Difference Between Old Age Home and Senior Care Home

Difference Between Old Age Home and Senior Care Home

The term old age home and senior care home may sound similar but these two terms are different. However many people fail to explain the difference between old-age homes and senior care homes. And often interchanged the terms. Yet these are two different approaches used for catering to the needs of senior citizens.

So today in this blog we will differentiate the two terms and will understand their significance. So stay connected till the end.

What are old age homes?

Old age homes are the shelter where old people live who are alone and seeking help. At an old-age home the old people not only get the accommodation but also receive the care and support which they were looking for. With that old-age home teams also ensure safety and well-being of senior citizens. The mission of old-age homes like Daan Patra is to provide help to all the needy ones in India. And to reach their goal they are trying their best. 

What are senior care homes?

In simple terms we can say that senior care homes are more than old age homes. Senior care homes not only get a place to live but receive personalized assistance. Here special attention is given to the seniors. Here senior citizens get a comprehensive range of services like medical care, help in day to day activities, social engagement and many more. 

Old age home versus senior care home: key difference

Senior care homes and old age homes differ significantly in their approach to caring for the elderly. Old-age homes only focus on providing a safe shelter to the old people with some limited services. While on the other hand senior care homes target holistic care of the old people with comprehensive facilities. And their services and hence the life old people live.

The old age homes do not focus on personalized care, however senior care homes are specially known for their Tailored care and support. 

Similarities between old age home and senior care home

Although old-age homes and senior care homes have different approaches to taking care of the elderly. There are some similarities amongst both which we cannot ignore.

  • Both the homes tried to provide A clean and safe shelter to old people. 
  • They both focus on the safety and comfort for elderly residents. 
  • At both the homes the senior citizens get a community where they can share their experience and stories.
  • Both places have the same goal of providing a sympathetic environment to all the residents. 

Which is better, an old age home or senior care home?

Now as we already know that there are some differences and some similarities between both the homes. So the question comes which is better? 

The answer for this question depends upon the needs an individual is looking for. If a person is in need of a personalized caretaker then senior care homes are a better option. On the other hand if a person needs only a secure and comfortable place to live then old age homes are a good option.

Each Home has its own benefits so we cannot say which is better. 

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