Top 10 Old Age Home in Coimbatore, Vridh Ashram for Homeless People

As we all grow older We all look for love, care, and support. However, in today’s fast-paced world, getting such love and care has become a dream. All of us have our priorities, commitments, and other challenges that make us so busy that we fail to give support to our elders. But there are still some people who are working tirelessly to provide a safe shelter that is full of love to these elders.

The old age homes in Coimbatore offer such a peaceful environment to all people. Several wonderful old age homes are taking care of all the needs of their residents. These shelters not only  Ensure a comfortable place to live but also take care of every little thing. 

So if you are looking for any such shelter for your elder family members or you are looking for a comfortable place for yourself where you can spend your golden years then read the blog till the end. In this blog, we have curated a list of the top 10 old-age homes in Coimbatore that can help you make an informed decision. 

Top 10 Old Age Home in Coimbatore 

Let’s deep dive and take a look at the unique offerings of these old-age homes. We have tried to curate the list so that you can get valuable insights that can help you pick the right and ideal shelter. 

1. Nana Nani Homes

Nana Nani Home is a premium old-age home located at the center of Coimbatore. The shelter is known for its comprehensive medical care facilities. The staff consists of well-trained professionals who are available 24 7 to provide help to its residents. And they give utmost importance to the health and well-being of its residents. Hence they try their best to provide top-notch medical care. 

The NGO also offers housekeeping and laundry services to give them relief from daily chores burden. Therefore it enables them to enjoy their golden periods without any tensions and work burdens. Another feature that we cannot ignore is their mail services. The kitchen team provides nutritious meals three times a day keeping their dietary preferences and requirements in mind. 

Of course, a little entertainment is a must therefore The team also offers some indoor games as well as some outdoor games to promote their physical as well as mental fitness. So Nana Nani homes can be the best place where senior citizens can spend their golden years with respect comfort and dignity. 

2.Happy Home- Old Age Home

Another well-renowned old-age home in Coimbatore is happy. It is a beautiful safe place for seniors who need secure accommodation. The happy home is known for its exceptional care which they provide to every member of their family. The caretakers provide holistic care and take care of their physical and emotional requirements. 

The respect and love that seniors receive help them to feeling of being loved and also help them to live a happy dignified life. And they also try to motivate seniors to spend the rest of their life happily. 

Spacious comfortable rooms, nutritious meals, and 24/7 medical care make this old age home even more special than other homes in the city. And how we can forget about the recreational activities and social gatherings that help to keep them engaged and entertained. Hence happy home can be on your list. 

3. Thatha Patti Eldercare Foundation

The foundation is committed to providing respect and love to the elders of the society. Thatha Patti Eldercare Foundation has been standing up for Old people who are facing financial issues. With their dedicated efforts, they turn out to be a light of hope in the lives of many. 

The team makes sure every resident receives the care, love, and respect that they deserve. From providing the basic amenities to comfortable living the foundation has improved the life of many senior citizens. Since the foundation was established is continuously working hard to provide affordable retirement homes to homeless old people. 

So if you know someone who is facing financial challenges in their old age suggest this old-age home. 

4. Universal Elder Care

Another trusted and reliable option that you can pick for your elders. This elder care center is run by UNCF Trust which is committed to providing exceptional care to its residents. The love that all people receive makes them feel like their own home. They enjoyed the company of other old people. However, the volunteers also make sure they never feel lonely by organizing interesting activities and events. 

From giving medical help to nutritious meals this old-age home has built its trust since it was established. And the team is constantly working hard to provide help to as many people as they can. And is being successful in providing quality care at a very affordable price. Hence this old home is highly recommended for those who need the best place at a low price. 

5. Anandam Senior Living

Another light of hope in the lives of old people of Coimbatore is Andaman Senior Living. This old-age home is built over 24,000 ft.² and can give shelter to up to 105 old people. It was built to provide a safe, comfortable environment to its residents. 

The organization has been providing an array of services to its residents. And their highly skilled caretakers provide customized and tailored care as per the citizen’s unique needs. 

Yoga classes, meditation, and cultural events are also part of their regular program. hence in every aspect, Andaman Senior Living’s old-age home is the best for seniors where they can spend their lives comfortably and happily. 

6. Aishwaryam Seniors Living Paradise

Another luxurious shelter for seniors is Ashwariya Senior Living Paradise. A widespread property carefully designed to provide a peaceful retirement home for all citizens. All the rooms are well equipped and spacious with proper ventilation. 

The community has gone way beyond when it comes to providing comfort and care to the seniors. They provide tailored care and services to meet all the requirements of the seniors. And the best part is centralized dining where old people get a chance to interact with each other and build a bond. 

They have also facilitated medical centers and pharmacies on-site to provide immediate medical care during emergencies. Hence Ashwariya Senior Living Paradise is again a good option for seniors. 

7. Senior Citizen Homes

Senior citizen homes welcome all the seniors who are looking for a luxurious comfortable place to spend their golden years. The well-trained team of caretakers focuses on the physical and emotional well-being of its residents. Therefore to achieve this they provide round-the-clock medical care and assistance with daily activities. 

Since the home has been established it is providing excellent services to its residents. 

Morning prayers are done at the prayer hall which increases the spirituality and positivity amongst the old people. And the meal is often served in the common dining area which gives a chance to interact with each other and build social bonds. 

8. Nishanthm Senior Citizen Home

This old age home is nested in the peaceful arms of the environment. Far away from the hustle of the city. Making it a perfect place for seniors to spend their golden years peacefully and happily. It is equipped with all the requirements which lead to a comfortable well-being. Spacious, ventilated properly organized rooms give next-level mental peace. 

Highly trained staff remain at the service to assist them with daily needs like bathing, dressing, and medication. And they have a facility where a doctor comes on a call during emergencies. Hence it gives peace of mind to both the residents and their families. 

9. Ananya Old Age Home

The old-age home is known for the holistic support that it offers to its residents. The well-trained staff provides physical, emotional, and spiritual support to all its residents. They also offer well-equipped rooms, nutritious meals, and personalized assistance if required. 

Regular spiritual and religious activities cater to the resident’s beliefs. The team also organizes some recreational events, cultural outgoings, yoga classes, and spiritual tours which foster a sense of family. As a result, it develops a nurturing environment where people can spend their remaining lives peacefully. 

10. Brindavan Senior Citizen Foundation

The foundation was established to provide a safe comfortable environment to its seniors. The care and support that they provide help the seniors to live their lives happily. The well-trained staff provides ordinary care which includes a proper nutritious diet, routine health checkups, and some social activities. And if required they also provide help in daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. 

And the foundation has made the lives of many old people easy. They also provide a variety of services that help them to live a hassle-free life. Hence this retirement home is Picked by many citizens where they can spend their after-retirement life happily. 


Coimbatore offers a wide range of old age homes which cater to different requirements of the senior citizens. Summer is equipped with all the modern facilities while some focus on traditional care like yoga and Ayurvedic treatments. However, we have tried to pick the top 10 old-age homes in Coimbatore for you. Hope you will find the best for your lovely elder member of the family. 

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