Top 10 NGOs in Vadodara, Transforming Lives and Communities

Vadodara, a lively city in Gujarat, India, is not just known for its cultural heritage, but also for its commitment to social welfare. With over 2,300 NGOs, that’s more than one NGO for every 1,000 residents! These organizations are the lifeline of Vadodara’s welfare system, addressing crucial issues and uplifting diverse communities. 

Are you ready to explore the top 10 NGOs in Vadodara? Let’s delve into their stories, missions, and achievements, witnessing how they’ve transformed the city’s social landscape.

List of Top 10 NGOs in Vadodara

1.   Vision Public Charitable Trust

Vision Public Charitable Trust was founded to empower underprivileged children through its focused initiatives in education and health. With a dual emphasis on these critical areas, the trust provides educational opportunities, vocational training, and healthcare services to needy children.  They run Simar Integrated Special School, offer counseling services, and regularly distribute food and hygiene products to the needy. To date, they have helped over 200 children from their educational programs, and thousands of food packets and sanitary pads have been distributed in slum areas.

 Address: 308, Alien Complex Nizampura Vadodara, 390002, Gujarat, India

  • Email: contact@visionpublictrust. org
  • Contact Us:  +91 8453153184

 2.   Akshar Trust

Founded in 1988, Akshar Trust has dedicated three decades to providing education and care to hearing-impaired children. Their vision is to empower deaf individuals to lead fulfilling lives through education and support. Right now, they run schools for underprivileged children, organize health camps, and provide microloans to women entrepreneurs. Their dedication has resulted in increased literacy rates and economic independence for many women.

For example, Akshar Trust helps graduates in fields like commerce, arts, and engineering find good jobs. They train teachers too. New courses, like the one for people with disabilities, make skills better. They’ve been helping deaf students since 2004 and started a group for teachers in Gujarat. Their students do well in important jobs at companies like DCB Bank and Paul Mason Consulting. Akshar Trust’s work is making a big difference for people who are deaf or hard of hearing

  • Address: 308, Near Nandanvan Farm, Before Mini River Bridge, Sherkhi-Sindhrot Road, Ta. & Dist.: Vadodara-391 330, Gujarat, India
  • Email:
  • Contact Us:  + +91-265-2427522
  •  Services: Offering early intervention, preschool, K-12 classes, mainstreaming, teacher training, and capacity-building programs including specialized education for the deaf and hard of hearing.

3.   Muni Seva Ashram

Muni Seva Ashram was founded by Anuben Thakkar in 1978. Under the guidance of her Guru, Muni Maharaj, Anuben Thakkar began with a small hut in Goraj. Her goal was to offer health and education to the nearby tribal communities. With dedication, she earned the trust of locals who relied on the shelter for basic medical care and education.

Their mission to provide healthcare, education, and social welfare in harmony with nature began achieving this when they established a cancer hospital, schools, and vocational training centers, impacting thousands of lives. Not only these, but they also run many programs that offer daycare, primary to higher education, and vocational training, alongside healthcare services, which help them serve humanity and enrich lives effectively.

  •         Address: Muni Seva AshramGoraj, Ta. Waghodia, Dist. Vadodara 391760 Gujarat – India
  •         Email: info@greenashram. org
  •         Contact Us:  +91-2668-265300

4.   Bal Bhavan Society – Vadodara

The Bal Bhavan Society was established in 1980 that promote fun and educational activities for children in Baroda. With this focus on fostering excitement, curiosity, and a love for learning, they provide a supportive environment where kids can freely explore, experiment, and express themselves. Bal Bhavan offers lots of activities like performing arts, creative arts, sports, and projects for kids. Additionally, they also offer valuable resources and programs for parents to better understand child development.

This makes it a great place for children to learn and grow. These activities help kids develop their creativity and physical skills. Serving over 18,000 children aged 5-16 annually, Bal Bhavan ensures that all children, regardless of their background, have access to diverse and enriching experiences in areas such as science, arts, and sports.

  •  Address: Behind Sayajibaug, Karelibaug, Vadodara-18, Gujarat, India.
  •   Email:
  • Contact Us:  +91-9099923158 

5.   Shroffs Foundation Trust

Shroffs Foundation Trust (SFT) combines the teachings of Gandhi, Ramkrishna, and Vivekananda with modern science and management to achieve success. Their goal is to support sustainable development in health, education, and livelihood improvement. Using their strategy “Sahaviryam Karva Vahey,” they focus on involving communities for empowerment. Their efforts include healthcare, education, skill development, and natural resource management. Moreover, SFT nurtures local leaders to build self-sufficient communities and collaborates with government departments, NGOs, and corporations to make a lasting impact.

  • Address: Shroffs Foundation Trust, At & Post: Kalali, Tal & Dist: Vadodara – 390012.
  • Email: eamt@shroffsfoundation. org
  •  Contact Us:  +91-8780604546

6.   Lifeline Foundation

Lifeline Foundation started in 1999 to help with emergency care. After surviving a big accident on the NH8 highway, Ms. Sushmita Das and Dr. Subroto Das created the Lifeline Foundation. They launched the Highway Rescue Project (HRP) to help accident victims on highways. They built a network of ambulances and rescue services along NH8, saving many lives to ensure timely medical aid in cities. Their success led to more projects across different states.

