod Roul with a mission to improve the well-being of millions. Initially starting as a direct seller, Roul expanded his focus beyond just business. He began engaging in charitable activities such as feeding the hungry, organizing blood donations, and supporting people in need of medical treatments.

During natural disasters like cyclones and the COVID-19 pandemic, Dearlife stepped up to provide essential aid to those who were financially vulnerable. In 2021, they formalized their philanthropic efforts by establishing the Dearlife Charitable Foundation. This foundation focuses on three main areas: 

  1. “Khusiyon Ka Ghar” (Home of Happiness): This was set up to create an old age home that provides a caring environment for the elderly.
  2. Empowering the Transgender Community: The foundation offers vocational training and integration programs to empower transgender individuals.
  3. Assisting Individuals with Physical Disabilities: Especially those affected by spinal cord injuries, Dearlife supports them in regaining independence.

By valuing each person’s life, Dearlife aims to make a positive impact on thousands of lives through its charitable initiatives.

Unique Features:

  • Committed to empowering seniors.
  • Aims to create a supportive and compassionate environment.
  • Provides services that enhance the quality of life for elderly residents.
  • Location: SAI Paradise, Duplex NO-D-57 1st Floor, Lane-2, Kiss Rd, Patia, Bhubaneswar, Odisha.
  • Contact US: 0674-2974666
  • Email: in

 3.   Sahajya Foundation

Sahajya Foundation is a dynamic NGO that is committed to creating positive change in society through various programs and initiatives.

With a foundation built on compassion, dedication, inclusivity, and excellence, they strive to address challenges faced by individuals and communities. Through efforts in education, healthcare, disaster relief, and cultural preservation, the Sahajya Foundation has made significant strides in transforming lives and providing growth opportunities. They welcome volunteers, donors, and partners to join them in their mission to uplift the marginalized and empower individuals. From establishing educational institutions to offering disaster relief and skill development programs, Sahajya Foundation’s impact is evident in their numerous projects completed, volunteers engaged, and cases addressed. 

Unique Features

  • Committed to empowering seniors.
  • Aims to create a supportive and compassionate environment.
  • Provides services tailored to enhance the quality of life for elderly residents.
  • Loaction: Malipada, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751003
  • Email:
  • Contact US:  +917008195714

4.   Silver Age Foundation

Silver Age Foundation for Elders is a not-for-profit organization committed to enhancing the quality of life for seniors and advocating healthy aging practices. Since September 2017, they have undertaken various programs to aid elders in distress and foster their well-being. Key initiatives include:

Publication of “Silver Age Rocks,” a magazine tailored for easy reading and empowerment.

Provision of home services such as emergency medical healthcare, pathology care, and technological assistance.

Operation of an activity center, the first of its kind in Bhubaneswar and Odisha, dedicated to combating loneliness and promoting healthy aging.

Services offered at the activity center include medical care, monthly wellness reports, technological familiarization, and monthly events.

Conducting home safety audits, assisting with bill payments, and facilitating registration with the police to ensure the safety and comfort of elders in the community. 

  • Email: reach@silveragefoundation. org 
  • Contact Us:  9090666222, 9090222666

5.   Ashabaree Elderly Care Home

Ashabaree Elderly Care Home was founded by the Ananda Charitable Trust. This is one of the best Ngo in Bhubaneswar as it is a safe and comfortable place for middle-class elders. They provide fully furnished rooms, 24/7 power backup, security with CCTV cameras, and facilities like air-conditioned halls and health check-ups. They also offer hygienic food and laundry services, and have a temple and garden on-site. The founders are grateful for the support and aim to create a warm, family-like environment where elders are respected. They offer various activities and healthcare services to promote dignity and happiness. They thank their staff, volunteers, and donors for their help and invite others to join their caring community. 

Unique Features:

  • Provides care and comfort to elderly residents.
  • Ensures security, safety, and well-being.
  • Offers medical equipment services, nutritious meals, and assistance with daily tasks.
  • Location: Back side of Palheights Mantra, Plot No. 817/1107 , Phulnakhara, Sambalpur – Cuttack Highway, near Pahala, Bhubaneswar, Odisha. Pin: 751032
  • Email: contact@ashabaree. org
  • Contact Us:  7978810877 | 9437033149

6.   Geriatic Centre

Geriatic Centre is one of the best old age homes in Bhudnesharw that offers complete treatment and assistance to seniors, assuring their physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Recognizing the issues that elders face in today’s society, the center provides a variety of programs aimed at fostering a long-term and satisfying life. These include mobile healthcare services, a welcoming family-like environment, ambulances, nurses, and nutritious meals. Morning walks, yoga, indoor activities, and laughing sessions are planned to enhance overall health and enjoyment. The center also promotes safety and cleanliness, with 24-hour security, regular check-ups, and proper property upkeep. Residents receive round-the-clock nurse care and have access to a variety of medical procedures.

Moreover, spiritual practices, entertainment programs, and recreational activities are also available to help people feel fulfilled and enjoy themselves. Geriatic Centre is dedicated to assisting senior adults in living their lives to the maximum extent possible, fostering happiness and well-being each day. 

Unique Features

  • Promotion of Holistic Health
  • Safety and Cleanliness
  • Round-the-Clock Nursing Care
  • Spiritual and Recreational Activities
  • Location: Plot No.857/3999/6217, Baramunda Village, Nilakanthaswar Road, Bhubaneswar,Pin-751003
  • Email: info@geriatric. in
  • Contact Us:  +91 7008966299, 7683990051

7.   Florence Home Health & Elder Care

Florence Home Health & Elder Care is dedicated to providing supportive care in the comfort of one’s home. Their vision is to be the preferred provider of quality home health care services in the community, recognized for their commitment to recovery, prevention, and wellness. They strive for innovation and transparency, serving the community with compassion.

