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It is important to make sure our old homeless people live with proper care and support. However, Lucknow city has numerous old age homes that provide exceptional services to our seniors. From peaceful living to great medical assistance, we have curated a list of the top 10 old age homes in Lucknow that can help in making the best choice. Join us and read the blog till the end and discover these extraordinary NGOs that are providing homes to the homeless and needy old people who are seeking help. 

Top 10 Old Age Home in Lucknow

There are so many NGOs working for a variety of good causes. As India is a densely populated country with 8 million people, and millions of old people are facing challenges in their old age hence we must help these people. So let’s take a look at top NGOs in Lucknow and share with the people who need these NGOs. 

1. Aastha Health Resort – Old Age Home

Aastha Health Resort is a top-notch Old age Home in the vibrant city of Lucknow, providing a secure and peaceful place for old people seeking a safe place to spend their golden years. The Aastha Health Resort provides all the essential amenities and services that meet the specific needs of the elderly. The rooms are spacious, nutritious meals and are equipped with modern facilities like air conditioning, television, and private bathrooms. Additionally, each room also has an emergency call system for any medical assistance.

An exceptional aspect of Aastha Health Resort is its holistic well-being. It provides therapies and treatments to residents. This also includes Ayurveda, naturopathy, and acupuncture, to support residents in maintaining their overall well-being. They also provide tailored treatment to meet the individual needs of each resident.

2. Happy Parents Home

Happy Parents Home is a renowned old age home with a mission to provide exceptional care and support to senior citizens who can’t live independently due to various physical or financial limitations. The Old age home has become a trusted name in the community for its personalized services.

And place a high value on the residents’ physical, emotional, and social well-being. It works on the holistic approach to taking care of old people. Providing 24/7 medical care, nutritious meals prepared by our in-house chefs, and regular outings make this home even more popular amongst the people. 

The team believes that every resident deserves to be treated with respect, and love in their later years. That’s why they encourage family involvement through regular visits. Not only this but Old age homes also organize frequent social gatherings where residents get a chance to bond with one another while enjoying fun activities.

3. Samarpan Old age 

Samarpan Old Age Home in Lucknow aims to provide compassionate senior care to the elderly. The old age home offers seniors a safe and comfortable environment where they can spend their later lives peacefully. 

The resident’s needs are met on time and with the utmost love. A team of trained caregivers understands the importance of providing care. They also help in assisting in daily activities such as bathing, dressing, medication, and mobility support. 

The Old age home provides spacious private rooms with all the amenities for a comfortable stay. There is a common area where residents can socialize with each other and participate in various activities that keep them mentally and physically active. The skilled chefs prepare delicious and nutritious meals taking care of dietary restrictions.

4. Sai Sadan Old Age Home

Sai Sadan Old Age Home is a well-known and reputed home in Lucknow, that provides comprehensive care for seniors. The home is located in the peaceful and serene surroundings of Gomti Nagar, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Providing its residents with all the amenities they need to lead a fulfilling and happy life, it offers a safe and comfortable environment.

Each member at Sai Sadan Old Age Home receives personalized care from highly trained professionals. Their goal is to create a safe and secure environment where seniors can spend their lives with dignity and respect. Residents also count on caregivers for their medical or personal needs around the clock.

5. Chhabi Shanti Dham

Chhabi Shanti Dham is a well-known and one of the oldest old age homes in Lucknow. The mission of the old age home is to provide a comfortable space to senior citizens who are seeking a place to live. Chhabi Shanti means “Picture of Peace,” which reflects the peaceful atmosphere of this old age home.

The team at Chhabi Shanti Dham consists of skilled experts who are constantly delivering compassionate help to senior citizens. This includes medical support and regular check-ups. 

The old age also includes a separate room equipped with books, board games, and a television for entertainment. This keeps residents entertained and engaged in various cultural events. The team also organizes regular events, this includes music concerts, dance performances, and movie screenings.

6. Om Sewa Sankalp 

Om Sewa Sankalp is a renowned old age home in Lucknow, dedicated to offer extraordinary care to elders. This trusted organization is well known in the city for numerous years. The Om Sewa Sankalp team comprises skilled professionals who address all the needs and difficulties of the residents. 

From daily tasks to medical support the team takes care of old people and caters to the specific needs of each person. 

The well-ventilated and spacious rooms, and equipped with all amenities such as comfortable beds and attached bathrooms. The resident’s safety is also given the utmost importance, with round-the-clock. 

Om Sewa Sankalp Old Age Home places a high value on creating an inclusive community. This keeps the elders engaged, active, and connected. They also organize yoga & meditation classes in order to keep mental and physical health intact. 

The old age home also offer nutritious meals which is cooked under strict hygiene. The management encourages family members to visit regularly so that it gives the residents a sense of belonging,

7. Florence Home Health And Elder Care.

Florence Home Health is one of the well-known old age homes in Lucknow. Florence Home Health and Elder Care aims to provide exceptional care and support to seniors. Each individual has unique requirements hence the team offers personalized care plans. The Florence Home tries to maintain a physical, emotional, and social balance all the time. 

The well-trained and compassionate staff provides a safe, comfortable, environment with medical assistance. To promote social interaction among the residents, they also organize different social activities such as art therapy sessions, music classes, movie nights, etc.

8. Shri Ram Senior Citizen Home 

Shri Ram Senior Citizen Old Age Home was established to provide a comfortable environment to senior citizens who need care and support. A peaceful and serene location makes it an ideal place for older adults to live out their golden years, away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Shri Ram Senior Citizen Old Age Home has a team of devoted caregivers who are well-experienced and work tirelessly to create a caring atmosphere. 

They also help in daily tasks like bathing, and medication. Their dedication shines in every aspect of their work.

Besides this, Shri Ram Senior Citizen old age home also organizes indoor games like chess and carrom, and yoga sessions to maintain physical fitness. In addition to keeping residents physically active, they also help them to build a sense of community.

9. Siddhi welfare society

Siddhi Welfare Society is a comfort place for old homeless people. This old Age Home is one of the top choices amongst the senior citizens. The homely atmosphere of the Old age home makes the residents feel at ease. They focus on providing nutritious and healthy meals to their residents. This is one of the unique features of the Siddhi Welfare Society. The chef provides vegetarian meals three times a day along with tea or coffee twice a day.

This old age home offers a variety of fun activities to keep all the residents engaged and entertained. There is also a service of an on-call doctor. The doctor visits regularly for check-ups and in case of any medical emergencies. One of the most significant aspects of the Siddhi Welfare Society is its importance on healthcare services. 

10. Shri Sachidanand Nishkam Seva Trust – Old Age Home & Ashram.

The renowned Shri Sachidanand Nishkam Seva Trust – Old Age Home & Ashram Lucknow is a beloved option for seniors. The trust has been devoted to serving the aging community for many years. The top-notch facility ensures a comfortable and healthy living environment.  The residents at Shri Sachidanand Nishkam Seva Trust provide spacious and well-maintained rooms with beds, cupboards, and attached bathrooms. Natural light and ventilation are also abundant in each room due to the large windows.

Providing holistic care to all its residents is another unique feature of Shri Sachidanand Nishkam Seva Trust. The ashram’s volunteers also provide emotional and mental support to residents. It is the mission of Shri Sachidanand Nishkam Seva Trust to form a community where no elders are left alone and helpless. 


Choosing an old age home can be difficult, but hope our above-mentioned list might help you. So do share with the needy one and make their life easy.

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