Online Donation for Girl Child Education In India, Help Towards a Better Lives

Online Donation for Girl Child Education In India, Help Towards a Better Lives

We all are very much aware of the sad reality that girls are still not welcomed in our country. That’s why the team of done Patra is seeking online donation for girl child education so that we can empower them. Today through this blog we want to draw your attention to some problems which these girls are facing. How Daan Patra NGO is working for girl child education in India.

Request you to read the blog till the end so that you can make a safe and secure online donation for girl children in India. 

What Daan Patra NGO is Doing for Girl Child Education?

Firstly it is very important for you to know what Daan Patra education NGO is doing for girl child education. And secondly why online donation for girl children in India is necessary. 

The NGO is committed to provide holistic development to underprivileged girl children. And we know the potential of an educated girl. That’s why we want to empower these girls for a better future. 

Here are few areas where Daan Patra is working to Help these girls. 

  1. Paying school fees: Our NGO is paying school fees for these girls so that they can get education for free. 
  2.  Providing nutritious meals:  Good health always remains in our priority list. In vitro try to provide nutritious healthy to time means to these underprivileged girls. 
  3. Providing educational kits : We help the children with school uniforms and other educational materials like Tiffin box, water bottles etc. 
  4. Skill development workshops:  education only is not sufficient for the holistic development of a child. Hence we organize some skill development workshops so that girls can learn some additional skills which can help them to build their career.

Support Girls Through Online Donation for Girl Child Education

Girls are nowhere less than boys in any Field. But for millions of girls getting education is still a dream. Fortunately online donation for girl child education has changed the game  from the last few years. And this new approach has changed the life of many. 

There are many transforming and successful stories of girls who are getting education through online donation for girl child education. And this is not only making them successful but also motivating them to work hard and achieve their goals. .

So, With just a few clicks, you can make a difference in the lives of girls. So what are you still waiting for? And a small donation can make a big difference so take action today. 

Why is online donation for girl children in India important?

In spite of modernization girls are still considered a burden in some parts of our country. As a result of this mentality parents do not send their girl child to schools. Hence online donation for girl child is required to provide good quality education to the girls. However child education donation in India alone will not work, it also requires awareness. 

The NGO depends upon online donations for girl children to reach out to many needy girls. And without donations, NGO often suffer from financial crises and fail to Do its best. 

And we always seek ways to amplify the impact of our NGO. We want to expand our reach to provide a sustainable change in our community. And your online donation for girl child help us to do some experiments In order to maximize the profit of our NGO.

4 Ways through Which You Can Donate for Girl Child Education?

Girls’ education and the development of a nation is somewhere interlinked. So for the growth of the country let’s donate for girl child education. There are many ways through which you can donate for girl child education. So let’s take a look at some of them.

  1. Online donation for girl child in India :  The best way through which you can help the girl child in India. Just by sitting at your home you can make the donation easily. And no matter how much you donate, every single donation counts. 
  2. Direct transfer to bank accounts – if you are comfortable in transferring the money directly to a NGO bank account then you can go with this option as well. 
  3. Donation through cheque – you can also donate by check for girls’ education.
  4. Visit the NGO personally – If you would like to visit the NGO in person and make a donation for children. Then it is also one of the best options. 

 How to Make a Safe Online Donation for Girl Child in India?

If you are planning to make an online donation for a girl child in India then you must consider the following points. 

  • Pick a reputed organization: Choose a reputed well-known NGOs to make charity. And try to go with the organizations which keep clear records and keep transparency.
  • Check the official authentic website of the NGO: It is very important to visit the authentic and official website of the NGO if you want to make online donations for girl child education.
  • Follow the donation guide: NGOs often provide different donation options so pick the one that suits you.
  • Fill accurate personal information: Before you do the transaction make sure that website provides you the security of your data. And then provide your accurate personal information for child education donation in India.
  • Pick secure payment method: Pick the secure payment method like net banking, UPI Credit and debit cards etc.
  • Take the confirmation receipt: Ask the NGO to share the donation receipt just to confirm the successful donation.


  • Which NGO is working for girl child?

There are multiple NGOs that are working for girl child education. Here is a list of some renowned NGOs

  1. Daan Patra 
  2. Smile foundation 
  3. Akshay foundation 
  4. CARE India 
  5. IMPACT 
  • How to donate for girl child education?

You can donate money for girl child education by visiting a renowned NGO’s website and filling out the donation amount and your details. We will initiate support after you have selected a trusted payment method. This is how you can donate for girl child education online. 

  • Which foundation supports girl child education?

There are many foundations that are supporting girl child education in India. 

  1. Smile foundation
  2. IMPACT foundation
  3. Purple girl foundation
  4. Nanhi Pari foundation
  5. Shiksha Seva foundation
  6. Malala fund

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