NGOs for Women Empowerment in India

NGOs for Women Empowerment in India, Its Significance

Firstly, before moving ahead with the significance of women empowerment NGOs in India, we should know the meaning of women’s empowerment. Women empowerment can be defined as a process whereby women are given the right to live their lives independently and make their own decisions. A society where they do not have to take opinions from others before taking any step for themselves.

In today’s developing era, women need to realize their self-worth and take a stand for themselves. Therefore, to make sure that women are getting equal rights and opportunities in society, NGOs for women’s empowerment are attaining popularity in India. It’s a group of like-minded individuals who come together to protect women’s liberties and to ensure that women are treated equally in society.

Maintaining women’s empowerment is quite essential for the social well-being of our country. Still, in most parts of our country, women are not treated as equal to men. The majority of them are not given the privilege to study and go to school. Most of them are expected to learn household chores and to get married after reaching a certain age. Also, most of the women do not dare to face this issue or they sometimes do not get adequate support as well. That is why, women empowerment non-governmental organisations i.e. NGOs have become quite essential to enhance the life of women and provide them with what they deserve.

Many people have arrived to provide a resolution to this problem. Several NGOs are running successfully in our country which are improving the condition of women and giving them what they deserve.

NGO for Women Empowerment in India

1. Mitti ke Rang: Mitti ke Rang organisation was started in the year 2014. It aimed to make women independent, those who are single, widows or in need. They achieved this by providing them with good quality education and by developing their skills. So far they have accomplished their goals successfully.
2. Vimochana: Vimochna is one of the famous NGOs established in 1979 and is situated in Bengaluru. This NGO helps women who have been victims of sexual harassment, murder or any other form of abuse or violence. They help such women to get justice and also expedite the procedure of fairness in fast-track courts. It is one of the oldest organisations which is helping women for their betterment in the society. Many women have been able to lead a sustainable life because of them.
3. Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra: Shikshan Ane Samaj Kalyan Kendra organisation helps women by providing information regarding healthcare, education and the significance of women’s empowerment. They uplift women by arranging workshops where they familiarise these women with the rights available to them and make possible ways of fighting against domestic violence. Also, they help such suffering women by taking such issues to district-level court.
4. Prerana: Prerana aims to work for women who have been victims of human trafficking. They help these women cope with such challenging times and also report such cases in the court of law. They are also working towards the establishment of laws against human trafficking that will put an end to such activities.
5. Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan: As the name suggests, Gramin Vikas Evam Chetna Sansthan works for the rights and development of women living in rural or backward areas. They help women generate a source of income by using their artistic handicraft skills which will make them financially independent. They have reached more than 75 villages where this organisation has helped more than 22000 women successfully.

Role of Women Empowerment NGOs

Women Empowerment NGOs in our country thus help in the overall development of women. They work towards providing quality education to all women. They make sure that none of the women are deprived of obtaining the right education. They organize several workshops in backward or rural areas to make women living in that area understand the implications of education. Apart from education, they train women about hygiene practices that need to be followed by them to maintain their health.

They teach women about mensuration and hygienic practices connected to it. They encourage and teach women to use tampons or sanitary napkins during their periods so that they do not face any long-term health problems. These organisations also help women by encouraging them to become self-independent so that they do not have to face domestic violence. They ask women to develop and learn skills so that they can look after themselves.’ Alongside, they also help women in their workplace by making sure they are getting enough pay and are not discriminated against based on their gender.

All these areas of work make the existence of women empowerment NGOs in India approvingly important. With the help of these vibrant groups, the government of India also acknowledged the essence of women’s empowerment and has launched several schemes with the support of such organisations. They inspired the government by exemplifying to them how and why women’s rights are equally significant. Some of the schemes presented by the government are –

  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao Scheme

Frequently Asked Question

Q1. What is an NGO for women?

Ans. NGOs for women can be defined as gatherings of people who have come jointly for a common cause to make sure that women’s rights are safeguarded and they are given an equivalent chance.

Q2. Which NGO helps women in India?

Ans. The list of NGOs who are working for women as well as for women empowerment in India is relatively long. Over the period they have accumulated acceptance from the community as well. Some NGOs are BEING A WOMAN, CARE INDIA, GURIA INDIA, INTERNATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR CRIME AND PREVENTION AND VICTIM CARE etc.

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