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Child Education NGO in Bhopal – Daan Patra Foundation

Daan Patra the child education NGO in Bhopal is eager to change he life of underprivileged, poor and needy children. The NGO is working really hard from past few years to give a bright future to these less fortunate children. A non-profit organization dedicated to child education is also concerned with the future of the education of girls. Child education is very important for the better future of our state and our county. 

We have a team of dedicated and hardworking volunteers who work 24/7 for the betterment of child education.  We have got a very good response from the people of Bhopal and we are very proud of our success. Our organization is very transparent and the people are very much satisfied with our work. Therefore, please read this blog to the end so that you can learn more about what we do as an NGO and how we do it. 

Role of Child Education NGO in Bhopal

There are millions of children who do not have access to quality education in our state Madhya Pradesh. And here plays Daan Patra the child education NGO a major role. We are trying to give a proper shape to the future of these children. 

Through many studies it is clear that providing good quality education to ruler area children is quite challenging. However trying to overcome all the challenges and filling the gap through education. And aiming at reducing the illiteracy rate of our state and trying to build an educated society. 

Inequalities in Madhya Pradesh’s education system : Biggest challenge child education NGO faces 

We all know that there is a limitation of quality education in the ruler areas. But do you know the main reason behind this? Let’s take a look at the following  

  • No importance to Girl child education

Still in many parts of Madhya Pradesh girl child still faces social barriers to education. However DaanPatra NGO for girl child education always promote girl child education. There should be gender equality not only in the books but in the reality also. As a result, we are creating a safe learning environment for girl children.

  •  Higher dropout rates Among girl child

Our efforts to bring girl children into the schools have been met with great resistance, however, we face a higher dropout rate for various reasons. 

  • Financial constraints

The family is facing the financial constraint always prefer boys education over girls. That results in limited opportunities for girl child education. 

  • Early marriage

Girls are often married at a very young age hence they have to discontinue their education. 

NGO for child education breaking the sequence of poverty.

Daan Patra child education NGO is playing a crucial role in breaking the poverty cycle in Madhya Pradesh. NGO is working on the root cause of poverty which is illiteracy in order to get a sustainable future. Take a look at how NGO is trying to break the cycle. 

  • Providing education in the early age

Early education results in a better child’s future. Preschools is the building block for child’s further education. So we aim at providing early childhood education. 

  • Providing education to school dropouts

We encourage The youth who missed out schools due to the some reasons, to come to school and get the education. As educated youth can become more productive after getting educated.

  • Removing gender disparity in education

Daan Patra child education NGO is trying to separate gender disparity from education. Through many campaigns we tried to spread the awareness on the importance of girl child education. We promote gender equality when it comes to education. 

  • Providing educational kits 

Poverty is the biggest hurdle in getting quality education. But through our Child education NGO initiatives we are able to provide school fee, books, uniforms and other educational kits to the children so that they do not face financial barriers in receiving education. 

Do you want to Create the success stories with best NGO for child education?

Our NGO for child education in Bhopal welcomes you with both arms wide open if you wish to create successful stories with us. Our initiatives are always on the run to empower and make the society a better place. Our NGO for child education in Bhopal is always looking for the ways to reach out to the needy and to make the underprivileged ones self-dependent.  And with your support and contribution we can make this happen.

So join us in this mission and Let’s create success stories Fodder betterment of our state and nation. 


  • what is child centered education?

The child Centered Education is a system of education which is designed to educate the child in a way which is suitable to his/her needs, abilities, and interests. It is a method of teaching which aims at preparing the child to face the challenges of life in a happy and successful manner. The child is regarded as a complete individual who has the right to be helped to develop his/her full potential. NGO for poor child education is an organization that works to provide child Centered education to the children. 

  • Who is the father of child centric education?

Jean Rousseau is known as the father of child Centric Education. He was a French philosopher and writer. He was the one who first came up with the idea of child Centric Education. He believed that children are best educated when they are given the freedom to learn at their own pace and according to their own interests. Daan Patra NGO working for child education in Bhopal believes in his theory and works towards providing quality education to the children. 

  • How to improve girl child education?

Girl child education is really very important for the growth and development of the nation. One educated girl can teach two hundred children. Daan Patra is the  Best NGO for Girl child education in Bhopal. We work to improve the literacy rate of the girls.We are working to reduce the gender disparity and to provide quality education. There are several ways through which we can improve the education system for the girl child. 

  1. Remove gender disparity.
  2. Remove the social taboos.
  3. Educate the parents about the importance of girl child education. 
  4. Say no to child marriage. 
  5. By providing financial assistance to the girls who are going to schools.

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