Come witness the stories of different people whose life was changed by the Daan Patra team. 

Bill Dates

This is Pawan, he use to live an exceptionally shabby life. 

His hair hadn't been washed for several days as he never used to take a bath and also had insects growing inside them.

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Our Daan Patra team gave him a head shave, made him take a bath, and provided him with a new pair of clothes.

He was also given food by our team which made him extremely happy.

 Moving forward, our team came across another person who was a complete alcoholic.

Our team member Yash guided him on the side effects of alcohol and provided him also with new clothes. 

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 Later on our way our team met with many such people and helped them by providing food and clothes.

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After reaching our Daan Patra Ashram, we provided people already living there with new toiletries.