Top 10 NGO in India

Top 10 NGOs in India 2024, Check Complete List

If talk about present, Lakhs of NGO are working for the people who are facing lots of challenged in living their lives. NGO is basically a Non-governmental organization which works for education, healthcare for the people who can’t get a better lifestyle. These groups focus on fixing problems like poverty, schools, healthcare, women’s rights and taking care of the environment. Everyone search for the popular and top NGO in India for better services. Know more details related to top 10 NGOs in India in this article for better knowledge.

Top NGOs in India

There are lots of NGO in India which are working without any cost but we have found these top 10 NGOs in India which have improved many other things and are providing aid to people. While there are lots of issues in India, these NGOs are out there making a difference. Check complete list of Top 10 NGOs in India here.

List of Top 10 NGOs in India

Here, we’ve made a list of non-governmental organizations (NGO) in India, under this we have included the List of top 10 NGOs in India 2024. So you can quickly learn about each one and the great work they do.

1. Smile Foundation
2. Daanpatra
3. CRY
4. Give India
5. Goonj
6. Care India
7. Nanhi Kali
8. HelpAge India
9. Pratham
10. Akshaya Patra

1. Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation is like a helping hand, based in New Delhi and spreading across 25 states in India for over 20 years. They’re not just talking, they do things to make everyone included, whether it’s in schools, healthcare, or jobs. 

They focus on kids and women, making sure everyone has access to education, good health, and a way to earn a living. Some of their amazing programs are Smile on Wheels (bringing healthcare to remote areas), Mission Education (helping kids go to school), and Smile Twin e-learning (offering online classes). 

Location: New Delhi
Year Founded on: 2002

2. Daanpatra

Daanpatra is like a magic box that helps people! They have a free app where you can donate things you don’t use anymore, like clothes, toys, or even furniture. Then, Daanpatra fixes them up and gives them to families who need them the most. It is one of the renowned names in NGO names in India.

It all started in 2018, and since then, they’ve helped over 15 lakh families across 10 states in India! More than 1.5 lakh people have joined their platform, and over 10,000 volunteers work hard to make it all happen. So, if you have something you don’t use anymore, Daanpatra can give it a new life and make someone else happy!

Daan Patra is also working for the people who are homeless and living at the corner of road, footpath, bus stand etc. The Daan Patra team is rescuing all the people and taking them into they old age home in Indore, known as Daan Patra Ashram and changing their lives.

Location: Indore, MP
Year Founded on: 2018

3. CRY: (Child Rights and You)

Remember Rippan Kapur, the Indian Airlines guy who started CRY with just Rs. 50 and his friends in 1979? Well, four decades later, CRY is one of the top 10 NGOs in India, working with over 100 local groups across 19 states to help over 3 million kids!

CRY cares about kids’ health, food, and school, and keeps them safe from bad things like working too young or getting married too early. They work with parents, teachers, community helpers, and even the government to make sure every child has a happy and healthy childhood.

Location: Mumbai, MH
Year Founded on: 1979

4. Give India

Imagine a special website where you can easily donate money to help people in India. That’s the Give India Foundation! They work with trustworthy organizations that do amazing things like fight poverty, improve healthcare, or protect the environment. Think of them as a bridge between generous people and those who need a hand.

They collect donations from both Indians and everyone else across the world, then send that money to the right trusted organizations. This helps India keep building a better future for everyone. Because of their hard work, Give India is considered one of the top 10 NGO working in India.

Location: Bengaluru, Karnataka
Year Founded on: 2000

5. Goonj

Imagine a team in Delhi that helps folks in India by taking things people don’t need, like clothes, and giving them to those who do! They started in 1999 with just 67 clothes, and now they handle over 3500 tons of stuff every year!

Think of them as a bridge between people who want to donate and those who need a helping hand. They take clothes, toys, and even furniture, and send them to places where they’ll be used and loved. They also help after disasters and build up communities in 23 states across India.

Anshu Gupta started Goonj, and he’s won big awards for his work, like India’s Social Entrepreneur of the Year! They’re even registered with special rules so people can donate money and stuff from other countries.

