Top 10 Advantages of Girl Child Education in India

Top 10 Advantages of Girl Child Education in India

We all have heard about the name empowering the girl child. But are we working for it? Still in many parts of India girl child education is not even considered. People are not even aware of the advantages of girl child education. Especially in the rural areas people still consider the girl child as a burden. But are they really a burden? However girls are doing even much better than boys in many fields. And this could be only possible because of education. 

So in today’s blog let’s take a deep dive and learn about the 10 advantages of girl child education

  • Woman empowerment

As the empowerment word itself contains the word power which means making the woman powerful by giving equal opportunities. And this could be possible only by giving education to the girls. Education will empower the woman so that they can make their own decisions and can contribute for the betterment of the society. 

Additionally women can even address violence based on gender and can also help other women’s overall development. 

  • Skills development

A skilled educated woman can Bridge the poverty gap. It is among the best benefits of women’s education. Developing skills through girl child education is not only about enhancing their capabilities but it’s about opening the doors of opportunities. A skilled educated girl can transform the entire community. 

Advantage of female education is unlocking their potential and transforming the way they live. 

  • Opening the door of opportunities

Education can open millions of doors for women in India. Education and skill development is not only about reading the textbooks its way beyond. Girl child education builds the ability of critical thinking, problem solving skills which provides them strength in pursuing their career. Moreover The major advantage of girl child education is it provides them with the tools through which they can grow continuously throughout their lives. 

  • Better healthcare

Another major advantage of girls child education is better healthcare. Education helps in understanding about the critical diseases and how to cure them. One educated lady can educate other ladies about  sex education, health education and reproductive education and other sensitive topics. 

Moreover a healthy educated lady can contribute in generating and nurturing a proactive healthy society. 

  • Bridging poverty gap

An educated woman can avail good paying jobs. It is one of the best advantages among the 10 advantages of girl child education. Financial stability is the key factor that can transform millions of lives. Furthermore educated women can make good financial decisions and can contribute to breaking the poverty cycle. 

Moreover, high-paying jobs can give economic security to families. And open the doors for their children and provide financial stability in longer terms. 

  • Overall community development

One educated woman cannot only nurture her family but can also develop a whole community. Educated girls and women can address social issues like gender discrimination, domestic violence, inequality and other social evils. And can encourage the society to contribute to sustainable development. 

Further more educated and skilled women become the voice of the society and take informed decisions and bring positive changes. 

  • Versatility and flexibility

Education makes the children face various challenges which develop a flexible psychology. Education also gives the power to evolve and flourish in different environments. Moreover it makes a child versatile and builds confidence. This ultimately helps in their personal growth and enhances their strength. 

A flexible and versatile child can adjust in any environment and conquer all the obstacles which come in their way. 

  • Intellectual development 

Cognitive growth and development helps in developing critical thinking and analytical skills in a child. Intellectual development is again one of the important advantages of girl child education. It fosters the skills of time management, setting up the goals and acquiring academic success. 

As a result of this, children start thinking out of the box and start finding innovative solutions for all the problems. Moreover it also develops strong communication skills and improves the ability to absorb knowledge. 

  • Building confidence

Education helps in building confidence as it enables women and girls to tackle day-to-day challenges. Moreover confidence also helps them in pursuing their goals and exploring new opportunities. 

Furthermore, a positive self perspective lays the basis for personal satisfaction. And a self confident child can live a more empowered life.

  • Long-term social and cultural benefits

If we want to preserve our cultural heritage and nurture social unity then we must not neglect girl child education in India. An educated woman can transfer our social and cultural heritage to the coming generation. Moreover this will also create a society that values the richness and diversity of the country.


Apart from these 10 advantages of girl child education there are hundreds of other benefits. Educating girls and women is the cornerstone of our country’s development. The number of educated women in our country is still less. And it is the biggest challenge which our country has to overcome. 


  1. How to improve girl child education?

If we want to improve girl child education in India then we should start spreading awareness first. And secondly we 

 must provide financial support and make school accessible to all. And if we will monitor it on a regular basis then this will definitely improve the girl child education scenario.

2. Why is girl child education important?

If we want to empower the girls and the women in our society then education is the only way. An educated woman can make her own decisions And can contribute meaningfully for the betterment of the society. 

In addition to this, an educated woman is also capable of supporting her family financially. This will not only reduce the burden on her husband but also on her parents. And there are many other advantages of women’s education that can’t be ignored. 

3. What is the role of society towards the lack of education for girl children? 

Still in many parts of India girl children are a burden on her parents. They still treat girl children as Paraya Dhaan. And this mentality stops them from sending their girl child to schools. 

So as a part of the society we all should come up together and spread the importance of women education.

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