Top 10 Old Age Home in Delhi, List of Vridh Ashram

Top 10 Old Age Homes in Delhi, Free Old Age Home

Old age homes in Delhi, offer a safe and comfortable place for elders to receive assistance and care. The facilities provide a variety of services and specialized nursing care. Seniors opt to live in these homes for medical help, a lack of family support, and to socialize and age in a good environment. Personalized care, 24/7 availability of qualified staff, and on-site or on-call medical professionals are among the primary advantages of senior care facilities.

The basic purpose of old age home is to provide a safe living environment to old homeless people. As they are unable to take care of themselves. Hence these homes have medical facilities and staff that provide medical treatment to all the elderly population. They also offer recreational activities like hobby classes, yoga and meditation workshops, social gatherings, and more. Lets take a look at best old age homes in Delhi.

Top 10 Old Age Homes in Delhi

You may check complete list of top 10 Old Age Homes in Delhi in this article below. If you are someone who support NGOs around you then you may like this content for better knowledge.

1. Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram

Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram of Delhi was established in 2006 by Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram Society, a non-profit organization devoted to providing a safe and secure environment to the underprivileged, and homeless.

From meals, clothing, medical care, and recreation, to spiritual teaching are very essential services that are provided by the ashram. The ashram gives holistic treatment to its inmates and promotes their overall well-being.

 The ashram’s in-house medical team provides primary treatment when necessary and supports patients to outside medical facilities. It provides meals regularly and also accommodates special dietary needs based on the inmates’ requests. It also provides recreational activities including yoga, art, and craft workshops, as well as visits to sacred locations.

It also provides therapy to help people who are unable to cope with their problems. It also tries to give them employment opportunities and help them to become self-sufficient. 

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2. Shashiraj Foundation

Consider Shashiraj Foundation, this Old age home offers exceptional services and personalized care to each and every resident. This foundation stands out as one of the leading old age home. It was established with a focus to provide empathy and self-respect to old homeless people. The team is dedicated to creat a secure and caring atmosphere for seniors who are in need.

The foundation also provides tailored care plan to meet the needs of residents. The personalized care taker offers training to staff members to make sure every citizen gets the comfort well-being. Additionally, they also arranges a variety of social activitiesin order to foster a sense of community among residents. Furthermore, the organization also provides the medical assistance and support to all the citizens.

3. Blissful Old Age Home Foundation

The Blissful Old Age Home Foundation in Delhi offers a safe and nurturing home to homeless seniors who need daily care. It was established in 2006 and founded by a team of experts who always remain committed to delivering exceptional support and assistance to elderly individuals. The foundation provides various services, including healthcare, leisurely activities, social events, and aid with everyday errands like cooking and transportation. Not only this but it also offer emotional counseling to promote the overall wellness of its residents.

4. Society for Welfare of Rural and Urban People

The Society for Welfare of Rural and Urban People, is a light of hope for old homeless people who are nestled in bustling Delhi. It was Established in 2009. This old age home provides comfort and support to all the seniors who are seeking for help.

And also offers a range of facilities taht cater to the needs of its residents. From providing comfortable living spaces to carefully prepared meals this Old age home takes care of every little requirements of the individual. Also the green surroundings provide a refreshing atmosphere taht leads to relaxation. 

They also organise social events that offer residents a variety of entertaining activities, from group outings to cultural events. Along with this  nutritious meals are also organised to meet individual dietary needs. 

5. Help Age India

The Old age home is working with a mission to improve the quality of life for old people in India. The services include nursing homes, medical care, and financial aid, creating a supportive and safeguarded space for seniors. The residences are provided with cozy bedrooms, nutritious dining options, and easy access to medical. The team members are dedicated to the well-being of the elderly peopel, delivering personalized care that promotes their security and happiness. 

The organization provides music, dance, yoga, and meditation classes, to keep its elderly residents physically active which helps to improve their overall well-being. From food to clothing they takes care of everything. 

Moreover, HelpAge India raises awareness about the challenges that the homeless elderly are facing in India are facing. Hence the organization strongly promotes the welfare of seniors. 

6. Shree Bhimsen Shakuntala Kapila Old Age Home

Empathy and kindness meet at Shree Bhimsen Shakuntala Kapila Old Age Home. It is a haven for seniors who are seeking for comfort, companionship, and respect in their golden years. It provides warmth and assistance for elders. The Old Age Home offers a peaceful environment where old people can relax and enjoy their senior years in ease. The caring staff remains at their service in order to provide constant support and serve nourishing meals to boost the residents’ overall well-being and happiness.

Residents also experience several advantages that improve their overall well-being. Which gives a strong sense of companionship. The trained staff members takes care of their comfort, and engage citizens in activities and social events.

7. Anand Ashram

Anand Ashram is dedicated to providing shelter and care to elderly citizens in need. The home was established by the late Shri Anand Swaroop back in 1981, He was a passionate social worker.

The home organizes several special events like birthdays and anniversaries. The Ashram makes sure that every resident must get nutritious meals so that they are physical health remains intact. Anand Ashram also aligns with other organizations to ensure a safe and secure environment. In addition to food, accommodation, laundry services, 

8. Prayas Old Age Home

Prayas Old Age Home is a non-profit organization that provide a secure and pleasant living space for senior citizens. Established in 2005 by a faithful team of volunteers, it serves as a refuge for those who are seeking help. 

The home consists of compassionate staff composed of medical experts, social workers, and volunteers who work together to ensure superior care for the residents. Prayas Old Age Home also provides a nurturing atmosphere for its inhabitants.

9. Ashirwad Old Age Home

Ashirwad Old Age Home has been providing care since 2008. A variety of amenities are also available at this government-run facility, including housing, meals, healthcare, and recreational activities such as yoga, meditation, music, and dance.

Additionally, residents get medical facilities and counseling services. The capacity of the Old age home is 100 individuals. And offers a well-maintained and secure environment with 24-hour emergency services. They promote health education, and regular conferences and seminars are organized for the residents. 

10. Shiv Ashray Senior Citizen and Old Age Home

The Shiv Ashray Senior Citizen and Old Age Home which was Established in 2006. It aims to provide a nurturing environment To the old homeless people. 

The old age home is owned by a group of skilled professionals that offers an array of services which includes healthcare, recreational activities, and emotional support. The residents can get benefit from counseling services and access to a well-equipped library and recreational hall. Additionally, the home also organizes cultural events like music, dance, and theater that promote a fulfilling experience for its residents.


At last, would like to mention that all the above-mentioned Old age homes are the Top old age homes in Delhi. All the necessary amenities from healthcare to leisure activities are provided. These facilities promote a sense of companionship for those who feel disconnected from loved ones. 

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Q. Which are the top 10 Old Age Homes in Delhi?

Ans. You can check top 10 free old age home in Delhi i.e. Guru Vishram Vridh Ashram, Shashiraj Foundation, Blissful Old Age Home Foundation, Society for Welfare of Rural and Urban People, Helpage India, Shree Bhimsen Shakuntala Kapila Old Age Home, Anand Ashram, Prayas Old Age Home, Ashirwad Old Age Home, Shiv Ashray Senior Citizen and Old Age Home.

Q. What is the cost of old age home in Delhi?

Ans. The cost of old age home in Delhi totally depends on the organization, because some of the Old Age Homes don’t charge anything and offer all the services totally free.

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