Top 10 Best NGO in Noida, List of Famous NGOs

Top 10 Best NGO in Noida, List of Famous NGOs

The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”, this quote by Mahatma Gandhi symbolizes the strong dedication of NGOs towards selflessly helping others and improving community well-being. As per NGO DARPAN an initiative of Niti Aayog India is home to 1.87 lakh registered NGOs in 2023, based on their data Uttar Pradesh has the highest number of registered NGOs among all the states of India. Noida, situated in the Northern part of UP, neighboring Delhi and also a part of NCR region is a significant economic and commercial center. Therefore NGOs in Noida play a crucial role in addressing social, economic and environmental challenges that work towards overall well-being and development of the communities. 

List of Top 10 NGO in Noida

Following is a list of top 10 NGOs in Noida, that are pivotal in ensuring more includes in and sustainable future of the region –


As stated by them, Niveda Foundation works on 6 key principles that is Noble Initiative to Value, Educate, Develop, Attribute towards a better tomorrow. Standing as an independent organization without any religious and political interference they work in multiple welfare activities. Their key areas include women empowerment, child development and environment protection. The privileged and deprived children get the right to education initiative support through the efforts of Niveda Foundation, women learn stitching and jewelry designing in their skill and designing centers, the ensure cooperative and competitive environment with society through various competitive activities like painting, rangoli making, dance, Swachh Bharat initiative, crafting etc. Organize health camp, disposing information regarding nutrition and immunization, along with organizing workshops and awareness programs regarding human right concerns like child sexual abuse, women harassment, Juvenile justice, labor rights and other legal rights.


Among the best NGOs in Noida SETU Foundation started operating since 2007 in the field of women empowerment, youth empowerment and livelihood creation through its skill development and rehabilitation programs. Here are few projects run by SETU including Project SWEEP (Setu Women Empowerment and Employability Program) where multi skill centers are established that provide vocational skill with IT Solutions to generate employability for women, Project Samaan for specially abled children getting skilled and Project Uday establishing Shiksha Jyoti Education Centre in part of Noida.

Setu Foundation work at corporate level by organising awareness program for AIDS, prevention of sexual harassment at workplace, health camps and blood donation camps. They also organise workshop at school level against child sexual abuse in various schools of Noida.


As the name suggests Park Shala is a NGO creating learning space with a connection to parks or outdoor environments for the depressed and deprived children coming from the lower section of the society.

Other than there Academy classes in the park they also provide online Academy classes for class 7th to 9th for both CBSE and state board on Zoom, value education and character building through moral stories, meditation and cleanliness drive and self defense classes once a week for girls on how to defend themselves and for boys how not to be a culprit.

Furthermore, one can also sponsor treats for the children from the cost of 600 to 2000.


It is one of the famous NGOs in Noida as well as in India, it supports around 300 old age homes and 5 barrier homes for elders in India and has been working against challenges faced by elderly for more than 40 years with their tagline of “fighting isolation, poverty, neglect”. It is recognized as he  the only Indian organization to receive the ‘UN Population Award 2020’, for its outstanding contributions. There welfare and development work include mobile Healthcare, cataract surgeries, physiocare, cancer care, disaster management,  support a gran initiative, old age homes, livelihood support and elder helpline.


An NGO of Noida that serves and provides shelter to all stray animals, it was founded by Sanjay Mohapatra in 2007 who rescued a lack of animals and also runs House of Stray Animal dispensary for street animals that provide medicines and vaccination for free. They encourage other rescuers to help them with the mission and not to worry about the medical expenses.

As per the report of The Quint, the House of Stray Animal dispensary has treated more than 100 of animals in a day, most of them being street animals. They also initiated a campaign led by acid attack survivor Lakshmi Agarwal for promoting adoption of stray animals.


Pratham Education Foundation was founded in 1995 to provide education in slums of Mumbai, and have their branch in Sector 112 in Noida. They follow a 3 fold mission which is quality, low cost and replicable model backed up by  innovation by working in collaboration with stakeholders like government, local community, parents, teachers and volunteers. Their low cost mission ensures available, accessibility and affordability of there innovative teaching and learning approach along with material and measurement methods.


Established in 2017 smil India trust has been working for all round Holistic development of depressed and deprived children/ people my providing froad range of services including shelter nutrition education medical support etc. their vision states ‘A world where it should never hurts to be a child’.

They conduct various drives such as clothing drive, food drive, health checkups, eye check up and self defense drive. Other than livelihood they also focus on living by offering training regarding life skills, reintegration into family life and support and love.


Among the list of top 10 NGOs in Noida, Pehchan  primarily focuses on four key areas that are education, employment, health and environment that require immediate attention. Their target group involves women, children, youth and old age.

Their key areas are called to be independent as education empowers them to gain their identity in the society exactly what the name Pehchan name suggests, which will then help them enhance their skill and get them job ready. An employed individual will be able to get access to physical health care facilities, mental wellbeing  and improve their social status and will ultimately support them to serve and take care of the environment.



One of the big NGOs of Noida, established in 2012 by Ex-VC and CEO of HCL Technologies, Mr. Vineet Nayar along with his wife Anupama Nayar. Their vision is to deliver education with special focus to girls till the remotest area of India along with the use of innovative technology so that learning and teaching could be easy. They implemented a smart shala program, developed multigrade rural pedagogy, built 1 lakh audio- visual smart classrooms, trained almost 5 lakh teachers and distributed over 2.5 lakh educational kids to students.


 Work towards the goal of fighting hunger among vulnerable silent orphans other than that they also work towards betterment of lives olf old age and widows, tree plantation drives, promotion of education and providing free medication.

Above list of top 10 India’s deep rooted sense of service has been passed generation by generation due to the country’s values like ‘Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah’ that means, May all beings be happy, that has served as a guiding light to NGOs of India with their motive to ensure the rise and development of the last person in society. 

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