Girl Child Education in India

Importance of Girl Child Education in India

When we talk about girl child education first question comes in mind is why Literacy rate rate of girl child very less? In spite of so many rules and laws gender equality is somewhere hindering the growth of India. Still we are very far in bridging the gap of gender inequality.

Importance of Girl Child Education in India

Indian society is still fighting with the orthodox stereotypes that girl child is burden on her parents. And this is the reason why girl child education in India is a matter of concern. Parents give more importance boy child education, then girl child education. 

Another problem related to girl child education in India is sexual harassment. Many parents fear in sending their girl child to school for education. However there are many NGO for girl child education which are trying really hard to educate girl child. So today in this blog we will learn about the importance of girl child education, A few government schemes for girl child education, and how to overcome problems related to girl child education. So, let’s start. 

How Education Can Make a Difference?

The importance of educating girls cannot be understated as the benefits of educating girls are many and far reaching. Educating girls has been shown to have a positive  impact on the health and well-being. Educating girls also leads to economic empowerment for women and their families. One of the main benefits of educating girls is the fact that educating girls increases their earning.  

One single step by teaching girl child can open  Endless Doors of opportunity to them. In the past, women were given the least priority in the field of education. But nowadays, girls are no where less than boys. Infact they are doing better than boys.    

If we want to bring visible changes in our country then education has that potential. And by investing on girl child education we can bring a brighter and sustainable future of our country. 

Education is the only way to empower girls by unlocking their potential

The power of education can never be neglected and when it comes to girl child education The benefits are tremendous. Hence negligence will lead to our loss. 

Hence through this short article on girl child education, would like to draw your attention on important benefits of girl child education. 

  • Woman empowerment –

We all are hearing this Fancy word a lot nowadays. But do you know what does woman empowerment means? In simple words it means to help the woman to become self-confident,  knowledgeable and skilled enough. This will allow them to develop self-worth, make choices on their own, and effect social change for the better. 

And educating girl child is the only way to open the gateway of empowerment. 

  • Better health – 

Educating the girls in early ages about the female hygiene and health leads to better and healthy life. Furthermore, educated girls will become less vulnerable to early pregnancy also. 

  • Increase in national productivity- 

If we overcome all the problems of girl child education in India then we can increase our national productivity. As educated females become more skilled and capable, to contribute in national productivity.

  • Positive impact on society

The best thing about girl child education is that it improves society. Educated girls can participate in decision making processes. They can also help in resolving social issues by becoming leaders in their communities. And this will create a positive impact on society. 

  • Breaking poverty cycle

Educated and skilled girl child can find employment, results in reduced poverty. By supporting their families, they reduce the risk of living in poverty for the rest of their lives.

Government schemes and initiatives to promote and support girl child education

Indian government has launched several schemes for girl child education. These schemes helps in breaking the barriers that comes in the Path of accessing quality education. So let’s take a look at these schemes for girl child education in India.

1.Beti Bachao beti Padao(BBBP)

The scheme was launched in 2015. This government scheme was launched to address gender inequality issue. The main aim of the scheme was to promote girl child education in India by spreading awareness about the importance of girl child education.

2.Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana (SSY)

This government scheme was also launched in year 2015. As per the scheme girl child parent can open a saving account. And the bank will provide high rate of interest that is 7.6%. 

3.Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidya scheme (KGBV)

This government schemes for girl child education in india was launched in 2004. The aim of this scheme was to provide education facilities to schedule caste, schedule tribe and other backward classes girls. And this scheme also provides residential facilities to the girls by providing hostels.

4.Sarva Shiksha abhiyan (SSA)

The government scheme was launched in 2001-2002. The program aims at providing elementary education to the children from age group 6 to 14. 

5.One stop Centre scheme (Sakshi)

The main motive behind this scheme was to provide safer to girls. It focus to support girls and women who are facing violence and discrimination. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How to improve girl child education in India?

We all know,  there are various challenges which girl faces in order to get quality education. Hence here are a few ways through which we can improve girl child education situation in India. 

  • Building schools in rural areas with transport facilities. 
  • Providing financial support in the form of scholarship to bridge the financial gap.
  • Providing hygienic toilets can increase girls attendance in the school. 
  • Girls are often lives under pressure. They have The responsibilities of home. Hence by giving flexible school timings they can make a balance between their household work and education. 
  • Awareness programmes will educate parents of girl child. And they will understand the need and importance of girl child education. Hence they will send their child to the school. 

2. Why is girl child education important?

Girl child education is really very important in today’s scenario. If we want to improve the economic condition of our country then education is only way. As the educated girls can not only support their families, but can also Break the poverty cycle. Hence it will help in increasing the overall growth of our country.

3. What is girl child education? 

Girl child education means educating the girls leading to woman empowerment. And education means quality education from primary to higher education. 

4. What is the role of society towards the lack of education for girl child? 

The society always play a crucial role in overcoming the issue of girl child education. Here are some role of society which can help in addressing the issue girl child education. 

  • Giving equal opportunities to both boys and girls specially when it comes to education.
  • By providing educational scholarships.
  • Creating save and supportive environment for the girls.

Educating parents on the importance of girls at education. 

Donate Online to Support Girl Child Education in India

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