Top 6 Reasons Why We Need Old Age Homes in India

Top 6 Reasons Why We Need Old Age Homes in India

From the past few years the need for old age homes in India has increased rapidly. Do you know the reason why? Because in today’s self obsessed world nobody cares about old people. Hence the senior citizens of our society have nowhere to go. But in this self-centered world there are a few NGOs that are working for the betterment of old people. 

Today in our blog we will discuss the top six reasons why we need old-age homes in India. So read the blog till the end.

Top 6 Reasons Why We Need Old Age Homes in India

  • Urbanization and modernization

Today’s young generation do not want to live in rural areas with their parents. And in order to achieve their dreams they move to urban cities. And while chasing their dreams they forgot about their old parents. And this creates a gap and they 

detach themselves from their parents. So in such cases living alone with no support is better than living in old age homes. 

And in old-age homes did not only get care and support but they also got companionship. So that they can share their stories and cry their pain out.

  • Poor financial background

It’s very saddening that there are many people who don’t even get two meals in their old age. So, this is the reason why we need an old age home in India.  The old people who live on roadsides get a safe shelter to live and a proper nutritious diet. And old-age homes make sure financial instability Should not increase the difficulties in the life of elderly people. 

  • Abandonment

It’s very unfortunate that children abandon their old weak family members. Without even thinking about where they will go at such an age. Hence it again gives a reason why we need old age homes. Who would like to see old people sleeping at road corners and struggling for survival. Or are we so heartless, letting them sleep there? 

  • Health Care and support 

At old age people often suffer from some or the other medical issues. And require special care and support. And what if they do not have anybody to give that support? Then only old age homes provide that support, care and shelter to senior citizens. 

  • Safety

Old people are the most vulnerable and sensitive members of society. And they require special safety. Even minor accidents can cause major effects. As their bones and muscles become very weak as they grow old. Old age homes are designed in such a way that can reduce the chances of accidents. 

  • Companionship

We cannot even imagine a day without talking to anyone. In fact it makes life boring and colorless. Similarly the old people also need someone with whom they can interact. And people at this age of men love to share their life memories and stories with others. And at an old-age home they get a good companionship and a must needed social interaction. 


We hope through this blog you must have got many reasons why we need old age homes in India. In many parts of our country, especially in rural areas, old age homes are very less. Hence we should spread this message to maximum people so that we all can come up together and should find a solution for this problem. 

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