Top 10 Biggest NGO In Kerala: NGOs That Uplift Those In Need In Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful state in India, full of culture and life. It’s also home to the 10 best NGO in Kerala that help people in need. These groups, like the Kudumbashree Mission, work on important issues like education, healthcare, and poverty. These famous NGOs in Kerala fight for fairness and justice too.  They’re like bright lights helping people in Kerala have better lives. This article will tell you more about these 10 special groups and the good work they do.

Top 10 Biggest NGO In Kerala 2024

Kerala, known for its rich cultural heritage and natural beauty, is also home to a vibrant NGO sector that plays a crucial role in addressing various social issues and promoting community welfare. Among the top 10 NGO in Kerala are organizations like Snehalayam, Jwala Foundation, Snehadeepam Charitable Trust, and many more best NGO in Kerala which have made significant contributions to areas such as child welfare, education, healthcare, environmental conservation, women’s empowerment, and community development. 

These famous NGOs in Kerala work tirelessly to uplift marginalized communities, provide educational opportunities, offer healthcare services, and advocate for environmental protection. Through their dedicated efforts, these NGOs have positively impacted the lives of many individuals and families across Kerala, embodying a spirit of compassion and social responsibility.

1. Ammucare Charitable Trust

The Ammucare Charitable Trust is like a bright light in dark times, bringing hope and kindness to those who need it most. It was started in India in 2003 by Mohanji, who wanted to honour the memory of his daughter Ammu. Ammu was only 4 years old when she passed away in a car accident in 2000, but even in her short life, she touched many hearts with her love and kindness. Through the trust named after her, Ammu’s spirit lives on, inspiring people to help others in need. Ammucare Charitable Trust is one of the big NGO in Kerala and is also a popularly known name. 

Ammucare believes in love and care for everyone, no matter who they are. As one of the top NGOs in Kerala, Ammucare helps people by giving them things like food, a place to stay, clothes, medical care, and education. Their office is in Palakkad, Kerala, and they have a website where people can learn more about them and get help if they need it. Ammucare Charitable Trust is changing lives for the better, one act of kindness at a time.

Contact Information: Address: Ammucare Charitable Trust Administrative Office: Reg. No. 664 / 4 / 2003 TCR SR. Regd. Office: Pathirisseri, Puthur, P.O. Palakkad Kerala 678001 India, 

2. Snehalayam

Snehalayam is one of the best NGO in Kerala and is a well-known NGO based in Kerala, dedicated to assisting women, children, and LGBT communities impacted by HIV, AIDS, poverty, violence, and sex trafficking. Their primary focus is on rescuing children from life on the streets and providing them with shelter, education, and opportunities for a brighter future. Through its various programs and projects, Snehalayam aims to empower and uplift vulnerable individuals and communities, addressing crucial issues such as healthcare, education, and social welfare. 

In addition to their core initiatives, Snehalayam also operates Radio Nagar, the first community radio station in Ahmednagar, broadcasting in the local Marathi language. This radio station serves as a vital platform for community engagement and support, facilitating communication and outreach to those in need.

Contact Information: 062380 86113. Address: 14th Mile, Vazhoor, Panchayath, Kerala 686515. 

3. ATMA Foundation

The ATMA Foundation is a group of people who volunteer to help others in Thrissur, Kerala. Due to their work, we have placed it under the top NGO in Kerala. They focus on making individuals, families, and communities stronger and better. The ATMA Foundation has 11 different projects and runs six big campaigns. They also have regular programs to help with child protection, education, making people stronger, helping families, supporting art and culture, teaching people about technology and money, and helping after disasters. 

Since they started in 2006, they’ve done over 1648 programs that have helped more than 287,000 families directly until 2020. Because of all the amazing things they do to help our society, the ATMA Foundation is now considered the best NGO in Kerala. You can learn more about them on their website or visit their office in Thrissur, Kerala.

Contact Information: Address: Surya Gardens, Paliyam Rd, Near Vadakke Stand, Thrissur, Kerala 680001, E-mail:

4. Jwala Foundation

The Jwala Foundation is an important group in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala and is in 4th position in the top ten NGO. It’s not run by the government, but it works to help people and make life better for everyone. Aswathy Jwala started this group. They really care about helping women and dealing with tough issues like poverty, violence, and sex trafficking. The foundation’s main focus is on making sure women have the power to change their lives for the better. They offer support and services to women, kids, and groups who need help. Their goal is to create a fair and kind society where everyone has a chance to succeed. They do lots of things to make this happen, like starting projects and speaking up for women’s rights.

Contact Information: 098934 55550. Address: C/2, near Jain Dewakar college, New Palasia, Indore, Madhya Pradesh 45200. 

5. Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society

The Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society is a big part of a worldwide group called the Salesians of Don Bosco (SDB). They help kids and young people, especially those in tough situations. Don Bosco, a teacher from Italy long ago, started this group in the 19th century. Since 1991, the Trivandrum Don Bosco Veedu Society has been working hard to help kids, young people, and women in Trivandrum and all over Kerala. Because of their good work and commitment, they are placed on the list of top NGOs in Kerala. 

