Government Old Age Homes Benefits and Schemes

Government Old Age Homes Benefits and Schemes

Old age homes also known as retirement homes are shelters given to elderly persons who have nowhere else to go. To make sure that fair practice is followed to provide support to these elderly people, the government has stepped in and has made their own old age homes which come with multiple benefits. A few of the government old age homes benefits are –

  1. Safe and Secure Environment – If the government has taken responsibility to improve the withered condition of senior citizens, then the first and foremost factor is providing them with safe and secure surroundings. 
  2. Providing Medical Assistance – As we all know, adulthood comes with several challenges, one of them being deteriorating health conditions. Hence, providing health checkups at regular intervals of time becomes a crucial part of proper working in old age homes. 
  3. Bond with other members – Loneliness is the major part which senior citizens these days are going through as they are living away from their loved ones. To ensure that they are leading their life cheerfully they need to create bonds with other housemates. The government organises several recreational activities which help them to create a sense of fellowship among each other. 
  4. In-house Caretaker & Supervisor – 24*7 in-house caretakers are also provided in these government old age homes. In case of any unfortunate incident, it becomes the duty of the government old age homes supervisor to take responsibility and provide them with proper assistance. 

Schemes Under Govt Old Age Home

To make sure that these government old age homes are following fair practices, several schemes have been laid by the government. All over India, these organisations are required to operate or work based on these set rules. As per section 19(1) of the ‘Maintenance and Welfare of Parents and Senior Citizens Act, 2007 under the chapter III of Parents and Senior Citizens Act,2007’ under Chapter III of the Act, the State Govt. has to establish and maintain at least one old age home in each District. Different schemes introduced by the Department of Welfare for Senior Citizens in 2022 are – 

  1. Atal Vayo Abhyudaya Yojana (AVYAY)
  2. Integrated Programme for Senior Citizens
  3. RashtriyaVayoshriYojana (RVY)
  4. Senior Able Citizens for Re-Employment in Dignity (SACRED)
  5. Action Groups Aimed at Social Reconstruction (AGRASR Groups)Elderly Self Help groups

We can have a look at the fair comparison between government and private old age homes. As we all know the government’s old age is a public institution and all the funding responsibility falls on the government. On the other hand this advantage is not available with private old age homes as for funds they have to heavily rely on donations or various other methods. Private old age homes are also gaining a lot of popularity in India these days as many of them provide top-class facilities which government old age homes fail to do because of lack of resources. 

Frequently asked questions –

Q.1 What are the eligibility criteria for Old Age Homes?

Answer. According to laid rules and regulations by the government, eligibility criteria varies according to the different regions. Generally, a person should be above 60 years of his/her age or should be retired. 

Q.2 How to apply for an Old Age Homes?

Answer. Every state has its own dedicated office or online website from where old citizens can apply for old age homes. There are certain lists of documents required to be deposited for the same which is again mentioned on the application form varying from region to region.

Q.3 Are Old Age Homes free of cost??

Answer. Government Old Age Homes are free of cost in India or some minimal charges are required to be paid according to the profile of the person. But some of the top-class private old age homes in India are paid.

Q.4 Are visitors allowed in Old Age Homes?

Answer. Yes, visitors are allowed in old age homes in India but with some restrictions like number of visits, duration of visits, etc. But if an elderly person wishes to meet their loved ones they are allowed for that any time to make them feel comfortable and not consider this a form of punishment. 

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