Top 10 Old Age Home in Pune

Top 10 Old Age Homes in Pune, Monthly Cost

When it comes to selecting the best old age homes in Pune, there are various great options that meet the demands of the city’s older people. These homes are focused on offering a safe and comfortable environment for the elderly, as well as a variety of benefits and services to help them live full and healthy lives. From providing great medical care and healthy meals to organizing daily fun activities and social events, these old age homes in Pune are working hard to establish a supportive community for the elderly.

Old Age Homes in Pune

Additionally, many of these facilities offer financial help, transportation services and employment opportunities to help old people lead a dignified and improve the quality of their lives. Let’s explore the 10 best old age homes in Pune which are also known as “Vridh Ashram” and learn more about them and what makes them different from the services they provide to support the well-being of old people living in them.

List of Top 10 Old Age Homes In Pune

As our loved ones get older, it becomes increasingly important to look out for their comfort, safety, and wellbeing.. In Pune, Maharashtra, several old age homes offer a supportive and caring environment for senior citizens who require assistance with daily living activities. From providing nutritious meals to offering recreational activities and medical care, these homes strive to enhance the quality of life for their residents. Here, we highlight 10 best old age homes in Pune, each offering unique amenities and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of senior citizens.

1. Shantiban Old Age Home

Established in October 2000 by the Charitable Trust of the same name, Shantiban Old Age Home provides shelter, food, clothing, medical care, and companionship to older individuals without family or support. Situated in a tranquil environment surrounded by lush greenery, the home offers comfortable accommodations with amenities like hot water, electricity, and primary healthcare. Monthly costs range from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 18,000, depending on accommodation type and services required.

2. Shivganga Vridhashram

Pune’s Shivganga Vridhashram, run by the Shivganga Trust, offers elderly residents a secure and encouraging environment. With features including a meditation hall, library, and medical services, the facility strives to support its residents’ well-being. The price of an accommodation package might vary from Rs. 899 to Rs. 2,499 per night, based on the amenities and style of the room. 

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3. NIWARA Old Age Home

Founded in 1997 by the Society of the Friends of the Elderly (SOFE), NIWARA Old Age Home is a charitable institution in Pune. Managed by volunteers from the community, NIWARA provides shelter and care for approximately 100 senior citizens. Services offered include primary medical care, nutritious meals, recreational activities, and religious ceremonies. The monthly cost is Rs. 2,500, inclusive of food, accommodation, and basic amenities.

4. Madhurbhav Senior Living Home and Assisted Care

Positioned as a luxurious senior living facility, Madhurbhav caters to the needs of elderly citizens in Pune. Equipped with 24/7 on-site medical care, in-house dining, laundry services, and recreational activities, Madhurbhav offers a comfortable and secure environment for its residents. Prices start at Rs. 6,000 per month for a single occupancy room, with additional fees for services such as physiotherapy and speech therapy.

5. Utsav Life

Utsav Life is a haven for senior citizens in Pune, offering a caring environment with round-the-clock assistance and nutritious meals. With modern amenities like Wi-Fi and television, residents can enjoy a comfortable lifestyle while receiving emotional and physical support from dedicated staff members. Monthly costs start from Rs. 6,000, inclusive of meals, housekeeping, and medical facilities.

6. Swarnanagari Old Age Homes

Founded in 1996 as a non-profit organization, Swarnanagari Old Age Homes aim to provide shelter and care for elderly, needy, and mentally challenged individuals. Located in a quiet residential area, the home offers a safe and secure environment with amenities such as comfortable beds, nutritious meals, medical facilities, and recreational activities. Monthly costs start from Rs. 7,000 and vary based on the facilities provided.

7. Janaseva Foundation

Founded in 2013 as a non-profit organization, Janaseva Foundation strives to provide a safe and supportive environment for older adults in Pune. With a homely atmosphere and a range of activities, including a library and computer lab, the home promotes physical, mental, and social well-being. Monthly costs range from INR 4,000 to INR 7,000, depending on room type and amenities.

8. Sumukha Old Age Home

Established in 2017, Sumukha Old Age Home stands as one of India’s first private old age homes in Pune. Situated in a spacious and well-maintained building, Sumukha offers long-term care and support to older individuals. With a dedicated staff of experienced professionals, the home provides personalized attention, medical care, and recreational activities for its residents. The monthly cost varies depending on accommodation type, starting from Rs. 7,000 for a single room and Rs. 10,000 for a double room.

9. Mauli Seva Sushrusha Kendra

This old age home in Pune caters to both male and female elders, offering comfortable accommodation, nutritious meals, healthcare services, recreational activities, and spiritual guidance. Managed by experienced professionals, the home ensures the well-being of its residents with monthly costs ranging from Rs. 3,200 to Rs. 6,400, depending on room type and amenities.

10. Jivhala Old Age Home

Situated in Kothrud, Pune, Jivhala Old Age Home is dedicated to providing care, comfort, and a sense of belonging to senior citizens. With amenities like 24-hour medical care, physiotherapy, and recreational activities, the home offers a supportive environment for its residents. Monthly costs are Rs. 8,000, inclusive of accommodation, meals, medical care, and amenities.

In Conclusion

Old age homes in Pune offer a range of amenities and services tailored to meet the needs of senior citizens, ensuring they receive quality care and support. These homes provide a safe and secure environment where the elderly can lead a fulfilling and enriched lifestyle. With offerings such as medical care, recreational activities, nutritious meals, and social engagement opportunities, these Vridh Ashram in Pune aims to create a sense of community and well-being for the people living in these list of old age home in Pune. 

Factors such as location, facilities, amenities, level of care, and reputation influence the pricing of these homes, making them accessible to seniors seeking a comfortable and supportive living environment in Pune. Overall, these Vridh Ashram in Pune plays an important role in providing elder people with a place to call home where they can feel safe living and enjoy their golden years with dignity and care.

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Q. What is the cost of old age homes in Pune?

Ans. The cost of staying in an old age home in Pune home varies according to the facilities and services provided. The monthly cost of a single room in an old age home in Pune might range between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000.

Q. What are the two types of old age home?

Ans. In India, there are two kinds of Old Age Homes. One is called “Free,” and it looks after elderly people who don’t have anyone else to take care of them. They provide these seniors with a place to stay, food, clothes, and medical help without charging them. The other type is called “Paid,” where you have to pay a fee to get care and accommodation.

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