What is an Old Age Home

What is an Old Age Home? A Comprehensive Guide

Generally, it is a living space given to an elderly person when they have no one to look after or don’t have a place to call home. An Old Age Home is a place where elderly people are given the necessities to live their lives peacefully. They are provided with frequent meals, medical supervision and several other facilities. They also find a place to interact with like-minded individuals and feel a sense of joy and motivation to live life freely. They find love, companionship, hope and care under one roof. These days old age homes conduct different recreational programs and social events that keep them engaged.

Initiative Taken in Old Age Home

Daan Patra Old Age Home is one such initiative taken by the Daan Patra Foundation where elderly people are assisted with care and passion. They are equipped with several essential provisions. Different kinds of recreational programs are organised by our team members to make them comfortable such as –

  1. Birthday or anniversary celebrations
  2. Movie and Karaoke Session
  3. Sports Day
  4. Cultural Clubs
  5. Story Telling

These activities help senior citizens to engage themselves and enjoy their life to the fullest. These programs also help them to interact with other members of the home and create a bond of friendship with them. Our priority is to take utmost care of these senior citizens as and when they are needed. Proper medical assistance facility is also provided with regular checkups so that they do not have to compromise with their health. A clean and hygienic environment is given to them so that they can feel at home. As it is understood no place in the entire world can give the warmth of one’s own home, but our mission is to give them maximum attention in this regard. 

Concept behind Old Age Homes

The concept of Old Age Homes in our country is still remarkably narrow. Elders are considered highly respectable figures in our families and it creates a sense of guilt among individuals to keep their parents in old age homes. But alongside they also lack in taking proper care which they demand at such an age. The most significant or only expectation of parents from their children is to spend time with them which unfortunately individuals fail to offer them. Migration is also one of the reasons that today’s youth are locomoting to different countries in hunt of opportunities which in turn makes it challenging for them to take their parents along with them initially. Adulthood is that phase of life that requires maximum care and prominence.

As per the data available, there are approximately 1000+ old age homes in India. Among these most of them are found in Andhra Pradesh with almost 2000 elderly persons residing there. It can be observed that still most cities don’t have appropriate old age home facilities and also most citizens are unaware of this notion as well.

A crucial step can be awareness of old age homes among a maximum number of people. Guiding how they function and what facilities are given there. It is generally thought that only those parents or senior citizens become an element of old age homes whose children have deserted them but in another case, it can be seen as a positive place where children who need to migrate to a new country in pursuit of a job can keep their 

parents in the safe and secure environment rather than worrying about them. Social media platforms can be used to create awareness among people to teach them about old age homes. 

A survey can be conducted to check the opinion of today’s youth on the idea of old age homes. Workshops can be organized by various old age homes to direct people about the proper function of the old age homes. By conducting such activities, old age homes or NGOs will get to know where they stand and where they exactly need to reach as only by interacting with common people one can know about their actual needs.

Contributing in the form of donations or volunteering also plays an essential role in the proper functioning of old age homes. With the help of proper funds, only people can run these organizations. Ofently, people think that donations always mean giving hard cash but it also can come in different forms like becoming a volunteer where you can help with the daily activities of these elderly persons. Sometimes bringing home-cooked meals can bring a smile to their faces. 

Hence, Daan Patra Old Age Homes is making several attempts to improve the lives of senior citizens so that they don’t have to worry about how they will spend the rest of their lives. 


Q 1. What is an old age home?

Ans. Old age home is a place where senior citizens live with one another who are unknown and can’t afford their own house and food to eat.

Q 2. How many old age homes are there in India?

Ans. The numbering of old age homes is increasing day by day, there is not any accurate data but it is expected that more than 1000 Vridh Ashram are there in India.

Q 3. How can we spread awareness about Old Age Homes?

Ans. In this technology era, social media is the best source to spread awareness about Old Age Homes in India. 

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