The government and companies noticed their work, leading to the establishment of 108 emergency services in India. They also helped set up similar services in other countries like Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal. In 2013, they founded Baroda Life Management Pvt Ltd, a sister firm,  to provide emergency care to various industries.

Now, they’re focusing on making trauma care policies and training more people to help in emergencies. They’re also training AYUSH doctors in basic trauma care. Today, their three organizations continue to improve emergency medical services in South Asia. 

  •  Address: E-501, Kalpvruksh, Gotri Road, Vadodara – 390021, Gujarat, India
  • Email: info@emsindia. in
  •   Contact Us:  +91-0265-2322566 / 2352368

7.   Friends Society

Friends Society is a youth group in Vadodara, India, led by students from Maharaja Sayajirao University and nearby colleges. Since 1969, FS has been helping the community by organizing events for different groups like the disabled, Fatehganj residents, patients, and kids. Volunteers run programs such as Sunday clubs, sewing classes, and blood drives. FS not only serves the community but also helps its members grow by improving their skills and leadership qualities. Despite challenges, FS has thrived for 50 years, keeping everyone updated through its publication “INVOLVE.” It started with Cheer Up and Blood Donation in 1969 and added more activities as they found more needs in Vadodara. 

  •  Address: Friends Society, Petit Library, Near Rangoli restaurant, Abbas Tyabji Road, Fatehgunj, Vadodara 360 002, Gujarat, India
  • Email:
  •  Contact Us:  0265-275-0629

8.   Astitva Foundation

Astitva Foundation, operating in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, has assisted people for over a decade. This NGO is like a bridge between those needing help and those willing to provide it. They offer various forms of aid, including shelter, food, and support for causes like women’s empowerment, Astitva emphasizes the importance of giving without expecting anything in return. They ensure the authenticity of all requests for assistance, aiming to engage a diverse group of individuals in acts of kindness. By fostering a sense of community and collaboration, the Astitva Foundation strives to ensure no one in need is overlooked, contributing to a more caring and supportive society in Gujarat. 

  • Address: 625 Iscon Emporio, Jodhpur Crs Rds, Satellite, Gujarat, A’bad – 15
  • Email: support@gujaratsahay. org
  •  Contact Us:  9104935054

9.   Soham Foundation 

Soham Foundation was started in 1986 by Pujya Mataji Narayani and Swami Ananda, mainly making homeopathic kits and books. Later, it joined with Soham Sanctuary and moved to Vadodara in 1992. Since 1993, they’ve provided free homeopathic medical help to Vadodara and nearby villages through clinics and mobile services. They also keep publishing books by Pujya Mataji and Swami Ananda.

Managed by a caring group of trustees, the Soham Foundation follows Pujya Mataji’s principles, believing that “work is worship.” They focus on healing both the body and mind with Shivananda healing, aiming to restore wholeness in a divine-centered way. By having the right attitude, the Soham Foundation turns work into a form of worship, aiming to help people through divine healing.

  •  Address: 2, Shri Niketan Society, Jetalpur Road, Vadodara – 390 007
  • Email:
  •  Contact Us:  +91 9898507512

10.  Avani Thakkar Charitable Trust

Founded in memory of a young girl, Avani Thakkar Charitable Trust works towards creating a more inclusive society for children with special needs. They run a therapy center, organize workshops, and advocate for the rights of differently-abled children. Their work is making Vadodara a more inclusive and accepting city.

ATCT addresses health, education, and social service needs through various activities spanning health services, educational programs, and social welfare. As a pillar in the community, ATCT provides health and educational support to those in need

  •   Address: 210, Sunrise Height C Block, Sunpharma Road, near Sunpharma Ltd, Vadodara, Gujarat 390012
  • ·  Contact Us:   0265 650 5230


These NGOs in Vadodara are more than just organizations; they bring hope and change. With their different programs and commitment, they’ve helped many people and made Vadodara better. As they keep doing their good work, the city becomes even more generous and united. This creates a beautiful picture of kindness that reaches beyond Vadodara.

If you’re also inspired to be part of this journey or help the needy, consider contributing in any way you can. You could volunteer your time, donate resources, or simply spread awareness about these initiatives. Your support, no matter how small, can have a big impact on creating a better future for everyone. You can reach out to these NGOs directly or explore local projects to discover ways you can participate and help improve your community. Let’s work together to build a more inclusive and caring society for all.


  • Which charity is best to donate to in India?

Choosing the “best” charity in India depends on what you care about. Some good ones are the Akshaya Patra Foundation, Goonj, HelpAge India, and Daanpatra. Look into each to see what they do and how they spend their money before deciding.

  • Which Organisation carried out various social service activities in Gujarat?

In Gujarat, groups like SEWA, Gram Vikas Trust, and Navsarjan Trust help with things like women’s rights, rural development, and fairness.

  • What is the difference between social work and NGO?

Social work helps people directly, while NGOs work on specific issues without government control. Social workers might give counseling or help with practical things, while NGOs run projects and try to change laws.

  • What are the daily activities of NGOs?

NGOs do different things every day, like helping people directly, raising awareness about issues, asking for money, and keeping an eye on how well their projects are going. Some big ones in India work on child rights, poverty, wildlife, rural areas, education, and fairness.

  • What NGOs work?

Numerous NGOs in India work across various sectors to address a range of issues.  Examples include Save the Children, Oxfam India, Wildlife Trust of India, Goonj, Pratham, and Teach For India. They all work on different things to make life better for people in India.

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