Helping Hand is Way Better Than a Hopeful Wish

Today is the 2nd day of our 100-day help challenge, and we decided to go to Omkareshwar side road to lend a helping hand to those in need. Little did we know that this day would be marked by encounters that would touch our hearts.

While we were driving, we saw two women looking through the garbage carefully. We realized they were doing this to earn money. We went up to them, started talking, and found out they lived in small huts without the basic comforts of a home. Feeling sorry for them, we gave them clothes for their kids, husbands, and themselves, hoping it would bring a little happiness to their tough lives.

As we kept going, we found an older man sitting on the street. We talked to him and learned that he had to beg to support himself and his family. Even though he had a home, not having enough money made him live on the streets. He begs because he cannot do any kind of work due to his age factor. We felt for him, so we gave him clothes and a meal to ease some of his struggles.

Moving ahead, we found another person who needed help—a man sleeping on the street due to very sick with a high fever. Quickly, we took him to the hospital to make sure he got the care he needed right away. And then left him to his place and explained how to take medicines. He was so thankful that he cried because he didn’t expect such kindness. This showed us how much a small act of help can mean a lot to someone going through tough times.

As we continued our mission, we got information about a man named Hitesh in a village facing tough situations. Hitesh is a smart painter who got hurt in the leg two months ago when a dog bit him. Even though he’s talented, he had to live on the streets because of money problems. To make things worse, he couldn’t get proper medical help because he didn’t have an Aadhar card.

After hearing Hitesh’s story, our daanpatra team decided to help him together. Our team welcomed him to the Daanpatra Ashram, where he could stay and find support. Our goal wasn’t just to give him temporary help but to give him the tools to build his life again. We knew he had skills, so we wanted him to contribute by doing meaningful work at the ashram. We also decided to help him with the paperwork so he could get medical care by getting an Aadhar card.

Along with this, we went to the police station to make sure we legally do things. Now, we reached the Daanpatra ashram, and we attempted to give him a fresh start by cutting and shaving his hair. We provided him with a bath, food to eat, and a few clothes to wear.

The ashram became a place where he felt like he belonged and he could use his artistic talents in different projects. The problems he faced slowly got better, and with the new support, he began a journey of healing and discovering more about himself.

Our 100-day challenge to help others kept going, and every day brought new stories of people being strong, finding hope, and the kindness of others making a big difference. The moments on the Omkareshwar side road reminded us that even small acts of kindness can change lives. As we kept going with our mission, we remembered the lessons from these moments, making us even more determined to help one person at a time.

And so, our journey continued, with thankfulness and people being strong, leading us toward a better future for those we were lucky to help. Please share your thoughts on this in the comment section below. Also, please share this video so that we can get information about the people who need it.


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