Anath Ashram In Indore | Orphanage for Homeless, Hopeless People

Anath Ashram in Indore

Indore, known as the cleanest city in India, not only has clean roads but also a big heart. It has thousands of orphanages for homeless and hopeless people, and Daan Patra is one of them, an Anath Ashram in Indore also known as Daan patra ashram.

However, Daan Patra is not just Anath Ashram, it is like a happy place for hopeless or homeless people.  

It was founded in 2018 with the dream of making sure everyone has what they need.  It’s like a free home for older people who don’t have enough money to live well and for the people those who are living in the corners of road, footpath, bus stand etc.

Many elderly people face homelessness, which can make them feel very lonely and left out. But at Daan Patra, they find more than just a place to stay. They find a community, a new sense of purpose, and most importantly, hope. Our founder, Yash Gupta, had a simple idea: to create a place where kindness is the most important thing. Our main aim is to help two important groups – homeless people and elderly folks who are alone and need care. The ashram has become a safe haven for those who are often ignored by society.

For example, Recently, our team at Daan Patra received information about an elderly man who had been living on the streets near IPS College for more than a year. Despite facing many difficulties and struggles because of past betrayals by his family, we decided to help him.

The man, originally from Kota, had been enduring life on the streets for over a year. He found it hard to trust others and accept help, especially since he only had one leg. When we reached out to him, our team talked to him and brought him to Daan Patra Ashram, a place where people can find hope and support.

At first, he was hesitant, but eventually, we gave him a haircut, a warm bath, and food. Even though we tried to help him, it was tough for him to trust us because of his past family troubles.

We focused on meeting his physical needs while also trying to rebuild his trust and give him emotional support. The man wanted to go back to Jaipur, which was a challenge for us.

We were determined to learn more about his story, so we promised to look into it further. We also made a heartfelt video to raise awareness, hoping to help him reunite with his family.

Services Offered at Daan Patra Ashram ( Anath Ashram )

We’ve observed thousands of individuals forced to sleep under the open sky, deprived of shelter. Who are they? Where do they come from? Why are they homeless? And why aren’t the government and civil societies working to address this issue? In response, we’ve discovered Daan Patra—an exemplary Anath Ashram in Indore, providing a range of essential services to its residents, ensuring their overall well-being and growth:

  • Shelter: Providing a safe and comfortable place to live.
  • Healthcare: Access to medical attention and regular check-ups.
  • Nutrition: Balanced meals to ensure the well-being of the residents.
  • Community: A sense of belonging and companionship among the residents.
  • Rehabilitation: Helping residents regain their independence and self-esteem.

 Our Impact on the Community

  •   5,000,000 Lives Impacted: Through our various initiatives and programs, we have touched the lives of 5,000,000 individuals, providing them with support, guidance, and hope.
  •  10 Pan India Locations: Our presence is felt across India, with operations spanning 10 locations nationwide. This allows us to reach communities far and wide, ensuring that help is accessible to those who need it most.
  •  5,000,000 Followers: Our mission has garnered support from a vast audience, with 5,000,000 people following us and standing with us in our efforts to make a positive difference in the world.

Empowering Lives Through Daan Patra’s Agarbatti Initiative

In our ongoing mission to empower beggars and the destitute, we began producing Agarbatti. Our mission is simple but significant: to provide these people with a route to self-employment and a fulfilling life.

 Daan Patra Agarbattis go beyond mere fragrance; they symbolize hope and opportunity. These Agarbattis are made by people who prefer to work rather than beg, and they represent the spirit of relentlessness and determination.

 When you purchase Daan Patra Agarbattis, you’re not only acquiring a product; you’re also making a positive contribution. You’re providing jobs and an opportunity for a better life to those who need them the most. Filling your home with their fragrance inspires optimism and possibility in hearts.

 Challenges Faced

  1.     Resistance to Assistance: Convincing people to accept assistance can be tough, as shown by the elderly man initially refusing aid.
  1.     Understanding Unique Situations: Everyone’s situation is different, and grasping why they choose to stay in tough conditions needs patience and empathy.
  1.     Building Trust: Establishing trust with individuals who have experienced hardship or betrayal in the past can be difficult but crucial for providing effective support.
  1.     Balancing Autonomy and Support: Finding the right balance between respecting someone’s independence and offering help requires careful handling.
  1.     Managing Expectations: Even with best efforts, not all interventions may bring immediate or desired outcomes, calling for flexibility and persistence in dealing with setbacks.

Our Achievements

Daan Patra’s hard work and dedication to helping others have been recognized by prestigious organizations:

  1.     Exclusive World Records: Daan Patra’s unique and excellent work has earned us recognition from Exclusive World Records. This shows that we’re always striving to do our best to help people.
  2.     King’s Book of Records: Being acknowledged by the King’s Book of Records is a big deal. It proves that Daan Patra is making a real difference in many people’s lives. We’re proud to be recognized for our efforts in helping our community.


Daan Patra Anath Ashram isn’t just a shelter; it’s a home for those who have nowhere else to go. It’s a place where the homeless and hopeless find comfort and a fresh start. Through their caring services and dedicated team, Daan Patra spreads kindness and hope in Indore.

If you want to help or learn more about Daan Patra’s work, visit their website. Your support can change many lives for the better.

 Ways to Support Daan Patra Anath Ashram

  1.     Financial Contributions: You can help by donating money to the ashram. This money will go towards paying for things like food, shelter, and other important needs for the people living there.
  2.     Sponsorship Opportunities: You can also explore sponsorship options. This means you can support specific projects or activities at the ashram. Your sponsorship helps keep these programs running smoothly.
  3.    Volunteer Engagement: Another way to help is by giving your time. You can volunteer at the ashram, helping out with different tasks or activities. Your skills and time are valuable and can make a big difference.
  4.    Material Donations: Donating items like clothes, blankets, toiletries, and other essentials is also a great way to support the ashram. These items help meet the immediate needs of the people living there, making their lives a little easier.

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