Top 3 Old Age Home In Indore

Top 3 Old Age Homes In Indore, Place for Homeless (वृद्धाश्रम)

Old Age Homes In Indore

Many old age homes in Indore are available at this time which are providing special amenities and services to meet the needs of senior persons. These facilities are essential for giving the elderly a safe, comfortable environment that promotes their well-being and sense of community. As people age increases, they may require additional care and support to maintain their quality of life an here we need Old Age Homes in our society with access to medical care, social activities and other amenities. In Indore, there are several old age homes that cater to the needs of the elderly. In this article, we will explore the top 3 old age homes in Indore, based on their facilities, services, and reputation. These include Dashrath Sevashram, Daan Patra Ashram and Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram. 

Top 3 Old Age Homes In Indore

Out of many Vridh Ashrams we are here with the list of top 3 old age homes in Indore, Some of them working tirelessly to help homeless people to change their lives at free of cost.

1. Dashrath Sevashram

Dashrath Sevashram, a distinguished part of Gold Coin Seva Trust, proudly stands as one of the best and most peaceful old age homes in Indore. The organization is driven by the noble objective of providing senior veterans with a homely environment, top-notch facilities, and utmost respect within their fully air-cooled premises.

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All of Dashrath Sevashram’s residents are guaranteed a clean and hygienic living environment because of the institution’s primary focus on upholding cleanliness and high standards. The home takes pride in providing wholesome, clean meals, which enhances the general well-being of its elderly residents. Though we do not need to mention the following Vridh ashram are free old age homes. That means they do not charge any elder to pay and live here. 

Unique Features: Reliable Services, Experienced Professionals, Compassionate Care:

Dashrath Sevashram goes above and beyond in providing specialized facilities, including separate rooms for each person, pure vegetarian food, weekly health checkups, yoga sessions, television, Wi-Fi access, power backup, 24-hour hot water, STD calling services, and the presence of security guards. 

Understanding the value of relaxing activities, Dashrath Sevashram provides board games and musical instruments so that residents can partake in enjoyable and joyful activities.

2. Daan Patra

Daan Patra Ashram is the definition of compassion and assistance, going above and beyond the typical idea of an assisted living facility. Known as the greatest non-governmental organization in India, this special place is more than just an old people’s home; it’s a safe sanctuary for people who have experienced severe life adversity.

Everybody has different challenges in life, and Daan Patra Ashram offers an atmosphere of safety and encouragement for those who have had more than their fair share of hardships. It aspires to be more than just a place to stay; rather, it is a kind haven that seeks to soften the path for those who reside there.

Unique Features: Events and Programs

Daan Patra Ashram prioritizes the holistic well-being of its residents through regular yoga sessions and meditation. These programs are designed to maintain a harmonious balance between physical and mental health, ensuring that the elderly inhabitants lead fulfilling and healthy lives.

Daan Patra believes in the adage that learning has no age limit. In its old age homes Indore, the organization organizes intellectual sessions, guest lectures, and educational workshops. These initiatives aim to spark curiosity, encourage continuous learning, and provide opportunities for mental stimulation.

Daan Patra makes sure that important events like birthdays and anniversaries are joyfully commemorated because he recognizes the value of happy times. These festivities help the senior citizens feel happy and connected to one another in addition to producing vibrant memories.

3. Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram

Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram stands out as a well-known old age home in the Indore region, distinguished by its seasoned team of caretaking experts. With years of collective experience, these professionals bring invaluable insights to ensure the well-being of the elderly residents.

The core of Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram is its constant commitment to offering top-notch nursing care. This dedication has provided older men and women who want a quiet and respectable retirement a sense of pride over the years. It has also created a caring and encouraging environment.

Unique Features: Full Transparency, Easy Access, 17 Staff Members

The Vridh ashram/ home promotes a high standard of living and is tastefully outfitted with comfort-enhancing features like fans and coolers in each room. The emphasis placed on establishing a cozy and homey environment is evidence of the thought and care put into the residents’ well-being.

Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram prides itself on offering spacious rooms equipped with essentials such as beds, libraries, newspapers, gardens, mattresses, carpets, linen, blankets, and healthy foods. These amenities contribute to creating a holistic and comfortable living environment.

The dedication of 17 staff members at Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram highlights the commitment to providing personalized care and attention to each resident. This staff is instrumental in creating a warm and supportive community within the home.

Donate Online to Support Old Age Homes in Indore

Online donations is just a part of every non profitable organization because with these donations we try to provide good facilities to the people living in the old age homes. Your contribution will provide essential resources, comfort, and companionship, ensuring a dignified and caring environment for those who have paved the way for our community. Join us in fostering a compassionate society for our senior citizens.


These Vridh ashram or old age homes provide a safe and comfortable environment for senior citizens to live in, with access to medical care, social activities, and other amenities. In Indore, there are several old age homes that cater to the needs of the elderly. Based on their facilities, services, and reputation, the top 3 old age homes in Indore. Also these old age homes offer free of cost living that means yes they give all the services without charging any penny. 

These homes are known for their reliable services, experienced professionals and compassionate care. They provide a warm and inclusive environment, fostering a sense of belonging for those who have faced neglect. With these homes, senior citizens can enjoy their golden years with dignity and respect.


Ques. How do I choose an old age home?

Answer. Make sure the facility employs knowledgeable and skilled personnel who can give bedridden elders the care and assistance they require. Facilities: Verify whether the house has the resources and tools required to give elderly people who are bedridden medical attention and assistance.

Ques. Which are the top 3 Old Age Homes In Indore?

Answer. There are several old age homes in Indore that provide care and support for the elderly. But if I suggest you only 3 top Old Homes in Indore then they are mentioned below.

  • Dashrath Sevashram
  • Daan Patra Ashram
  • Astha Vridhjan Sewa Ashram

Ques. What is the monthly expenses in old age homes?

Answer. An old age home in Bangalore typically costs between Rs. 10,000 and Rs. 30,000 a month. Rent, food, entertainment, health care, and other services are all included in this price.

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