Location: New Delhi
Year Founded on:  1999

6. Care India

Imagine someone working in India for 68 years, helping families rise above poverty and unfairness. That’s Care India! They focus on giving power to women and girls, especially those who struggle or are pushed aside.

Think of them as builders of bridges: they connect health care, education, jobs, safety after disasters, and more, to families who truly need it. This year alone, they helped over 31 million people across 14 states! Their special projects focus on health, work, learning, and recovering from disasters. 

Location: New Delhi
Year Founded on:  2008

7. Nanhi Kali

Think about someone allowing Indian girls to succeed and learn despite adversity. Nanhi Kali is that! Since 1996, they have been assisting girls who might not otherwise have the opportunity to attend school with this incredible work.

Think of them as a helping hand for girls in crowded cities and even faraway villages. They step in and pay for 10 full years of schooling, making sure girls get the education they deserve. This way, they can build a brighter future for themselves and even change India for the better!

And it’s not just a few girls they help. Nanhi Kali has already supported over 500,000 girls across 14 states! 

Location: Mumbai
Year Founded on: 1996

8. HelpAge India

Imagine someone in India standing up for older folks who need a little extra care. That’s HelpAge India! They’ve been doing this fantastic work since 1978, helping seniors live active, happy, and healthy lives.

Think of them as champions for older people. They fight for fair things like pensions, healthcare, and stopping elder abuse. They work with the government and communities to make sure seniors get the respect and support they deserve.

HelpAge runs different programs to help with everyday needs, like food, shelter, and medical care. They want older people to be strong and independent, not forgotten or pushed aside.

Location: New Delhi
Year Founded on: 1978

9. Pratham

Madhav Chavan and Farida Lambe started it in 1994 to help children in Mumbai slums learn and grow. Since then, Pratham has spread across 23 states and beyond India, even helping kids in places like the USA, UK, Germany, and Sweden! They’re like education pioneers, always finding new ways to make learning fun and effective for everyone.

So, whether it’s preschool in a city slum or a big program for older kids, Pratham is giving Indian children the chance to shine. Pretty cool, right?

Location: New Delhi
Year Founded on: 1995

10. Akshaya Patra

The Akshaya Patra Foundation is a charity based in Bengaluru, India. They work to stop hunger in classrooms by running the PM POSHAN (Mid-Day Meal) Programme. This program gives healthy meals to kids in government and government-aided schools. Their goal is to fight malnutrition and help children from tough backgrounds get an education. The Akshaya Patra Foundation has provided 350 crore Mid-Day Meals, 1.63 crore Anganwadi Meals, 23.81 crore COVID-19 Relief Meals, distributed 2,13,390 Family Happiness Kits, and offered 19.65 lakh Happiness Kits.

Location: Bengaluru
Year Founded on: 2000


The “best” NGO ultimately relies on your priorities and interests. Every listed organization addresses important issues that Indian society faces, ranging from women’s empowerment and environmental protection to healthcare and education. Choose the causes that most strongly resonate with you, then look into the individual projects and accomplishments of each NGO to see which most closely matches your ideals and intended outcomes.

Under the above article, we tried to include an NGO list in India who are working with their heart and soul. That is why we listed them under our list of top 10 NGOs in India. 


Q. Which state has Top NGO in India?

Ans. According to the latest data from NGO Darpan (as of October 26, 2023), Uttar Pradesh leads with the largest number of registered NGOs in India, totaling 26,270 within the state.

Q. How many NGOs are there in India in 2024?

Ans. Determining the exact number of NGOs in India is tricky due to different registration regulations and levels of activity. However, we can look at estimates from reliable sources:

  • The Central Statistical Institute of India (CSO) reports over 33 lakh (3.3 million) NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) or CSOs (Community Service Organizations) in the country.
  • NGO Darpan, a platform by NITI Aayog, lists around 1.87 lakh (1.87 million) registered NGOs.

Q. Which are the Top 10 NGOs in India?

Ans. Top 10 NGO in India’s names are mentioned here i.e. Smile Foundation, Daanpatra, CRY, Give India, Goonj, Care India, Nanhi Kali, Help age India, Pratham, Akshaya Patra

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