Top 7 Old Age Homes in Bhopal: Providing Shelter to Homeless People

Today’s Harsh reality is a large number of old people are homeless and need a safe and secure home where they can spend the rest of their lives. Hence, discovering some good old age homes in your area has become very important. Luckily in Bhopal, several old age homes are available and offer excellent services to seniors.

So today in this blog let’s explore the list of the top 10 old age homes in Bhopa. The facilities of these old age homes are lavish with great amenities and supportive staff members. They ensure quality care and a homely experience. Keep reading till the end and uncover the top old age homes available in Bhopal. 

List of Top 7 Old Age Homes in Bhopal

Bhopal has top-notch old age homes. The facilities these old age homes provide cater to all the senior citizen’s requirements. In this section, we have curated the top 10 old age homes in Bhopal that provide remarkable facilities and care for the elderly.

1. Pride Soul 

Pride Soul is a popular old age home located in Bhopal. It has been providing excellent care and comfort to the elders. It offers a safe and comfortable place to elders who are seeking a home.

Seniors are provided with modern amenities and services. Each room of the old age home is spacious and well-furnished, providing a comfortable living environment for residents. It is equipped with cozy comfortable beds, with enough space. And rooms are also equipped with the emergency call bell.

At Pride Soul, the team of skilled and devoted team handles all the needs of the citizens. From taking care of medical issues to providing 24-hour services including bathing, dressing, medication management, etc. The team also offers regular check-ups and consultations with doctors to ensure the proper health of the old people. Assures compliance with legal requirements, such as the minimum employment age and retirement benefits eligibility.

2. Apna Ghar 

Apna Ghar, a well-known old age home in Bhopal. It is well known for its premier care. This old age home not only provides a home to live in but also provides comfort to its residents. The team is proud to have supporters and donors who are contributing to the noble services of the Old Age home and showing their dedication to the overall well-being of the elders. 

To address the special requirements of residents the team has appointed a skilled counselor to provide daily support. Personalized caretakers also extend their support to provide extra care. APNA GHAR serves as a secure home for those who are facing inhumanity and abuse. The old age offers a peaceful atmosphere where they can regain their lost respect. The team also provides excellent quality care that they deserve.

3. Elder First

The old age home is led by Deepak Bhandari. The home is a trusted care provider to elders in Bhopal. Their focus is to prioritize the well-being of senior citizens. Hence a regular visit to doctors offer genuine care and support. The team at Elder First creates a safe environment for seniors. And take proper safety measures like appointing guards and CCTV surveillance. Their staff members are trained enough to provide vulnerable care with empathy. 

From providing nourishing meals to taking care of the overall health of the old people. The kitchen staff takes special care in cooking delicious and balanced meals that cater to each resident’s dietary needs. Additionally, they also maintain a clean and hygienic environment. In every aspect, the team strives to provide the best possible care to old people. Hence families and caretakers looking for peace and comfort for their elders can explore the old age home.

4. Anand Dham Old Age Home

Anand Dham Old Age Home is a safe shelter for homeless seniors. The old age home is known for its extraordinary comfort, care, and companionship. The old age home is situated in lush greenery surroundings. The prestigious facility offers a shelter of peace for its residents. The staff is highly trained and provides 24/7 assistance and support to ensure well-being and happiness. The amenities of the old age home are modern and luxurious. The rooms are very spacious and provide nutritious meals which are prepared with love. 

Anand Dham aims to enhance the quality of life of elders. The old age home organizes recreational activities, wellness programs, and social gatherings. 

Residents organize various activities to make people connected within the community. Anand Dham Old Age Home has provided an excellent environment that promotes dignity, respect, and joy in every stage of life.

5. Dashrath Sevashram

Dashrath Sevashram is committed to providing a welcoming environment to all individuals. The old age home provides facilities like wheelchair-accessible entrances and exits so that everyone can easily move in the premises. 

Additionally, the car parking areas make it more convenient for those who rely on mobility aids to access the building. The old age home is LGBT+ friendly and creates a safe space where everyone feels respected and accepted. The team is committed to providing holistic care to citizens.

The staff members is often appreciated for their exceptional service and unwavering support. Furthermore, the facilities are of top-notch quality and very much satisfying. Old age home provides a positive experience. And cultivate a community where every individual feels respected and cared.

6. Aasra Vrudhashram

The Aasra Vrudhashram old age home in Bhopal is providing round-the-clock care and support for its residents. The professional skilled staff makes sure that every resident receives personalized attention and assistance with their daily needs. The team takes care of everything from nutritious meals to medical care. The premises are also well-maintained and equipped with all the necessary amenities to provide a comfortable living environment. They also organize various recreational activities and social events regularly to keep the residents engaged and entertained. Respect, love, and care are the principles of the community.

7. The Nest

The Nest old age home in Bhopal is well known for its top-notch facilities and personalized assistance to cater to the unique needs of each resident. A dedicated staff of Nest ensures that each individual receives the proper medical support and care that they are looking for. From organizing physical activities to social gatherings Old age homes engage the citizens to kill their loneliness. The cozy common area makes it an ideal choice for old people who are seeking a peaceful retirement living experience.


People who are older and do not have access to family or suitable living conditions may need care and support from old age homes. Seniors can receive medical care, social connections, and emotional support in a safe and comfortable environment at these facilities, so they can live their golden years in respect. Old age homes play an essential role in helping older persons maintain their independence and quality of life

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