Restoring Trust Is Difficult

Today is the 12th Day of our 100-day help challenge. Our Daanpatra team is going near IPS College to rescue an older man living in a street in a very terrible situation. The team received information about an older man dwelling on the streets near IPS College for over a year. Upon reaching the location, our team initiated a conversation with him.

We asked him where is he from, and he said he was from Kota, stating he had been in the area for five days. However, when we asked people, they revealed that the man had been enduring life on the street for over a year, facing severe hardships.

This man has been let down by his family, so he struggles to trust or accept help from others. On top of that, he’s facing the challenge of having only one leg.

Despite these challenging times, our Daanpatra team steps in to help. We brought him to our ashram, a place of hope and support. Before doing that, we informed the local police, hoping it would help him reconnect with his family.

His story reflects this man is hurt, but our Daanpatra team is there to be a beacon of hope in his darkest moments. Our team’s efforts are not just about helping him physically but also about reuniting him with the people who matter.

We have reached the Daanpatra Ashram; our team set out to make him feel good about himself again. We gave him a much-needed haircut and a warm bath, signaling a fresh start and a new beginning. And food to eat but firstly he refuses then later we make him eat.

Despite the team’s best efforts, the man struggles to trust those trying to help him. It’s not easy for him to understand why the ashram is a safe place. This difficulty highlights the deep emotional wounds caused by the betrayal of his family. In these moments, the team addresses physical needs and works to rebuild trust and provide emotional comfort.

The man keeps saying he wants to return to Jaipur, posing a challenge for our team. Determined to uncover his story, we promise to dig deeper. We share a heartfelt video, asking everyone to spread the word, hoping his family will see it and find him.

We thank everyone for their ongoing support and urge viewers to share the video widely. This man and others going through tough times on the streets can get help.

Please share your thoughts in the comments. We want to start a conversation about people’s difficulties on the streets and the shared responsibility to make a positive change.

Day 12 in the 100-day Help Challenge is touching Our Daanpatra’s journey. It reveals the struggles of the man they rescued and showcases the team’s unwavering dedication to bringing hope and healing to those who need it.

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