Advantages & Disadvantages of Old Age Homes

Advantages & Disadvantages of Old Age Homes

Living in old age homes can be someone’s own choice or can be someone’s circumstances. The old age homes are built to provide care and support to elderly people. However there are some advantages with some disadvantages of an old-age home. So today in this blog we will talk about some of the major advantages and some disadvantages of old-age homes. 

Read the blog till the end so that we can get a clear view on today’s topic.

Advantages of old age homes

Let’s start with some of the major advantages of old-age homes.

  1. Medical care and support – The biggest advantage of living in old age homes is the medical care and support which old-age homes provide. And the best part is old-age homes have tie ups with samridhi and hospitals and medical centers. Therefore in the case of emergencies these hospitals and medical centers provide immediate assistance. 

Also the staff of old age homes are trained enough and are capable of handling some medical emergencies. As a result the risk of health-related issues reduces in old-age homes. 

  1. Safety at its priority – for senior citizen‘s safety remains their priority. And old age homes are specialized in providing a steady, security and safe environment. However old age homes are also equipped with safety measures And support systems that reduces the chances of accidents and emergencies. 
  2.  Companionship – at some point of life we all need someone with whom we can share our pains, sufferings and happiness. And at old age homes all the residents get a chance to interact with each other and fill their void. And as a person studies , companionship somehow reduces your stress and anxiety level. 
  3. Specialized therapies and services – some old age homes also offer specialized physical therapy and provide some dietary services. These facilities provide and cater specific needs elderly people are looking for. 
  4.   Happy and peaceful environment – in today’s busy environment. hassle full life getting a peaceful happy environment is very difficult. But there are few places where you can get such an environment. At old age homes people often get a happy peaceful environment where they can live a happy and healthy life. Here with social interaction they don’t feel abundant and alone. With good company and caretakers also try to keep them happy.

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Disadvantages of old age homes 

There are  always two sides to everything. With so many advantages of an old age home there are some disadvantages as well. So let’s take a look at some of the disadvantages of old items.

  1. Loneliness – Living in an old-age home is not desirable for every old citizen. Most of the citizens find it very difficult to live in an old age home away from their families. And suffer from loneliness and depression and anxiety. Despite so many people they cannot find their comfort zone. 
  2. Less choice of food – old-age homes often provide a certain type of meal to all the citizens. As it is difficult for old-age homes to provide a different variety of meals. So a limited choice of food becomes a challenge for some people.
  3. No privacy and lack of space – generally old age homes are built on limited areas. Hence Old people hardly get any privacy and sometimes also suffer from limited space. 
  4. Rules that can be bound – all old-age homes have their own rules and regulations which old people have to follow. So this can give a feeling of limited life as they are not allowed to go against the rules.

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So now we have read both the advantages and disadvantages of old-age homes. However it’s very clear that the advantages are prominent over the disadvantages of these shelter homes. 

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