Old Age Home in Indore

Free Old Age Home in Indore, Vridh Ashram (वृद्धाश्रम)

Senior citizens are the most sensitive members of our society who have lived for 60 years or more. Old age home is the most secure place for elderly people who are abandoned by their children. In today’s modern culture the concept of nuclear family gave rise to old age home in Indore moreover in India too. Many of the young children do not want to live with their old parents hence they leave them and live their own life. However our team of Daan Patra is ready to hold their hands and try to give them a safe and happy life. So we are running a free old age home in Indore for those who don’t have their own houses to live.

Old Age Home in Indore

There are many old people who are so poor and unable to take care of themselves. So, we are providing a place to live which is our old age home in Indore and the main thing is the it is totally free of cost, you can live their freely. So, if we talk about our surroundings, taking care of old people is One of the best Noble causes. Hence we all should take one step forward in helping the elderly people of our society. 

Free Old Age Home In Indore

Free Old Age Home in Indore provides essential care and accommodation to elderly individuals who lack financial resources. These facilities offer a supportive environment with meals, healthcare, and social activities, ensuring dignified living for seniors. Community support and volunteer efforts are crucial in sustaining these homes and promoting the well-being of elderly residents.

In Today’s self centered world where everyone is busy in making their bank balances, Daanpatra Old Age Home is taking the initiatives to give life to others. The Ashram is aiming at giving safe, comfortable shelters to homeless old people. The vision is no one should be found sleeping at footpaths and at road corners in future. As everyone deserves at least a clean and safe comfort place where they can live. 

From giving them shelter to providing food and other healthcare requirements our team is 24 *7 working for these people. Daan Patra ashram team is becoming the family for many homeless old people. And we are very proud of our team who is helping us in this noble cause. If someone want to visit out Free Old Age Home in Indore, then here is our official address Village Ushapura, Tehsil Hatod District Indore, M.P. On Khasra No. 59/3/1.

Why is the need for an Vridh Ashram raised?

Although India is a country where old people are worshiped as God, still these people are suffering the most and in India where we have a culture of living in a joint family is now changing. From past few decades with the increase in modernisation people are migrating from their hometowns to different cities and countries. In such cases parents are left with no option and hence in seek of support they move to old age shelters. And apart from this the poverty rate is very high in India. And the elderly people who are unable to earn for their survival also shift to old-age shelters. 

However there are many cases in which senior citizens come to old age home. Some of the most common reasons are physical abuse, Family issues, Financial instability, medical conditions etc. so to give support and help to these people the concept of old age home came across. There are many free old age home in Indore working very hard in providing a stable and healthy life to the senior citizens and the Daan Patra Ashram is one of them. Daan Patra also known as Daan Patra Ashram is working tirelessly to make old age people lives better.

Significance of Old Age Homes in society

In our society the importance of an old age home cannot be underestimated. Providing a safe shelter to the seniors is the most noble cause of the society. However it’s not only about providing the accommodation but also taking care of health and other needs.  

In addition, we provide round-the-clock care with a team of skilled caregivers. Our goal is to provide a safe, secure and healthy environment for the senior citizens. Lets take a look at the points how old age home works and how they can be helpful in the society.

  1. Delivering Care and Support – Good health is the key to living a healthy life and when it comes to the elderly, it is essential to take care of them. Daan Patra is a place where seniors get right medical assistance, psychological support and emotional support.
  2. Companionship – It is important for the elderly to have a companion who will help them in their day to day activities also their needs. Daan patra is a place where we provide a homely environment to the seniors. Companion is something they need to make their life easy. 
  3. Safety – The seniors are prone to accidents. They are more likely to fall and get injured and specially when they are alone, it becomes difficult to get assistance. However our people always there to help them in the hour of requirements.
  4. Activities and programmes – At our shelter home we often organize activities for older people. The motive is to engage them with some physical activities that will keep them fit and energetic. 

Challenges Faced by Old Age Homes

Handling the old people takes a lot of courage and with that the shelter homes required a lot of resources and money for maintenance. So let’s take a brief look at some of the challenges which are faced by old-age homes.

  • Lack of trained staff: Not all people think in the same way, likewise not all people get ready to support old people. Quality care providers at elderly residents are very important. Skilled and trained staff take care of both the emotional and physical well-being of the old people. Hence it is one of the biggest challenges which shelter homes face.
  • Limited access to healthcare: Providing Proper and timely healthcare is again a big challenge. And when it comes to chronic conditions and emergencies giving timely medical help is very important. And delay in this can lead to serious medical conditions.
  • limited Funds: The old shelter homes often work on funds and donations. However, not every day is the same for us. Financial instability leads to many challenges which all the old age shelter homes face.
  • Ensuring secure environment: Providing safety and security to the old people is at the priority. However giving one on one tailored care is again a challenge. It is very important to keep a check on all the elderly people and to protect them from minor accidents. 

To tackle all the above challenges it required a lot of effort and funds. But with the support of all of us we can create a supportive environment for the senior citizens of our society. 

How can you Become a part of our Community?

If you seriously want to become a part of our Old Age home then you can start helping old age people in your surroundings first. If you think you are already doing it then you can connect with us through our email id for further campaigns like in Fund raising for old age homes, for their clothes or for their food. See this is the basic things which every human need to live the life. You will definitely feel good from inside, because this something which we do without any profit. If you want to become a volunteer then visit our organization in Indore. 

Donate Online to Old Age Home in Indore

Support the well-being of elders by making a difference today. Donate online for those who are in need, who don’t have anyone with whom they can share their feelings.


Ques. What are old-age homes?

Answer. As the name specifies, an old age home is a place where old people live. The residents here are especially those who are alone and in need of special care. And the caretakers at old-age home provide companionship, medical support, healthcare, food and other essentials.

Ques. How to help old age homes?

Answer. Old-age homes are the places which are always in need of funds and resources. However it is not easy to handle old people as they require special care and support. So if you want to help and support old-age homes then you can do by following so. 

  1. By becoming a volunteer
  2. By making donations of money, food and medicines.
  3. By conducting different interesting workshops.
  4. Simply by spending some times and listening to their emotional stories can also help.

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