List Of Top 7 Old Age Homes in Chennai - Vridh Ashram

List Of Top 7 Old Age Homes in Chennai – Vridh Ashram

old age homes in Chennai are for elderly people those whose families have either abandoned them or unable to take care for themselves. These old age homes Provide medical care, meals, and other services to these elderly people. In Chennai, old age homes are basically run by charitable organizations and are mainly funded by the public.

Old age homes offer variety of services like Medical care, food, laundry, recreational activities, spiritual guidance, and counselling are among the services provided by these homes. Some homes offers libraries, game rooms, and frequent visits from family and friends.

List Of Top 7 Best Old Age Homes In Chennai

Lets take a look at some of the best Old Age home in chennai. And most of these old age homes are run by charitable organizations and rely majorly on public donations. However these homes often try to provide quality care and services to the elderly in a safe and secure environment. 

1. Sree Vidya Trust

Sree Vidya Trust is committed to offer excellent care to senior citizens. It is founded mainly by a team of individuals who aims to improve the lives of homeless old people. The organization often provide a group of services for seniors, like residential and medical care. Eventually, the trust’s goal is to create a safe and secure environment for the elderly to live with ease and respect. The organisation often provides counselling and provide medical support as well. 

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2. Brindavanam Old Age Home

Brindavanam Old Age Home is a haven full of love and care for the senior citizens. Nestled in the arm of nature, this old age home is more than just a place to reside – it is a community where love and friendship flourishes. Brindavanam stands out as a beacon of compassion for our elderly residents because of its unique essence and special offerings.

At Brindavanam Old Age Home, the dedicated team create a well-rounded and nurturing atmosphere for the residents. And the facilities are specifically designed to look after each person with care. Nestled in a peaceful environment away from urban chaos, Brindavanam provides a green surroundings that encourage serenity and calmness.
Team takes great care in developing customized care plans that ensure they receive proper attention and support.


  • Nestled in the peaceful outskirts of the busy city.
  • Old Age Home is known for its unique approach of taking care.
  • The facilities taht are given takes care to every resident.
  • Residents are more than just residents.
  • The staff works tirelessly to provide a supportive atmosphere where everyone feels appreciated and esteemed. 

3. Aarathy Charitable Trust Idhaya Vaasal Elders Home

The Aarathy charitable Home is the key to happiness and love. Here every day is filled with compassion and care for the elderly.This special place is poudly called home.

The goal is to provide customised care where seniors can bloom their life. From providing nutritious meals to proper healthcare Organisation work to foster relationships through various programs and events like yoga sessions, meditation session and other group activities. 

It also offers care plans taht are tailored to meet specific needs, from daily activities to dietary preferences, that ensure the well-being of every resident very carefully. The home also promotes group outings, events, and activities that encourage social interaction.


  • Offers love, care, and respect to those in need.
  • Provides a safe heaven to seniors who are living without families.
  • The devoted staff at Aarathy Charitable Trust guarantees individualized care and aid with daily tasks for each resident.
  • Takes care of nutritious meals and other relaxation activities.

4. Kudil Old age home

The Kudil Old Age Home provides extrem cares and compassion to its residents. This shelter for the elderly also offers specialized services tailored for provide special senior care. The Kudil focuses not only on physical health but also on emotional well-being. The home cultivate a warm atmosphere where residents feel loved and respected. 

Kudil’s special facilities are planned to provide comfortable living for the elderly, with spacious rooms, nutritious meals, and engaging activities planned on a regular basis. Old Age Home take special care of peace of mind and safety.


  • Kudil Old Age Home, offer a special and customized way of caring elders. 
  • The services are designed to meet the unique needs of seniors, with personalized care plans being one of our specialties. 
  • Each resident receives proper attention from the skill and experienced staff.
  • The team ensures that they receive the support they need based on their specific requirements. 
  • The Skilled team focus on holistic well-being taht distinguishes it from other old age homes.

5. Vetri old age home

The Old Age Home offers a shelter to seniors that offers warmth and care to all its residents. The Old Age Home provides a comforting environment to all the elderly individuals who are looking for companionship in their upcoming years. The respect and dignity, are the esteemed facilities ensures that residents feel like home in their golden age.

Old Age Home offers a welcoming sanctuary for seniors looking for solace and camaraderie during their later years. Renowned for its homely ambiance and commitment to treating residents with reverence and honor, this distinguished facility boasts a compassionate team devoted to fulfilling each individual’s unique requirements. The peaceful environment surrounding the home adds to the overall sense of serenity and calm enjoyed by its elderly occupants.


  1. It provides personalized care approach customized to cater to the unique needs of each resident, provided by our devoted team of caregivers who strive to
  2. It creates a nurturing and supportive environment for seniors in order to make them feel loved and valued.
  3. A notable part of Old age home is that they organize variety of activities and programs that promote physical, mental well-being among residents.
  4. From yoga classes to engaging social events, taht ensure that seniors must get plenty of opportunities to stay active and engaged.

6.  Aayushka senior citizen homes

This old age home offer a peaceful community where the homeless old people can spend their old golden years. At Aayushka, the skill care takers provides exceptional care and love to the old people that they feel like home. And they strongly believe in offering personalized care that makes every resident feel even more loved. The determined dedication focuses to creat a calm residence where all the seniors can grow and celebrate their later years with joy.

The Aayushka Homes provides cozy living environment, elderly-friendly private rooms that cater to residents’ individual requirements. They  pay special attention on safety and a homely atmosphere.


  1. The activities makes the people feel connected and lead to vibrant and fulfilling life thats why they organize indoor games, gentle exercise routines, book clubs, and much more.
  2. At Aayuhka senior citizen homes in Chennai offer nutritious food which is cooked by skilled chefs
  3. It also offers tailored care plans to meet the unique needs, preferences, and aspirations of each resident. 
  4. Residents are actively involved in decision-making processes to ensure their voices are heard and autonomy is maintained. 

7. My Care Old Age Home

The old age home is Situated at the center of Chennai, the Old Age Home provides safe shelter to old homeless adults who are in search of comfort and top-notch care. The residence provides a room accommodated with tailored needs of seniors, guaranteeing both security and freedom. The My Care Old Age Home give priority to individualized care for each resident and cultivate a feeling of holistic and unity. The skilled team offer support while honoring the dignity and uniqueness of every elderly person under the care.


  1. The citizens can experience of individualized care plans.
  2.  The team collaborates with residents to create personalized plans that improve quality of life. 
  3. The home provides delicious, nutritious meals.
  4. The residents can enjoy a vibrant community atmosphere where they can socialize and build meaningful relationships.

Donate Online and Help Homeless People !

Support elderly residents in need by donating online to the Old Age home today. Your contribution can brighten their days and provide essential care and companionship. Let’s make a meaningful impact together and ensure our elders receive the love and support they deserve.

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