Old Age Home in MP

List of Top 5 Old Age Homes in Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh is an extra special place in India known as the heart of the country because it’s right in the middle. The capital is Bhopal, and there are cool places like Khajuraho with old temples, and Gwalior with a big fort. People in Madhya Pradesh love their diverse culture and traditional music and dance.

Old Age Home in Madhya Pradesh

Some of the special old age home in Madhya Pradesh are also available which are safe and caring places for older people. Good people work in these special homes and take care of our older friends. They make clear our seniors get the help they need as they get older. It’s like a huge family where everyone does things together and has smiling moments. These Old Age homes are important because they show how much we care for our older friends and family. The Old Age Homes in Madhya Pradesh work hard to make a friendly and happy space where our special seniors feel like they belong and are well cared for.

List Of Top 5 Old Age Homes In MP

Considering an old age home in Madhya Pradesh for your loved ones? These facilities offer a supportive environment meeting basic needs like food and shelter. Some even provide medical care. Remember, old age homes may have eligibility requirements and waitlists. So, research well in advance to find the best fit for your loved ones. Check list of top 5 old age homes in MP so you can compare and choose the best one.

1. Dashrath Sevashram

Located in the heart of Indore, Dashrath Sevashram has earned a stellar reputation for its dedication to providing a homely environment to senior veterans. Part of the Gold Coin Seva Trust, this old age home in MP prioritizes the well-being and dignity of its residents above all else. Since its establishment in 2018, Dashrath Sevashram has had high standards of cleanliness and hygiene, ensuring a safe and comfortable living space for its residents.

Dashrath Sevashram shows caring care and support for Madhya Pradesh’s seniors. Dashrath Sevashram stands out in that it provides all services for free. That means old/ elderly people can come and live here for free which makes it “old age home free of cost.” These elderly people will get free housing, healthcare, and meals. The dedicated caretakers at Dashrath Sevashram go above and beyond to ensure each resident’s comfort and well-being, providing personalized care and attention around the clock.

2. Daanpatra

Daanpatra is a big charity group in India and the beginning of it happened from MP in Indore. They started in March 2018 and now they help lots of families in need. They work in 20 cities across different states in India. They’ve helped over 1.5 million families. They’ve grown and now they work in 50 cities across 12 states. Daanpatra has a team of over 5000 volunteers who are dedicated to helping people. Daanpatra is a old age home free of cost, so anyone can bring any old person by the street to Daanpatra and they all are more than welcome here.

They want to make good changes in the communities where they work. They focus on helping families who don’t have much, especially during tough times. At the elderly orphanage run by Daanpatra, they have events and programs to make the residents happy. Daanpatra also runs multiple campaigns to help around the state to help people in need. They also help to give employment to those elders who are left by their family. Daanpatra has started “Daanpatra Agarbatti” where these elders also get paid if they want to earn their own money. 

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3. Shree Ram Nirashreet Ashram

Situated in the serene surroundings of Indore, Shree Ram Nirashreet Ashram offers solace to seniors who have been abandoned or mistreated by their families. This old age home in MP serves as an “old age home for homeless people”, providing safety, convenience, and a nurturing atmosphere for its residents. Shree Ram Nirashreet Ashram stands apart for its unique mission of caring for the underprivileged elderly. Here, those who have been left out by their family find acceptance and support, creating a sense of belonging and community within the ashram. With its focus on providing a safe, caring, and inclusive environment, this old age home in MP continues to be a beacon of hope for seniors in need of support and companionship.

4. Apna Ghar

Located in the peaceful surroundings of Bhopal, Apna Ghar is a well-known old age homes MP that offers premier care for its residents. Here, old people find not just shelter but also a warm and welcoming environment that feels like home. What this old age home for homeless people is the presence of people who contribute to the spiritual service provided to people. Their presence displays a dedication to the elderly’s entire well-being, ensuring that they receive the care and attention they require.

Apna Ghar stands as a symbol of compassion and support for the elderly in Madhya Pradesh. With its commitment to providing comfort, care, and dignity to its residents, this old age home in MP continues to be a beacon of hope for seniors in need of a safe and nurturing environment.

5. Pride Soul

Located in Bhopal, Pride Soul is renowned for its commitment to providing top-notch care for its residents. This old age home for homeless people has a team of highly trained healthcare professionals, including nurses, attendants, medical staff, and personal care staff, who are dedicated to fulfilling their roles with utmost dedication. With its old age home for homeless people to excellence and dedication to providing quality care, Pride Soul has earned a reputation as a trusted name in senior care in the Bhopal region.

Families can rest assured knowing that their loved ones are in capable and caring hands at this esteemed old age home in MP. With its team of skilled professionals, commitment to quality care, and dedication to ensuring the comfort and well-being of its residents, this old age home in MP continues to be a beacon of hope for seniors in need of extra support and assistance.

Old Age Home in MP: Government Schemes for a Better Life

The Madhya Pradesh government has some crucial schemes to help older/senior people. A few are mentioned below:

  • Financial Support: The Madhya Pradesh government gives money to help older people with their needs. This money can be used for things like buying food, paying for medical care, or other important stuff.
  • Healthcare Support: Seniors get extra help for their health. This means they can get to see a doctor when needed, get treatment, and take care of their well-being without worrying too much about finances/money.
  • Old Age Homes: The government supports special homes where older people can live. They provide home safety and supplies to the seniors to carry out their daily tasks. It’s like having a new family and a comfortable place to stay.
  • Pension Schemes: The government gives money regularly to older people. This money is like a salary for them. It helps them with their daily expenses and makes life a bit easier.
  • Discounts and Concessions: Older people get special offers and discounts. things like bus tickets or medical-related services, making them less costly for seniors.

The Madhya Pradesh government wants to make schemes to make it clear older people have enough support, money, and care to live a good and happy life.

Related Queries

Q. Is there any Old Age Home in Madhya Pradesh available?

Ans. Yes, Daanpatra Ashram is available in Madhya Pradesh (Indore). Mr. Yash Gupta (Owner of Daanpatra Foundation) is there who is helping and providing all the things which is needed there.

Q. How many Old Age Homes are there in MP?

Ans. It is expected that more then 150 Old Age Homes in (Madhya Pradesh) MP are available, which are helping homeless people in every need.

Q. Which are the best Old Age Home in Madhya Pradesh?

Ans. There are many old age homes which are working very hard and providing good facilities from which few we are mentioning here, Dashrath Sevashram, Daanpatra, Shree Ram Nirashreet Ashram, Apna Ghar, Pride Soul.

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