Best NGO in India

Best NGO in India, List of Popular NGOs in India

Best NGO in India

Searching best NGO around us is very difficult at this time because It is so hard to trust someone who you don’t know. India hosts numerous prominent NGOs dedicated to various causes, such as education, healthcare, and environmental conservation. These NGOs work tirelessly to address societal challenges, uplift marginalized communities and promote sustainable development nationwide. Their impact extends far and wide, positively influencing countless lives across the country. Lets find some best NGO in India in this article below.

List of Best NGO in India

There are lot of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in India that work to promote social issues, empower local communities, and bring about constructive change. Best NGO means good facility, health care, fresh food, washed clothes and many other daily use things. We’ll explore some of the best NGO in India in this section and let’s know about their significant efforts.

1. Smile Foundation: Bringing Joy to People Across India

Smile Foundation is like a friendly guide, located in New Delhi, and reaching out to 25 states in India for more than 20 years. Instead of just talking, they take action to include everyone, whether it’s in schools, healthcare, or jobs.

Their main focus is on kids and women, making sure everyone can get an education, stay healthy, and have a way to earn money. They have some fantastic programs like Smile on Wheels, Mission Education helping kids go to school, and Smile Twin e-learning as they are providing online classes.

2. Goonj: From Waste to Wealth, From Poverty to Dignity

Goonj has been instrumental in turning discarded materials into valuable resources for marginalized communities. Through its various initiatives, such as ‘Cloth for Work’ and ‘School to School,’ Goonj addresses clothing, education, and menstrual hygiene needs, promoting sustainable development and dignity for all.

3. Daan Patra: Empowering Communities Through Generosity

Daan Patra takes center stage as an innovative NGO committed to connecting donors with beneficiaries efficiently. Daan Patra is expert at distributing donations; they makes sure that money goes to the right people to solve problems like hunger, healthcare, and education. The organization is a vital participant in the Indian NGO scene because of its efficiency and integrity. If you want to know more about them you should check Daan Patra website as they work for old age people, for their better future. 

4. Nanhi Kali: Helping Girls Shine Bright in School

Imagine helping girls in India go to school, even when it’s tough! That’s what Nanhi Kali does. Since 1996, they’ve been like a superhero for girls who might miss out on education. Think of them as helpers for girls in busy cities and faraway villages. They pay for 10 whole years of school, making sure girls get the learning they deserve.

This isn’t just about school; it’s about building a brighter future! When girls learn, they can change their own lives and even make India better. And Nanhi Kali isn’t small! They’ve helped over 500,000 girls across 14 states!

5. CRY (Child Rights and You): Advocating for Children’s Rights

CRY has been a relentless advocate for children’s rights since its inception in 1979. The NGO works towards ensuring a secure and nurturing environment for every child, addressing issues such as child labor, education, and healthcare. CRY’s impactful campaigns and grassroots interventions have earned it recognition as one of India’s leading child rights organizations.


Which is the best NGO In India?

Daan Patra is the best NGO In India which is situated in Indore (Madhya Pradesh). This NGO is helping homeless people without any cost. Check complete details of this NGO here (

What is the advantage of NGOs??

1. Good Communication

2. Innovative Approaches

3. Improve Literacy Rate

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