Old Age Home In India, Vridh Ashram for Homeless People

Old Age Homes In India, Free Home for Senior Citizens

Free Old Age Home in India

Many free old age homes exist across India, offering a safe and supportive environment for seniors in need. These homes typically provide basic necessities like food and shelter, and some may even offer medical care. It’s important to remember that eligibility requirements and waitlists may apply, so be sure to research and plan accordingly. Know complete details related to free old age home in Indie in this article below.

Old Age Homes in India

Old age homes are becoming popular in India due to the nation’s rapidly aging population and the subsequent increase in demand for long-term care. Traditionally, aging parents lived with their adult children, but the joint family system has been broken up due to modernization and urbanization. Old age homes provide nursing and assisted living amenities for the elderly. 

According to the Report of the Technical Group on Population Projections for India and States 2011, there are nearly 138 million elderly persons in India. Old age homes may be both public and private homes and provide different geriatric services, including in-home care, hourly adult care, hospice care, palliative care, assisted living, and nursing homes.

Despite the growing importance of old age homes in India, they are not without their challenges. Many of these homes are in a dilapidated condition and not equipped to provide adequate care and attention based on the elderly’s needs and concerns. The stigma associated with living in an old age home which is also known  as “Vridh Ashram” in our country is also a significant barrier for many elderly who prefer to live with their families.

List of 6 Old Age Homes in India

If you will check in Google about the number of old age homes in India. So you will find currently, there are 728 old age homes in India. Among those we have made a list of top 6 Vridh Ashrams or 6 best old age homes in India under this section of the article. You will also check there are few old age homes available which are free also about which we will be reading below.

1. Shraddhanand Mahilashram

Shraddhanand Mahilashram is dedicated to offering shelter to women aged 60 and above. This old age home not only provides free accommodation for abandoned and impoverished women but also offers paid services for those with the means. 

The primary goal is to bring peace to these women in their later years. In addition to essential facilities like food and individual beds, the organization boasts an active medical staff to attend to the elderly residents. Consider contributing to support abandoned senior citizens in finding a second home at Mahilashram, enabling them to spend their final days in tranquility.

2. Priyadarshini Seva Mandali

Established in 2012, Priyadarshini Seva Mandali operates a home called NEST, specifically catering to destitute and homeless senior citizens abandoned by their families. Currently accommodating 20-25 residents, the minimum age for those residing in the center is 60. Residents receive free accommodation, medical care, and meals. 

While many are unable to engage in regular work due to age, some occupy themselves by crafting cotton wicks and paper covers. Consider sponsoring the living and medical expenses of a destitute senior citizen, providing them with much-needed support.

3. Akshaya Trust

Akshaya Trust, based in Mudichur, Chennai, initiated an old age home in India to protect destitute senior citizens neglected by their families. Currently supporting 55 seniors, the organization ensures they have proper shelter, clothing, food, and medical facilities, all delivered with love and affection. Donations can contribute towards providing shelter for destitute senior citizens, allowing Akshaya Trust to continue their valuable work in caring for the elderly who have been abandoned.

4. Daanpatra Foundation (A Free Old Age Home In India)

Daanpatra stands as India’s foremost independent NGO, making a transformative impact in 20 cities across various states of the country. Commencing its journey in March 2018, Daanpatra has touched the lives of more than 1.5 million needy families and has expanded its outreach to encompass over 50 cities in 12 states in India. Daanpatra is one the Free Old Age Homes In India, which is offering better help to the individuals living in the Ashram.

Supported by a dedicated team of 5000+ volunteers, Daanpatra operates on the principle of creating positive change in local communities. The organization is deeply committed to its on-ground initiatives, particularly during times of crisis, and its pioneering programs address the urgent needs of underprivileged families. 

The elderly orphanage in Daanpatra hosts a variety of events and programs to enrich the lives of its residents, including wellness programs such as regular yoga and meditation sessions for maintaining a balance between physical and mental health.

5. Abhinav Samaj

In Delhi, Abhinav Samaj operates Jai Ma Durga old age home. They are one of the places for old people and are popular for being a Vridh Ashram or old age home free of cost. They offer free shelter, food, and medical care to elderly and destitute parents. Last year alone, they welcomed 94 senior citizens into their free old age home, individuals often turned away by their own children. 

Abhinav Samaj believes that senior citizens are the pillars of society, emphasizing that society’s development is closely tied to respecting and honoring its elders. Donations can empower Abhinav Samaj to continue being a steadfast pillar of strength for these destitute elderly individuals.

6. Ammucare Charitable Trust

While it is generally believed that making the journey to Arunachala in Tiruvannamalai is beneficial, some people use these trips as an excuse to conveniently ignore their sick parents. Ammucare Charitable Trust is actively backing a commendable program headed by a person who looks after seventy of these elderly people. 

These elderly individuals reside in a makeshift shelter, struggling for their daily sustenance. Your donation can contribute to providing essentials for their well-being and ensuring they receive constant medical support.

Donate Online to Support Free Old Age Home in India

You can donate as you want, donation not only meant that you just give money, it also means that you can help some in crossing road, you can donate your used clothes and so on. By making online donation, you can make a meaningful impact on the lives of residents in Old Age Homes across the country. Your contribution ensures a brighter and more comfortable future for those who have paved the way for us.


Ques. Which state has highest number of Old Age Homes in India?

Ans. Kerala has the most senior housing units of any state at 124.

Ques. Which Old Home offers Free Services in Indore (Madhya Pradesh)?

Ans. If you are talking about Free Old Age home In Indore then we will only mention Daanpatra Foundation who offers every facility totally free. They are providing very good services in their Ashram to every person living there without taking a single penny.

Ques. Are there free Old Age Homes in India?

Ans. Yes, the government runs various old age homes that give free services, lodging, and food.

Ques. Who funds old age homes in India?

Ans. In 2020-21, the government focused on assuring that existing residences were adequately maintained. All government-funded homes must admit and operate at no expense to destitute elders.

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