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Kolkata, entitled with the name the ‘City of Joy’ due to its rich cultural and intellectual heritage. But, while globally India is considered to have the youngest population, Kolkata is witnessing its increasing grey population. As per the report of Times of India, the 60+ aged population of Kolkata is now the largest in the country and main reason listed is expected to be the problem of brain drain, that means more and more youth heading out of the cities for job and education leaving behind their aged parents that led to poor emotional wellbeing, social isolation and lack of caregiving support that ultimately leads to depression among the old aged citizens.

Top 10 Old Age Homes In Kolkata

we have listed below the list of top 10 old age homes in Kolkata, do check this and fine the perfect old age home.

1. Shantiniketan Home

A unit of Bhaibav Trust, located in Shribardhan pally, Joka, Kolkata, firmly believes that senior citizen should receive more than just traditional old age facility, the Joy of love, hope for longevity and a life that doesn’t feel burdened by their age. They state to provide seniors with care, support, assistance, inspiration, motivation, and encouragement to confront the challenges that come with aging.

Offering two types of room Deluxe and Standard ample amenities and equipments along with recreational activities including on-demand movies, cable TV, books, newspapers, internet access, and games. Regular medical checkup, specialist on call doctors and attendants and nurses are available round-the-clock to assist residents in addition to its nutritionist overseeing the meal plans.

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2. HelpAge India

Among top running Charity platforms in the nation, Helpage India supports 300 old age homes and 5 barrier homes for elders in India and has been working against challenges faced by elderly for more than 40 years with their tagline of “fighting isolation, poverty, neglect”. It achieved the distinction of being the sole Indian organization to receive the ‘UN Population Award 2020’,recognizing its outstanding contributions in the realm of aging. Its Kolkata Branch is located in Aacharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road, Entally.

There welfare and development work include mobile Healthcare, cataract surgeries, physiocare, cancer care, disaster management,  support a gran initiative, old age homes,  livelihood support and elder helpline.

Their broader range of services had made them among the top vridh ashram in Kolkata.

3. Peace Senior Living

Dr Deepankar Datta a retired Pharmaceutical expert founded “The Peace”, with the aim of establishing a old age home facility amidst a natural setting equipped with contemporary amenities in South 24, Parganas, Kolkata.

The Peace comprises 3 storied building along with carefully tended lawn and a garden with a pond, well maintained temple and total campus cover area of 65000 square feet.

Front view and rear view rooms with attached balcony and private bathrooms fully equipped with power outlets and other electric gadgets,

3 main meals along with 4 appetizer meals, Indoor and outdoor fitness and entertainment activities and 24 hour security. Whereas they also charge on extra cost for service on request like car on hire and site visits and assisted living like bathing, walking, monitoring medication and customized help.

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4. Snehodiya Senior Living

Snehodiya placed itself as a luxurious old age Homestay, offering service apartments designed with senior friendly features including 24/7 emergency alarm in each room, anti-skid flooring, around the clock attendants on every floor and in-house nursing staff and ambulance services. It is developed by West Bengal Housing Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (WBHIDCO).

Located in Newtown, Kolkata it is spread over 3 acres of land away from the rush of the city it elevate the living experience to International standard with variety of regular activities including Physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, yoga and gym sessions. Including the convenience of an on-campus utility market and medical shop.

 5. Alor Disha

Founded in the year 2008, Alor Disha is a registered charitable organization actively engaged in the well-being of old age people and offer support and advocacy to empower and uplift the older population. Featuring to provide various facilities like medical, food and snack with optimum nutritional value and proper sanitary surrounding. 

6. Aumorto Senior Living

An initiative of Sri Aurobindo Institute of culture and supported by TATA trust, Aumorto was established in 2018 guided by the values and ideas of Sri Aurobindo and the mother with tagline of “young forever” to meet the rising needs of high quality senior living It stand itself as a luxury retirement home. Providing facilities like medical care, physical activities, balanced and nutritional diet and engaging in social and cultural activities. Their accommodation suites range are Opal, Pearl, Topaz and crystal; other amenities include, gymnasium, library, art gallery, meditation room and community kitchen and dining facilities. It also provides you with a short weekend getaway with your elders. 

7. Anand Ashram

An old age home of Kolkata with a mission of providing high quality individual experience along with affordable pricing. This old age home of Kolkata is run as a non profit institution by Navodaya Association for Promotion of Indian heritage. Services consists Medical services under which monthly medical checkup, bearing costs of treatment for resident for minor elements, physiotherapist and yoga therapists at affordable costs and well equipped ambulances readily available other special services other than regular food and shelter include attendants, reading materials and other few personalized services.

8. Ashaniketan

Ashaniketan old age home is one of the most cost effective among the list of old age homes of Kolkata. It is a venture of ASHI, an Association for Social Health in India successfully working since 1991, located in Salt Lake City Kolkata. Accommodating in single room, double room and dormitories with convenience of monthly medical camps and and various events and festival celebrations.

Allowing guests and relatives (only girls) to visit and stay for a few days.

9. The Golden Nest

A Vridh ashram in Kolkata, running with the slogan of “make your life good, not only outside but also inside”. Their goal are a friendly environment, behaving well and share love so that old age people can live to their fullest and maintain their Independence and dignity while meeting their needs. Other than accommodation and basic amenities They offer indoor games, prayer rooms, 24/7 nursing care, book and music library and routine health checkups.

10. Arati Princess Nest

Working with the mission of “live your life and forget your age” Arati princess Nest is among the best old age homes of Kolkata. It accommodate various category of room from premium to deluxe along with comfort of hygienic food with mineral water, medical facility and monthly doctor checkup, 24 hours CCTV, free Wi-Fi, yoga and pranayam and temples surrounded by nature.

All the above mentioned old age home’s costs vary upon various factors including location, amenities, accommodation type, level of care, quality of meal, recreational and leisure activities and brand reputation. As per the reports of Times of India CNI, church of North India through a fundraiser to revamp ‘Mulvany house’ the oldest old-aged home, which was built on 1899 and has been home to unfortunate women since passed 120 years,but later the resident count declined and the building deteriorated into a state of neglect. And CNI stated that “it will be the first-of-its-kind old age home in the city with modern facility”.

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Related Queries:

Q. Which is the best Old Age Home in Kolkata?

Ans. Shantiniketan Home and Help Age India, these are the 2 best old age homes in Kolkata. People from their trust them a lot just due to because of its facilities and services. There are so many other old age homes in Kolkata which you can find too which arfe offering great help to everyone who is in need.

Q. What is the monthly cost of Old Age home in Kolkata?

Ans. It totally depends on the Organization, some of the NGOs offer free services and some take some charges.

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