Their services include elder care, nursing, bedside attendant services, physiotherapy, home sample collection, hospital support, mother and child care, diet and nutrition, and medical equipment provision. With a focus on comprehensive healthcare solutions for aging needs, they offer a dedicated health manager to ensure all healthcare needs are met, including doctor visits, diagnostic services, nursing, trained attendants, pharmacy, equipment, physiotherapy, and nutrition and wellness support.

Recognizing the challenges of aging, Florence Home Health & Elder Care aims to maintain quality of life and independence for seniors, providing services such as Dementia and Alzheimer’s care, elderly care, and home nursing services. They offer support with clinical care, post-operative care, and assistance with day-to-day activities, allowing patients to enjoy familiar surroundings while receiving the care they need.

  • Location: Plot 2343(P, Gangajamuna Rd, near Lingaraj Temple, Gouri Nagar, Old Town, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751002
  • Email: info@florencehomehealth. com
  • Contact Us:  6372050035

8.   Tribeca Care

Tribeca Care is one the best NGOs in Bhubaneswar that offers comprehensive elder care services. It is another branch available in Cuttack, providing support tailored to the needs of senior citizens.

Their services include assistance with 24/7 emergencies, hospitalization support, companionship, and running errands. They offer full-time attendants, physiotherapy, psychotherapy, and access to medical devices. With managed elder care packages designed to fit individual needs, Tribeca Care ensures that members receive the necessary support at home. They also provide ambulance services, home doctors, home security, senior travel arrangements, and organize events for seniors. Tribeca Care aims to bring the best elder care services directly to the doorstep, offering convenience, comfort, and peace of mind for seniors and their families.

  • Location: TriBeCa Care @Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, VIM 608, Sailashree Vihar, Chandrasekharpur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751021
  • Email: tribecacare. com

9.   M P Old Age Home

M P Old Age Home, established in 2008, is dedicated to providing outstanding old age home services. Their team of dedicated professional caregivers is renowned for their compassion and competence. These caregivers go the extra mile to ensure the well-being of their residents by assisting with medication management, daily living activities, and coordination with external healthcare professionals. The facility prioritizes creating a welcoming environment where residents can find comfort and tranquility. Their facilities offer hygienic and nutritious meals while emphasizing safety and comfort. The goal is to provide more than just accommodation but a true home where individuals can spend their golden years in peace. 

Unique Features

  • Dedicated professional caretakers.
  • Medication management assistance.
  • Aid in daily living activities.
  • Warm and welcoming environment.
  • Hygienic and nutritious meals.
  • Location: 7VR9+3HV, Rasulgarh, Bhubaneswar,751010
  • Contact Us: 97767 85139

10.  Utkalmani Gopabandhu Old Age

 Utkalmani Gopabandhu Old Age facility is a well-established old-age Ngo in the Bhubaneswar area.
Their mission is significantly based on providing holistic, person-centered care to ensure elders have the best quality of life possible. Their passionate founding members bring competence and compassion to the forefront, drawing on years of relevant experience.

Their approach to care is built on person-centered concepts, which recognize each resident’s own needs, preferences, and individuality. They attempt to build an environment that increases the total well-being of elders, stressing their holistic well-being, which encompasses physical health as well as mental, emotional, and social components.

  • Location: Plot No. 3880/3884 Pandara Chhak, Gopabandhu Nagar Near Puri Bypass Road, GGP Colony SO, PS, Dist, Mancheswar, Bhubaneswar, Odisha 751002
  • Contact Us:  0674 233 3113


The top ten old age homes in Bhubaneswar include various facilities and services aimed at delivering exceptional care and assistance for elders. From holistic care approaches to compassionate personnel and well-designed facilities, these homes put their residents’ well-being and comfort first. Families looking for exceptional care for their elderly loved ones may count on these old age homes to provide a nurturing and safe atmosphere in which elders can thrive. These facilities, which are committed to encouraging pleasure, dignity, and a high quality of life for elders, play an important role in assisting Bhubaneswar’s aged population.

Support elders now! Your kindness has the potential to significantly improve their lives. Help provide necessary care and a loving environment for the elderly. Each contribution helps to ensure their pleasure and dignity throughout their golden years.


  •  What is the cost of an old age home in Bhubaneswar?

Living in an old age home in Bhubaneswar costs between INR 10,000 to INR 50,000 per month, depending on location, amenities, and care levels. You get accommodation, meals, and basic medical care. Fancy homes may charge more for extra comforts, and there might be additional fees for special services. Ask about all costs during a visit.

  • Can I donate to NGOs in Bhubaneswar?

Yes, anyone can donate to NGOs in Bhubaneswar to help their work. They accept donations online, via bank transfers, or in person at their offices. You can also give clothes, food, or educational items.

  •  How can I verify the credibility of an NGO in Bhubaneswar?

To check if an NGO in Bhubaneswar is trustworthy, look into their history, mission, and past projects. Check if they’re registered and transparent about money. Reading reviews from volunteers or beneficiaries can also help.

  • What types of services do NGOs in Bhubaneswar provide?

To find NGOs in Bhubaneswar, search online, check social media, or ask at community centers. NGOs offer services like education, healthcare, environmental work, women’s empowerment, disaster aid, and help for marginalized groups.

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