How to Make a Donation Online

How to Make a Donation Online? Check all Modes Here

Donation is essential for working for any non-governmental organization. It is because of the contribution made by individuals that NGOs can help the people in necessity. There are several ways through which you can donate to these NGOs. You can check some of the modes mentioned here that how to make donation online through your mobile etc.

  1. Online Mode – Due to digitalization, now it has become quite effortless to donate to any of the non-governmental organizations. With the help of the online website of the organization, anyone can directly donate online to NGOs. Different UPI platforms for example PhonePe, GooglePay, Patym UPI etc are available everywhere with the help of which one can donate. 
  2. Offline Mode – All organizations sometimes fail to provide online methods for donation. Hence, for such NGOs, you can directly visit their offices and provide your contribution. And also get in touch with them to know the process of donation. 
  3. Donating Materialistic Items – Every household has a lot many surplus items which after a certain point of time are of no use. These items can be used by several needy people. Hence, items such as clothes, books, toys, kitchenware etc can be donated directly to these organizations which can be of multiple use for the people living there. 
  4. Organizing Meal Camps – Not only materialistic items or hard cash, any individual can also donate by organizing meal camps in different old age homes, orphanages etc. This helps them to create a sense of homely feeling. 
  5. Fundraising Events – People also organize charity or fundraising events to collect donations for NGOs. This is also a great method of raising donations. People come together for a good cause and try to help the ones who are in need. 

Thus these are a few ways through which one can donate to a non-governmental organisation (NGO).

How to Make a Donation Online?

Here with the help of simple steps, you will get to know how exactly any individual can donate to Daan Patra NGO using our online website. 

Step 1 – Open the website on any of the web browsers or any NGO website of your choice.

Step 2 – Click on the option donate fund on the website. 

Step 3 – After clicking on donate fund you will be redirected to another page.

Step 4 – On the new page, you have to mention the purpose of payment for example for old age homes, child education etc.

Step 5 – Then you have to mention the amount that you are willing to contribute and click next.

Step 6 – On the new page, you have to enter your name, Email Id and your phone number. Click next. 

Step 7 – After this, you will have to choose from any of the options available for payment. 

Therefore, these are a few simple steps with the help of which you can donate to any of the NGOs through online mode. Also, any individual can anytime directly reach out to the NGOs to know the process of donation. The option of donating online is very feasible and preferred by most people as one can donate from any location in the world. Apart from this, you can also make a demand draft in the name of the NGO to which you wish to donate offline. 

Your small contribution can have a huge impact on the lives of others. This small help transforms the lives of people in necessity for good. Volunteering is also one of the methods of contributing to NGOs. 

Apart from cash and materialistic things, donations can be in kind as well. Any individual who is willing to contribute can also volunteer in any of the organizations that are in need. You can contribute by giving your time or helping them in their day-to-day activities. These days several school or college-going students who themselves depend on their parents help these NGOs by dedicating their time to them. This has also become one of the popular ways of donating to NGOs and is inspiring a lot of individuals as well. 

One of the new methods that is gradually spreading among people is taking full responsibility i.e. you can adopt any one individual from an orphanage or old age home who has been abandoned by their family and take their full responsibility. By doing this you are making a huge contribution and helping the NGOs for a longer duration as well. With the support of this, any person living in these organizations does’ t become burdened by NGOs and their life is changed for good. 

You can also organize workshops in different colleges, offices or societies so that people get to know the sheer essence of donation. People at large still have very limited knowledge of how to donate to a non-governmental organization. By creating awareness also you can generate a good amount of donations for the appropriate functioning of the NGOs. These organizations also seek assistance from the government to generate funds which creates a sense of trust among people for that particular organization. 

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. Is donating online a safe option?

Ans. Yes, donating online has now become hassle-free and is safe from any kind of risks but people should have good knowledge of the organization to which they are donating.

Q2. Why are donations necessary for NGOs?

Ans. As we all know, NGOs are non-profit organizations and they do not perform any kind of business, thus they heavily depend on donations for their functioning. 

Q3. Do these organizations consider cash only?

Ans. No, a donation can be in any form i.e. cash or kind, you can also contribute by donating your old books, furniture, food, clothes etc. 

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