Top 10 NGO In Kolkata 2024

Kolkata holds a rich legacy of social activism dating back to the 19th century, particularly during the era of British Colonial rule influential figures like Raja Ram Mohan Roy and Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar were pivotal in advocating for social reform and philanthropy establishing a strong foundation for social work in this region. Kolkata became a focal point for various social reform movements addressing crucial issues such as education, women’s rights and caste discrimination. Reformers like Sister Nivedita, Swami Vivekananda and Rabindranath Tagore played a significant role in advancing education and empowering marginalized communities. Following independence, Kolkata retained its status as a key center for social work with numerous NGOs and charitable organizations working to address poverty, health disparity and other social challenges faced by rural and urban populations.

Top 10 NGO in Kolkata

Here is the list of top NGO in Kolkata that are working tirelessly for the society to make it better place to live.


An NGO working since the past 19 years, Parivar has dedicated itself to provide comprehensive care and foster the holistic development of children facing significant vulnerability such as those at risk of exploitation, victimization and trafficking. They draw inspiration from the philosophy of Shri Ramakrishna and Swami Vivekananda. Their target group includes orphans, street children, abandon children and people living in extreme poverty in tribal area including elderly and those without shelter. In West bengal, they provide largest free residential educational Institute for children from age of 4 to 21 providing pre-schooling till university level graduation. Parivar has won the National Award for child welfare in 2011, India’s highest recognition in the space of child welfare.


 Jack Preger the grandfather of Street medicine founded Calcutta rescue that is dedicated to provide opportunities for most marginalized people to overcome challenges of illness. They work in the Health sector through providing medicine, diagnostic and free consultation; education sector inaugurating to Educational Institute for Kolkata Street and slum children; to improve their living standard of the marginalized people they installed water pumps and toilets, also arsenic filters in over 12 villages under their Arsenic project. For the purpose of generating employment, Calcutta rescue promotes handicraft and handicraft Industries.


 Founded  in 1954 Sabuj Sangha is a dynamic institution with a diverse network across various sectors making it among top ngos in kolkata. The focus area covers healthy & nutrition, education & protection, water sanitation and hygiene, livelihood & women empowerment and environment and disaster response. Their primary vision is to work towards providing equal rights and equal opportunity on all the above mentioned sectors. Community Health programs have been conducted to provide health care and improve the living status of the target groups like lactating women, pregnant women, adolescence and old people. Mobile medical camp making diagnostic and basic health care accessible. Child empowerment centers are run by Sabuj Sang namely “Alor Disha” for deprived children of backward communities for personality grooming and educational support. Along with that residential schools for the private children called Natun Alo and 24×7 child helpline number 1098 is also provided. Digital Sakhi program and establishment of Sundarban German Bakery to empower and employe women.


 Established in 1999 is committed to safeguard another children facing adversity on streets or in a challenge in condition. The target group include Street and slum children child labour child of sex workers child beggar homeless people, children which HIV AIDS and people from depressed community. Provide protection through residential child care center, child watch, after care program for young adults and mother & child care units. Integrated quality education through activity based learning and parents support groups. 8 Nabo Asha centers providing educational support along with nutrition and counseling to the children living on the streets of Kolkata. Hope hospitals for secondary healthcare needs of Street and slum dwelling children. Life skill training centers including restaurant training, beautician training, Computer training and tailoring units for the purpose of self employment generation.


Helpage India, a leading charity platform nationwide, provides support to 300 old age homes and 5 barrier homes for elders across India. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, Helpage India is dedicated to combating the challenges faced by the elderly, as reflected in their tagline “fighting isolation, poverty, neglect.” In 2020, Helpage India proudly became the sole Indian organization to receive the ‘UN Population Award,’ acknowledging its exceptional efforts in the field of aging. Situated on Aacharya Jagdish Chandra Bose Road, Entally, the Kolkata Branch serves as a hub for their welfare and development initiatives, which encompass mobile healthcare, cataract surgeries, physiotherapy, cancer care, disaster management, support a gran initiative, old age homes, livelihood support, and an elder helpline. Their comprehensive range of services has positioned them as one of the top vridh ashrams in Kolkata.


Established in 1992, supports vulnerable children particularly girls and womens and depressed youth facing challenges of poverty, religious and regional disparity, violence, forced marriage, trafficking and denial from education.

Provide girls right program through training and workshops regarding personality development, personal hygiene and other life skills. Educational support through community education center, mobile education van, smartphone banks, scholarships and digital literacy.


 Strive to empower marginalized sector irrespective of the age, sex, caste, disability ect, so that they can get access to opportunity and enhance their ability.

They worked towards awareness and advocacy of care for transgender children welfare covid 19, disability care, education health, legal awareness and support, skill development and livelihood generation, sports, water sanitation and women empowerment. Their guiding core value is transparency which they make sure through their sound auditing practice and ensuring the full access of information to the stakeholders.


 Founded by Indrani Sinha, Sanlaap stands out as a leading force against human trafficking in the Indian subcontinent. With over 30 years of hand on experience remains committed to a vision very young girls need not fear the pervasive threat of trafficking. Community based prevention Protection Program, SOPAN education assistant program, Drop-in-Centre model, support group program for women in prostitution and other economic empowerment programs are executed.


 Work for the upliftment of marginalized through education and poverty alleviation program and other programs like nutrition, child protection, water sanitation and hygiene, disaster risk reduction, environment and health. Following programs are run by them like Amanat zakat mission, ambulance service, avian influenza prevention, community welfare, economic development, polio immunization, relief distribution, reproductive and child health and STEM scholarship.


 With the motive to extend their outreach to the marginalized transgender community Kolkata Rishta focus on empowerment and fostering social inclusion walking plus people who identify themselves as transgender, hijra, kothi, lesbian, gay, queer etc

In Conclusion, Kolkata is home to a myriad of NGOs dedicated to address various social economic and environmental challenges faced by the community. Through their innovative program, grassroot efforts and unwavering commitments these top 10 NGOs in Kolkata plays a pivotal role in driving positive change and fostering more inclusive and equitable society.

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