They follow strict rules because they’re a nonprofit group registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific, and Charitable Societies Registration Act, 1955 (965/91). They run many different programs to help people in need and want to make them feel stronger and more capable. If you want to know more, you can check their website or visit their office at Don Bosco Nivas, TC 25/913 (1), Thampanoor, Thycaud P.O., Trivandrum – 695 014, Kerala.

Contact Information: 094893 02455. Address: Don Bosco Nivas, TC 25/913 (1), Thampanoor, Thycaud P.O., Trivandrum – 695 014, Kerala, 

6. Snehadeepam Charitable Trust

Snehadeepam Charitable Trust is a notable organization in Kerala dedicated to humanitarian causes and providing financial assistance to those in need. The trust operates with a focus on supporting various sectors through one-time donations and contributions to specific areas. With a mission to help vulnerable individuals and communities, Snehadeepam Charitable Trust plays a vital role in offering assistance, particularly to orphans and children in need of care and support. The trust’s initiatives aim to make a positive impact on society by providing essential services, guidance, and resources to those facing challenging circumstances. Through their work, Snehadeepam Charitable Trust exemplifies a commitment to serving the community and promoting social welfare in Kerala.

Contact Information: 097474 01997. Address: 2R4V+2RR, Snehadeepam Charitable Trust, Melila, Kerala 691538.

7. Adarsh Charitable Trust

Adarsh Trust, commonly referred to as ‘Adarsh’, started its journey in 1998 with the noble goal of providing a safe home for seven children with special requirements. What began as a basic daycare centre has grown into a well-known institution dedicated to caring for and strengthening children with special needs throughout Kerala. Through years of dedication and unshakable commitment, Adarsh has established itself as a renowned destination for the care and education of these children. 

Right now, Adarsh helps more than 500 children with special needs. They provide lots of different activities to help these kids grow and develop in every way. From special classes and therapy sessions to fun activities and job training, Adarsh makes sure every child feels included and can do their best. They really focus on helping kids become more independent, confident, and strong. Adarsh is like a shining light for both kids and families, making a big difference in their lives and making their futures brighter.

Contact Information: 0484 326 0691. Address: X/584 B, Puthiya Road, Opposite Agasthya Ashram, Kureekkad-682 305, Ernakulam, Kerala, India, Mail:

8. Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust

Welcome to the Wayanad Girijana Seva Trust, a charity organization established in 2002 with the main goal of improving education, especially for the tribal communities in the Wayanad District of Kerala. Our focus is on helping children from these impoverished tribal communities who have dropped out of school to return to education. Wayanad is one of the most backward districts in Kerala, and our trust aims to address the challenges faced by tribal children in accessing education. 

Founded by Mr. Baburaj and Mr. Rajeev, our organization works to uplift tribal communities by providing education and support. The poverty, lack of awareness, illiteracy, and struggle for survival among these tribes are deeply concerning, and our trust is dedicated to making a positive difference in their lives.

Contact Information: +91 9947421050, +91 9605185291. Address: Mattilayam P.O. Vellamunada (Via) Wayanad Dist Kerala, PIN 670731. Mail: 

9. Sakhi

They are a non-governmental organization (NGO) located in Trivandrum, Kerala, India. Their primary objective is to view global issues through a gender perspective and advocate for reforms in institutions and systems to establish equitable gender practices and initiatives. By focusing on these objectives, they aim to support the economic, social, and environmental development of marginalized women and girls. 

Since its establishment in 1996, Sakhi has collaborated with numerous groups, donors, and national organizations to further its mission. They have assembled a proficient team distributed across various regions of Kerala to effectively carry out their initiatives and projects.

Contact Information: 0471 246 2251. Address: Sakhi Women’s Resource Centre, TC 27/1872, Convent Road, Vanchiyoor Thiruvananthapuram – 35, Kerala, India. Mail:

10. Uravu Charitable Trust

Uravu Charitable Trust is a special organization with a noble mission. It was created by a group of young people who wanted to make sure that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, received a dignified farewell after death. The trust focuses on taking care of the bodies of those who are abandoned or forgotten, ensuring they are laid to rest with respect and dignity.

But that’s not all Uravu does. They also work hard to find homes for homeless people, raise awareness about important issues in schools and colleges, and offer support to those who need it. Their work is all about showing compassion and respect to every individual, even after they have passed away. Uravu Charitable Trust reminds us of the importance of treating everyone with dignity and care, especially those who are often overlooked or marginalized in society.

Contact Information: +919087087063, +918056205080. Address: 21, Abdulla Street Srirampuram, Sakthi Nagar, Sankarapuram, Tamil Nadu 600094. 


The top 10 NGO in Kerala are like guiding lights and helpers, always working hard to lift up and assist those who need it in the state. These organizations are fully dedicated to helping people and have done a lot to tackle different problems in society, making life better for many. We have made the list of top NGOs in Kerala that support marginalized groups, fight for fairness, and show care and unity. When we think about all the amazing work they do, it’s obvious that they’ve made a big and lasting difference in Kerala. They give hope, help people bounce back from tough times, and make tomorrow look brighter for everyone.


Which is the No. 1 NGO in Kerala?

Ammucare is the No 1 NGO in Kerala

What is the richest NGO?

Novo Nordisk Foundation, Denmark is the richest NGO in the world. 

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