World NGO Day 2024

World NGO Day 2024, History, Significance, Theme, Date

The world that often looks like filled with negativity, there is still a hope of change i.e, Non-governmental organizations (NGOs). These volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes, giving their 100% efforts in shaping a better future for all. As we celebrate World NGO Day, it is important to encourage the these organizations for  making our world a more sympathetic and sustainable place to live. It is through NGOs that we are able to create a brighter tomorrow – and we will continue to do so in the future. So continue with us in this blog till the end to know more about world NGO day.

Introduction to World NGO Day 2024

Before we move on the introduction of world NGO day let’s learn about What is an NGO?

And you are the non-governmental organization that operates independently without government control. NGOs  are often owned by a group of people holding the same interest in providing humanitarian aid. And these groups of people help in addressing social, political and environmental issues and make this society a better place to live.

February 27,we celebrate the World NGO Day to honor the organizations for making a positive impact on society. NGOs often work towards addressing various social, environmental, and humanitarian issues.

World NGO Day was officially announced on 2010 by Marcis Liors Skadmanis. The motive was to raise awareness about the important contributions of NGOs and to encourage people to support their noble cause.

On world NGO day, organization often organize events worldwide to encourage the valuable work done by NGOs. This day is an opportunity for NGOs to showcase their achievements and challenges which they faced. Not only this but also raise the awareness.

World NGO Day also act as a alarm that there is still much more work needs to be done. With increasing poverty, gender inequality, and other crises; NGOs play a crucial role in covering up the gaps which are left by government.

World NGO Day 2024: History

World NGO Day history started back in 2009 when a group of socially responsible people came together with the aim to acknowledge the efforts of NGOs. These people were aware of the fact that NGOs play a crucial role in shaping society.

This group organized an international conference called “InterAction” in Geneva, Switzerland In December 2009. During this conference, they established a day dedicated for recognizing NGOs’ achievements globally. A February 27th date was selected because it commemorates the signing of the Estoril Declaration, which lays out important principles that guide NGOs.

And the first authorized celebration of World NGO Day took place on February 27th, 2010. And the best part is the celebration was attended by various NGOs around the world.

World NGO Day 2024: Significance

World NGO Day is a reminder to the world about the crucial contributions made by NGOs. It also tries to raise awareness for creating a positive change and addressing important social, economic, and environmental issues.

The main objectives of World NGO Day is to acknowledge the efforts made by NGOs in different parts of the world. These organizations are constantly providing humanitarian aid. And only their tireless efforts have been able to make a significant impact on people’s lives worldwide.

World NGO Day 2024 holds particular significance not only for acknowledging the achievements of NGOs and for highlighting the necessity for continued collaboration and support. It is a day to recognize every individual who play a part in creating positive change. So, let us all join together on this important day and work towards building a more sustainable and safe world for our generations.

How to celebrate World NGO Day?

Celebrating World NGO Day is one of the best way to appreciate the NGOs for shaping a better future. So take this opportunity and emphasize the achievements NGOs across the globe.

Here are some ideas on how to celebrate World NGO Day:

  1. Get involved with an NGO: The best way to celebrate World NGO Day is by volunteer your time, skills, to help them achieve their goals. 
  1. Donate to an NGO: Donations are very important for NGOs to continue making a difference in people’s lives. On World NGO Day, you can donate money. And Even small contributions can make a big impact 
  1. Spread awareness on social media: Use Social media for spreading information and raising awareness about the social issues. Use social media platform and share about different works done by NGOs.
  1. Attend events or webinars: On World NGO Day, many NGOs plan events or webinars to engage the public and inform them about their works. These events provide opportunity to know more about different organizations’ causes.

World NGO Day 2024: Date & Theme

The theme for World NGO Day 2024 is “Building a Sustainable Future: The Role of NGOs in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)”. This theme aims to address the challenges faces by NGOs in creating a better sustainable future. 


  • World NGO Day is celebrated in how many countries?

World NGO Day is celebrated across 80 countries worldwide. The day acts as a global platform where we can honor the NGOs who are helping in addressing various social and other issues. 

  • What is the first NGO in the world?

The Anti-Slavery Society, established in 1839, is widely considered the earliest international NGO. It showcased the power of global solidarity in addressing shared concerns.

  • Which is the biggest NGO in the world?

BRAC, headquartered in Bangladesh, is an international development NGO. With its vast workforce, it holds the title of being the largest NGO globally.

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